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10 Tips to Prepare Theory Test Questions for Your Online Theory Test

by Sep 5, 2016Test Help

When preparing for an exam, you need to get yourself ready to crack the theoretical questions in a successful manner. A written theory test, whether in an actual classroom setting or online, needs you to explain different concepts and principles with examples. Some questions can be big enough while some are too short and objective type in form. Online theory tests are dreaded a lot, but one can crack them with relative ease if following 10 tips in mind is instilled in.

  1. Be aware with the test format

Make yourself familiar with the test format that will be used during the examination. You should know the format as properly as the time, location, date of the test. If it is going to be taken with some special software app, you have to make yourself familiar with the program. This will help in saving precious minutes during exam time. You have to type fast during the exam, and lack of technical knowledge should not come in the way of answering theory test questions.

  1. Take notes

Develop a system of taking notes while you are studying answers for big theoretical questions. Jot down the main points of each key paragraph. You can write down the notes in a notebook or notepad, whichever suits best, and keep them safe somewhere. Use keywords to tag every entry. While making last minute preparations for your exams, save a lot of time with these tags. Irrespective of changes in question patterns, students still have to memorize long answers. High grades are only possible with successful replication of the answers that you mug up. Memorizing can be easier when you read aloud. Although the techniques and level of ease differs from one student to another, reading answers aloud can be very helpful when one needs to memorize long answers.

  1. Practice sample test papers

Practice really makes you perfect, and paves the way for success on the big day. Try to solve as many practice test papers as possible at least twice every week, in the shortest possible time. Attempt to solve every paper in around 15 minutes less than the actual time span for the test. You might be faced with tougher questions on the exam day, and you can easily solve them within time once you have the practice of finishing questions on time every week.

  1. Discuss with peers

It is a good idea to have discussions with peers regarding the test pattern and the types of questions to expect. You can get important information from many of them, and get to know about useful reference books and course material that can help you in making preparations. Some of them are also likely to know about private tutors who can be helpful in preparing for the test that you will be sitting for. It is always better to overcome your embarrassment and ask for help, especially when you are in a fix. Many students are proactive in finding out about easier ways to crack tests, and are eager to show off their knowledge about the same. You can learn a lot from them.

  1. Get online assistance

These days, many online teaching centers have opened up with the sole intention of helping out students for a small fee. If you find classroom teaching inadequate, register with any of these centers and seek assistance from expert teachers regarding important parts that remains ambiguous. Do not simply mug up sections without understanding as it is one of the biggest mistakes to commit. Landing up with questions from those sections will land you in hot water. With online assistance, you can easily understand the difficult bits and get all your queries solved on time.

  1. Take all the necessary accessories along

Accessories such as pens, calculators and notepads are important for answering test answers which involve complex calculations. Do not expect your examiner to provide all these essential accessories. It is a good idea to ask beforehand about the accessories that will be allowed to take to the exam hall and use for your answers. All your important accessories need to be carried on your part.

  1. Read the questions properly

Incorrect answers can waste your time and make you lose marks as well as negative-marking. A lot of students go through questions hurriedly, and fail to understand what is expected of them. They answer questions without reading, and end up making silly errors. This costs them in time and grades. Spending a few more seconds in understanding the questions will allow giving your answers a proper shape and getting the grades that you need.

  1. Answer easier questions first

Make it a habit of answering easier questions at first, whether during practice tests or actual tests. This is similar to tackling multiple opponents; you have to reduce their number as quickly as possible to tackle the tougher ones last. Many students make the basic mistake of dwelling too much on one or two difficult questions, and losing time to answer the easier questions they could have scored more easily with.

  1. Set time aside for revisions

Even the best of students make careless mistakes, grammatical errors and factual errors while writing their answers. These add up to substantial deductions in marks. Set at least 15 รขโ‚ฌโ€œ 20 minutes to go through your answer paper in the end, and make the corrections wherever necessary.

  1. Have a focused approach

Many students do not find interest in making stepwise preparations for tests, and get carried away with various distractions. With a focused approach, you can beat procrastinations and be able to prepare for your theory test on time. Keep all distractions to a minimum in order to concentrate on your tasks at hand and be able to memorize all the answers easily.
With these 10 effective tips, you can definitely prepare well and do better in your online theory test.