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How Can I Improve My Score in Chemistry?

by Nov 2, 2015Chemistry

Students with Science stream need to concentrate on their subjects and it is very difficult for them to manage all subjects. A lot of students ask about how to improve their knowledge in chemistry. This happens because the formulas and the chemical equations are not easy to understand by many students. Improving scores in Chemistry is not so easy, but if you take care of some steps, then you can easily improve your score in this subject.

My experience

I just want to share my experience with you. When I went through Chemistry at the initial stage, I thought of getting the highest score, but I overlooked this as this took a lot of time and I did not able to prepare some other subjects. But, when my final exams came, I started to cry. That experience was terrified as I did not prepare a single chemical reaction, though I went through learning portion of different rules and theories and moreover balancing equation as well as some chemical formulas. So, I did not able to take attempt in different chemical reactions. But, just within two years, I felt that I took so many steps wrong. I also felt that if these were continuing, I would be unable to get the right grip over the subject.

What are the important factors that enhance your score in Chemistry?

Let us know the factors that can easily improve your score in this subject-

1. Concentrate on your each lecture-

As you are in a higher level, don’t bunk your class anytime and if you are not able to get any term and concept, ask your faculty. Don’t forget to notice the explanation of your faculty. If you follow that, you will surely get the best way of concentrating each term and a good score too. Note down the main points that you are confusing of.

2. Small terms-

If you are looking for a great improvement, then small terms are very important for you to learn properly. You may think that there is no difference between some terms, but chemically the condition is just opposite. It means if you do not follow the terms, you will not be able to acquire your target. Moreover, practice them in initial stage to go through the chapters properly. Valency, cations, anions, radicals and similar things are very small terms, but it is very important for you to know it well.

3. Practice Chemical equations-

Chemical equations are the most significant part of the Chemistry. If you practice this in a proper way, then you will surely acquire the highest score. But, you need to have a proper knowledge of this. Equations are structured on the basis of different reactions of different compounds. Moreover, you also need to concentrate on what products are formed. Thus, you must know about each step related to an equation.

4. Know proper balancing-

Representing a skeletal equation is not the right way and thus you need to balance an equation properly. Balancing must be accurate; otherwise you will get a wrong product. You must have an exact result and this will not reduce your marks in any way.

5. All rules are essential-

You must need to know the various rules related to the concept. Some formulas are also significant to know. A lot of numerical problems are also important for a student. Concentrate on the different chapters and the various concepts through practice. Don’t leave the topic unless and until you get the solution in a proper way.

6. Practical procedure-

Don’t avoid any class. Always try to catch the exact method of experiments that you do through practical. Now, you must need to know that how the experiments are done and how each reactant gets involved. In addition to that, what products you get. Don’t think that your practical classes are important for only getting results. It may happen that sometimes questions are asked on that basis in your examinations. This is very much prominent to grab a good score.

7. Do Assignments sincerely-

This is very important for you to know that what questions are asked in your assignment. If you have a good knowledge of all terms and you can prepare the assignment, then prepare it well. But if you don’t have a perfect knowledge about the terms, write your assignment properly. In case of any confusion, you can easily get an appropriate option of Chemistry Assignment help from us. If you want, you can easily get it just within a few days.

8. Concentrate on the reason-

There are millions of products available in the world. Now, it is also a main reason for you to know that in which conditions the chemical reactions take place. Moreover, some chemical reactions take place in heavy pressure and the different products are the resultant of that.  How these are perfect for using and what factors are poisonous for the people and the various animals as well as the environment.

9. Representation of a solution-

It is a vital factor that you need to representation each solution in a proper way. If the motto does not get clear from your solution, you will not be able to acquire a good score. So, always think to make a structure of a complex long answer and then write it in a proper way. It is correct that depth concept is necessary, but it is also important for you to know that how would you represent that concept in a proper way.

You should also focus on different subjects which are very much important. If you think that preparation of board examination bothers you, just take the exact solution of how should you prepare for your board examination? This will be completely helpful for you to grab the solution. Furthermore, if you really want to catch a good score in Chemistry, you have to work hard. The above factors are very much perfect for you, so don’t avoid any one and maintain it well. If you do not practice it regularly, you will not get the target. So, go through them to achieve your goal.