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How Assignments Are Helpful for Students Pursuing with Computer Science?

by Sep 14, 2016Computer Science

For the purpose of doing well in academics, assignments can be very interesting and helpful. Many students do not feel interested studying the chapters even though it is the need for the students to know about the topic. Computer science is a very challenging topic where we need to practice to understand the concept and gather knowledge about the subject.
It’s better to study with assignments

Computer science is a subject of interest to maths loving students. This subject is a combination of theories and applications. Studying with assignments is very helpful and these will help in gaining complete knowledge about the subject. It is necessary to practice problems for each chapter thoroughly on a regular basis with the detailed explanations of each of the solved problems so thatconcept gets cleared for each and every chapter.
Benefits of assignments

  • Cleared concept about each topic.
  • Increasing problem-solving
  • Improved research ability.
  • Students make more effective and useful notes.
  • Different programming languages can be learned easily with assignments.
  • Through assignments, students spend time for the subject.
  • Assignments help in gathering knowledge about a particular topic before the commencement of the exam.

Are you interested in getting knowledge with ease?

I being a student in computer science would like to share my experience with you all. Yes, it is not so easy to learn and cover all the topics in computer science. One needs to solve and practice problems on a regular basis to gain a good knowledge of the subject. Assignment plays a very important role in that. At first, it is needed to plan for the timing when to and how to spend time with the subjects.
Let’s talk about the subjects

There are numerous subjects linked with this topic Computer Science. There are many programming languages like C, C++, Java and much more. While I started learning C I could not understand anything at the beginning. Then I started following classes. Apart from that, I invested a fixed amount of time for self-study which is really very fruitful.
With the help of research and solving assignments through differnent profesional websites, I gain confidence over the subject. There are numerous programming questions related to C which I keep on solving. These really make my concept clearer day by day.
Some Theoretical and practical subjects in Computer Science

  • Theory of Computation
  • Database Management System
  • Algorithms
  • Computer Networks
  • Operating System
  • Computer Organisation and architecture

Theory of Computation
Theory of computation is a computational language which is also a conceptual subject. There is a huge and vast concept within this topic. Entire procedure of computing an input, processing the input and producing the output in included in this topic in a vast way. Grammars, internal processing, the automaton can be learned with the thorough studying and implementation.
Database Management System

This is another very important topic of computer science to be considered. The computer is the need of present world in every sector. This topic deals with storing and managing the database for a particular place like hospitals, schools, offices, etc. This subject especially needs a lot of practice that can only be covered with the regular assignments. I myself practiced a lot of worksheet and assignments to improve in this subject. It is really very useful.

It is basically a new topic for me as I started studying Computer Science. The concepts involved in this topic are very much needed. Topics like asymptotic notations, dynamic programming, greedy method, divide and conquer must be cleared without doubts. All the topics should be done with examples.
Computer Networks

This subject deals with the network connections of the computer system. There are many topics like routing, IP addressing, masking, OSI layers, network security, and network administration need to be done with assignment works. IP Addressing needs a lot of practice with masking procedure cleared. Finding IP address, class of the address, type of network, speed of network all can be found out with the help of the logical solving. Assignments consist of many problems solving which will clear the topic.
Operating System

The interface between the user and the computer is the operating system. Operating System consists of main sub-parts like Threads, Process Scheduling, Process Synchronization, Deadlocks, Memory Managements, and Disk Managements. These parts involve finding out theoutput of the processes using the rules and algorithms involved.
Computer Organisation and architecture

This topic deals with the architecture and organization of the computer. This subject involves Memory, Input Output Units, Arithmetic logic Units, Control Units, Constructing gates, Gate definitions and much more. These topics really need a cleared concept. A lot of assignments should be done on Gates like OR gate, NOT gate, Nor gate, EX-OR gate, Nand Gate, etc. This will help in improving the quality of knowledge.
Thus by going through this topic of computer science you will feel the need for doing assignments on a regular basis. I through my own experience can ensure you that it will be easier for you to score well and gather required knowledge with the help of assignments and homework.
As one need to complete the assignments they will need a lot of research work which will help them to be more familiar with the terms and the topics in Computer Science.