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How Can You Pass Entrance Exams without Coaching

by Sep 5, 2016Test Help

Entrance exams are like stepping stones to one’s life, rather one’s career. Those are like entering into the serious phase that decides the notion of your professional stride for the rest of your life.Hence, students face anxiety, tensionand excitement during this period. Of course, because this can make or break their dreams, wishes and fate! Check out some really simple yet useful tips that can enable one to come up with flying colors and it will surely ease the entrance exam trauma.
Few Things Before We Get Started
If you are an entrance examinee who is preparing for it or going to appear for it in a year then this would be useful. You must be aware that unlike other tests the entrance exams have negative marking. This adds to a student’s tension quotient quite much and sometimes practically turns out to be disastrous. But we will be aiding you with few guidelines that will support you throughout the pre-exam time and also when writing your papers.
Excelling is possible without Coaching
Entrance exams are of various types. There are engineering, medical, visual arts, applied arts and more. Few examinees do not prefer to take special coaching classes offered specifically to crack entrance exams. There are also few students who are not capable to afford such special classes but are very good students. So, does that mean they cannot pursue the career they choose? Of course they can! Surely this write-up will help.
Dear examinees just go through the smartest 8 steps below. These are given in general for all the students and particularly for those who are not receiving any special coaching. Be flexible with these and adjust them as per your convenience.

  1. Making a Routine Helps

We would like to give you a step-by-step planning. So, let’s start with the pre-exam time. Before delving into theheavyweight books make a proper time table. Basically this helps in planning your entire study schedule till the exam date. Some are good studying just 4-5 hours a day, some prefer the night for it, so go according to your need or the way you like it.

  1. Concentrate Well

One thing you need to keep in mind, that whenever you study concentrate fully. Like, if you study 10 hours a day and cannot concentrate for 4 hours out of it then it is of no use. 100% concentration is a must no matter how many hours you study. When you feel you’re done with it, go outside, get some fresh air, take a power nap and then again sit.

  1. Be Wise with Internet

Exam times are crucial for all. So we will suggest keep aside the unnecessary chatting and video stuffs for those few months. See, we are not against chatting or using the internet, but you know how addictive it could be. It could distract one from your studies! Keep them for your relaxing times or when you are taking a break. Just follow this friends, it’s worth it.

  1. Study and Write

Are you aware of the power of visuals? If not then try this. After reading a chapter try to write down the important stuffs like numerical formulas without seeing. Experts say writing down something is equivalent to reading the same 25 times! Amazing! Isn’t it? When we write down something our brain is more active. It is easy to remember your own handwriting than the books’. So, grow a practice of writing the important stuffs, they magically helps you as the last minute revision as well.

  1. Go for Mock Tests

We guess, you already know it and surely can’t deny how useful it is. Sample papers help to get a grip on the trend of questions, smart use of the time and help you gain confidence. Nowadays several online sample test papers are available; also solve the last few years’ papers. This is what the coaching classes do. So, if you are not getting any coaching assistance, you are still good to go. So there is nothing to fear or hit the panic button if not putting in your buck for availing coaching classes.

  1. Deal with Time

Now this is again something you are getting instructions about since your schooldays. But, time management in an exam is the most important thing and one is never too experienced to learn it. Now, as because the entrance exams have negative marking you need to be extra careful. First complete the questions that are sure-shot stuffs. Then try the confusing ones. If you find a few completely mind boggling questions don’t go for them. If your answered paper ensures at least 80-90% there is no need at all to take the chances for negative marking.

  1. Get the Right Books

Few people have a tendency to buy and consult a lot of books for one exam. We never encourage that. Just find out the mostly preferred books, ask the bookseller about it and get them. You can possibly have 2-3 books for a subject at max, more than that could end up being confusing. You may ask your friends what books they are following. And if you get stuck with some problem consult it with your friends. You can also check the internet, these days it has the answers to almost everything. Get secret idea to planning Entrance Exams from the internet.

  1. Live Healthy

Last but not the least, lead a healthy lifestyle. Eat good food, obviously less junks and get sleep at least for 6-7 hours a day. Try meditation for 15 minutes a day, if not more. This helps to concentrate and have a better memory.
Well, examinees, exam time does not mean that you only study all day and all night. No, never do that. Relax, don’t take unnecessary pressures, go on a balanced diet and sometimes talk to friends, sharing helps! Do not fear the exam, always remember, if you study honestly no one can take away your marks. Do not get nervous, be confident and all the best for your exams!