Help Your Child with These 7 Tips to Overcome the Problem of Memorizing

There are many students suffering with the problem of memorizing.  Six out of ten students find it hard to focus on their studies. Even after focusing and studying hard, they can’t memorize the things in the class. This is a very common problem faced by almost every second teenagers. As a result the parents also get tensed and worried.

If same thing happening with your child, it’s high time to think. As a guardian, you have to take some initiatives. Are you beating your head to know how to help your child with this? Before dealing with the problem, try to find out the reasons.

Why do students go through situations like memory loss?

Have you ever wondered what will be the cause behind losing tracks? Why do students fail to remember things that have studied?  Certain aspects are there which could be the reasons. The possible reasons are described below:

  • The subjects are boring:

You always force your child to study hard.  Have you ever wondered whether your child likes the subject?  The specific subjects of syllabus can’t be ignored. But you have to help your child to make subjects interesting.

  • The teachers are not capable enough:

May be the private tutor of your child is not that good. These days, parents spend a lot to find out the best private teacher out there.

  • Your child is unmindful:

Are you missing out the major changes in your children? Look out if your child is suffering due to some problems.  Lack of mental piece hampers the ability to concentrate.

  • Your child is having health issues:

Take proper care of your child. A child needs proper sleep and healthy eating habit. He/she also needs to maintain a balanced and healthy life style. When one’s health is not good, he/she can’t do anything properly. Check out whether the kid has any issues like dyslexia or short time memory loss.

How to cope up with the memory issues of your child?

So the above mentioned issues could be the possible reasons behind your child’s problem. Now you have to find out the possible ways to overcome such issues.

  • Make your child understand the importance of education:

If your child is complaining the subjects to be boring, explain the importance of studying. Tell them it’s for their future and career. Good scores always lead to a successful and bright future. Make them understand the importance of employment and self independence. They will automatically take the studies seriously.

  • Always check before hiring a private tutor:

Whoever you choose, a local private tutor or an online assignment help, you must check out well. The quality of teaching highly impacts the student’s academic scores.  Many students often score poor only because of the lack of training and guidance.

  • Give your child a comfortable set up:

You have arranged a peaceful setup for your child. Get your child a comfort zone where he/she can study in peace. Get your child proper food on time.  Give him/her some snacks in between homework and private tuitions. Make sure your kid is getting enough sleep. If one isn’t comfortable enough in his/her lifestyle, then he/she cannot focus on anything.

  • Keep the all the mode of distractions away from your child:

Nowadays there are many ways a kid can be distracted and temped. This is a modern era of technological development. Apart from television and mobile phones, a child can get so many facilities from the internet. Addictions like social media sites and online shopping are enough to distract one.

Preventing your child from using these modern facilities is not fair. To cope with the new trends of society, he/she must know the usage of such tools. These are also made for making communication process much easier. But when your kid is studying, make sure to keep him/her away from such temptations.  Social networking sites could be the biggest influence behind your child’s distraction.  Your child must follow a specific schedule to use internet, watch TV and playing outside.

  • Play memory games with your child:

What if you have all the facilities ready in hands, still your child is struggling to memorize the lesions. In such case, it’s the internal problem of your kid. He/she lacks the proper power to memorise things. The ability to memorize things can be improved with proper practice. Memorizing is all about concentrating and practicing.

Playing the memory cards might seem to be childish, it really works.  Take out a little time and play the game of memory cards with your child.  Inspire him/her to meditate on a regular basis. This will help the kid to increase the power to hold things in mind. Also if the child is impatience, she/she will suffer with concentration issue. You have to help him/ her to increase patience.

  • The counting games:

I am sharing this tip from my personal experience.  It really works for me. May your child find this helpful. Ask him/her to count the number system in a descending way.  Tell him to count from 100 to 1 while closing the eyes. Counting one to hundred is pretty easy for anyone. But reversing the number system is a bit difficult. This will certainly help anyone to overcome the complicacies.

  • The willpower and positivity:

Last but not the least; your child needs to have positive spirits. If he/she doesn’t wish to improve the issues, your efforts will do nothing.

So that is it guys. If you want to know more about the issues, you can also read the blogs “Online vs. private tutors. Who is better for the students?” and “Easy steps to learn computer programming in 1 week”.

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