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How Can Good English Help You in Fetching More Marks?

by Sep 17, 2016English

When we talk about English or speak English, we feel that the other person will be able to relate to what we are saying. Have you ever thought why? Whenever we talk to a foreigner, we speak in English and surprisingly, no matter from which country they belong, they are able to understand it. There is no magic, yet it is a magical thing about English. The reason behind it is that ‘English is the universal language.’
Here, you will get to know how good English will help you in fetching more marks but before we go there let me tell you some fascinating specifics about English.
Some interesting facts about English:

  • Until 16th century the universal languages where Greek, Latin and French. It was because Europe had a high colonization all over the world. Britain was still an English speaking country, but the global language was manipulated by the popes of Vatican City.
  • In the20th century, After World War 1, the USA had stabilized its position globally in the area of theeconomy, politics and military. This was the time when they declared English to be the universal language.
  • In the21st century, 70 countries all over the world have accepted English to be the mother tongue.
  • 40% of the total GNP is English speaking countries.
  • 90% of the renowned Universities all over the world accept work submitted in

How is good English responsible for scoring good marks?
Now, let’s talk about how English helps academically in achieving better grades and scores. Most of what we write is in English, be it science, commerce or Humanities, all the answers are written in the same language (apart from other language papers of course).
While writing answers of any subject the following things are very important:

  • Framing your answer correctly
  • Writing in proper sequence
  • Make the sentence meaningful
  • Don’t write in a whimsical manner
  • Use proper words to justify the sense of your sentence

Ways to improve writing in English:
Now that we know it is the global language so in maximum universities be it national or foreign, we take the exam or write in the English Language. So that we can score more, we need have a good grasp of the language. The following tips will help you in achieving proper goals and scoring good marks:

  1. Explain properly:

Whatever you write, make sure you are able to state what was prepared in your mind. It is easy to get diverted while writing. Don’t keep the sense of the statement unfinished. Try and write in short sentences, to be more precise.

  1. Balance you writing:

When it comes to literature, it is required to have a flair for flowery writing. But when it comes to other subjects, make sure you keep your style intact without skipping out the needed data. An answer without proper information is equivalent to a wrong answer. Again, if you are just stating data and figure without using proper words to bind them, you answer will still not fetch enough marks.

  1. Paragraphs:

Breaking the monotony of anything is important. English essays have taught us how to break the flatness without harming the flow. Try to maintain that whenever you are writing a paper.
This can happen if read and write online essays. Why online? This is because; there you will not only get to learn from innumerable sources, you can get more suggestions to improve your English. For details about online essay writing you can take suggestion from 7 ways to make your online essay writing interesting.

  1. Spelling and Grammar

These two are the building blocks of a sentence. So if you go wrong at the basics, it gets tough later on to write in a proper manner. So, to avoid mishap in the basics, practice more writing and solve grammar papers. There are online services which will take your test, score instantly and will also help with assignments.

  1. Increase your vocabulary

The best and the only way to do it are to read more. This will not only assist you in learning new words, but the way to imply it will also be known. This has no alternative. Knowing synonyms, antonyms of a word will help readers to have a better impression on you and will score you a bit lavishly.

  1. Say no to short- cuts

Unnecessary abbreviations or “msg” kind of writing should be limited to the virtual world. Never use them while writing an English answer, if not already established from before. It doesn’t look fancy at all and is difficult to understand.

  1. Use different figure of speech

You need to know how to play with words. Use humour in writing too. Don’t make your sentences bland and boring. Be a bit quirky and use ametaphor, puns, simile, oxymoron, personification, irony, much more.

  1. Finish your sentences

It’s easy to express in English and that is the reason why we at times forget to write the complete sense that we form in our mind. This way we tend to leave the sentence as phrases and lose marks.

  1. Punctuation

The English language has taught us the perfect way to express and portray expressions in writing by using punctuations. But it is equally important to know, how to use them? Using them wrongly is terrible! You have to know when, how, why and where to use them. It’s always good to be aware of what you are writing; before you letting others read it.
Now, just re-read the above paragraph again, see how I have incorporated few of the commonly used punctuations in my sentences.
These are basic ways in which you can enhance your writing in English and along with it, framing answers in any other subject will be easier and more convenient. This is how you can easily score good marks in all subjects just by learning proper English. For more guidance from experts to clear doubts or for doing assignments, you can also take online homework help services.