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Homework and Time – Management: How Are They Related?

by Oct 1, 2016Management

Being able to manage time in an effective manner is a skill that is useful throughout your life. Thus, learning how to use your time is something that should be practiced and learned from a young age. Most students face difficulties with completing homework, assignments, meeting friends and handling chores simply because they do not know how to allocate their resources, which is, time, in a way that is productive.
Those who are able to go about their day with the least amount of stress, have their own methods and technique. Each individual has their system of operation. The trick is to create conditions under which you work best and then draw out a routine based on that.
The Importance of Effective Time Management

  • There is only a limited amount of time in each day. Time lost cannot be retrieved. Use it wisely and make the most of it.
  • It allows for the maximisation of productivity in the given 24 hours.
  • Time use optimally will result in mental satisfaction. Doing all that has been planned for the day is mentally fulfilling.
  • Being able to manage time helps in developing other areas of your life like taking care of yourself, exercising, making time for relaxation and other important activities without having to compromise on priorities.
  • There is a lot less effort involved to accomplish more tasks. This reduces the amount of stress and exhaustion you may be currently experiencing.
  • The ability to make well-informed, yet quick decisions will get simpler over time.
  • This is your key to success. Being able to handle every task given to you by the deadline with minimal stress and trouble will aid in bettering your career.
  • It is a continuous learning process. You will also have more time to learn new things that have been on your mind.
  • Self-discipline ensures that you are consistent with every other area of your life as well.
  • Gain credit for submitting well written and corroborated essays and assignments on time.
  • Build a good reputation based on skill and efficiency.

How to Manage Time
There are multiple ways to handle time. Combine a variety of techniques to create a system that works ideally for your schedule and lifestyle. In the beginning, it may seem like a lot of effort but over a significant period of time managing your time will become a course of habit.
Here are a few tips you can use to get started:

  • Choose a Study Area

Where you choose to study and how you study are very important factors in learning how to effectively manage time. Choose a spot that is clean, cool and comfortable. A quiet spot in your room will also work. It should be able to hold all homework essentials like stationary, laptop, textbooks, notes and other items.
Ideally, when studying during the day, place your table near a window so that you can study under sunlight. It will make brighten up your room and be more conducive for productivity.

  • Understand Priorities

There are always going to be some tasks, chores and assignments that will be more important than others. Initially, determining which assignments require your immediate attention will be difficult but there are ways to train your mind to identify important homework. Try to segregate work in categories based on deadline and difficulty. Work that you find complicated and struggle with should be completed first.
However, those assignments can be kept for the next day if there is homework with a more pressing deadline that needs to be completed. Read up on Tips to Ace Your Biology Assignments for a more in depth understanding.

  • Determine a Schedule

The most ideal way of managing your time is tracking everything that needs to be done in a day, week, month or year. Having a routine for studying and other activities gives you a clear over view to fit in any extracurricular activities. It will also be easy to understand when there is free time to meet friends and when extra hours will be required to complete any pending work.
This will also help you remember future events and tasks that need to be attended. Never forget another appointment so long as you have a schedule! Use a journal or planner to help maintain a routine. A simple app on your phone will also be sufficient.

  • Stop Unproductive Habits

As we go older, we tend to pick up a number of unproductive habits from friends, elders and other people around us. Procrastination is the first habit that needs to be stopped. Putting off things until later will only make work pile up. Completing any assignment effectively will be difficult.
Copying homework from a friend in between classes can be extremely risky. If a teacher notices the stark similarities, not only will you get into a lot of trouble but there could also be negative marking. Doing homework during class is also detrimental for your reputation and progress. This can get you sent to the principal’s office. Stopping all of this will ensure that time is allocated in a more appropriate manner, and there is maximum learning that happens in school; making it easy to focus.

  • Use Time Challenges

The best way to gain control of time is to turn it into a challenge. While doing homework, set a timer within which it needs to be completed. Try and stick to the timer without checking your phone or laptop unnecessarily. In time, there will be less distraction; completing assignments will be a lot easier and quicker.
There will also be an opportunity to do a lot more. Set a timer even for breaks. Stick to 5 to 15 minute breaks and do not procrastinate. This will also help in sticking to a routine and taking control of your activities during the day.

  • Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to accomplishing your goals. If you’re looking to change about your lifestyle, be more productive and proactive, mental determination is necessary. Keep reminding yourself about why you’re doing this and what you hope to achieve from this strict discipline. Track your progress and remind yourself about how far you’ve come – use this as inspiration to do more and better your skills.
Follow these steps for maximum output and productivity. There is nothing that cannot be achieved with a little concentration and will power. This is a skill that is highly valued even in a work place. Being able to handle time means that juggling tasks will be easy; the more responsibility you have, the higher your value in a company. It also helps to balance work life and home life successfully; ensure a happy environment in both areas without having to compromise on important days and events!