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Top 8 Things That One Should Consider Before Choosing a Private Tutor

by Feb 6, 2017Online Tutoring

There’s no other biggest investment than education. Yes, education defines who we are and shapes out future. So it’s worth putting great effort and time on studies for it’s the one thing that lands us into a great career path.

Most reputed schools and institution integrate state-of-the-art technologies to make the students have a better understanding of the subject. While a classroom is where studentsget all the knowledge from teachers, it might not be adequate for some.

Institutions and schools these days adopt modern syllabus which coversextensive understanding of various subjects; both practically and theoretically. Moreover, teachers require students to complete loads of assignments and homework which are really distressing. Thisputs students on the edge which eventually hampers their overall academic performance.

The best solution to avoid or overcome this scenario is to hire private tutors. But then hiring private tutors gets confusing too. This is because there are several factors that one needs to consider before finalizing on thedecision. Some of these factors have been discussed below which if considered, makes hiring a private tutor worth it.

  • Timings

Things are going to be a lot easier if a tutor is flexible in adjusting with your various timings. There’s no way that you can have a monotonous timing for taking help from tutors as things like assignments and tests get in the way. Hiring a private tutor who can come by in an aforementioned time or a completely new/different timing is really helpful.If your tutor is comfortable with various shifts, then you can benefit in taking extra help during tests and exams.

  • Experience

One of the most important things to look out while hiring a private tutor is experience. Instead of figuring out credentials, it is better for you to get hold of the tutor’s experience. Any teacher is defined by knowledge and experience so you shouldn’t miss out on this.

The biggest perk of choosing an experienced tutor is that you will be able to get an in-depth knowledge of the subjects. This is because experienced tutors have their own quirks of clearing your doubts and confusions. Another interesting fact is that experienced teachers/tutors don’t abide by the standards and rules which will help you in getting that extra information and even tips/techniques to crack exams.

  • Fees

Private tutors are in great demand these days and not every tutor charge the same. According to a recently conducted survey, a greater percentage of private tutor charge by hours.Paying your tutor for what you learn every hour is a good idea, but it is even better if a tutor charges per class.

Finding a private tutor with decent charges is no less than a challenge. Another ingenious solution to this is opting for a coaching institute who offer tutors. This is because several coaching institutesallow you to pay the entire fees in an installment which isa huge breath of relief.

To be concerned about the fees that a private tutor charges, you can go through online forums, reviews and suggestions regarding local private tutors. Carrying out an extensive comparison between different tutors, their services and fees are surely worth it.

  • Feedbacks

Before you finalize your decision on any private tutor, it is recommended that you consult with other students of that particular tutor and analyze their feedback.If other students are comfortable and satisfied, then you can take it as a green flag. Getting hold of any tutor’s success rate before choosing is one great option to come to a perfect decision.

It is also utmost important for you to go through the policies of a tutor that you might look forward to.This is because every private tutor has their set of credibility andterms/conditions.

  • Trial class

It is going to be great if you can manage to get hold of a free demo class before choosing a tutor. Although most private tutorsdoesn’tentertain such lucrative offer, reputed tutors do not hesitate to give an insight of their capabilities. Moreover, a demo class will help you to come to a decision in an instant.

To make the most out of demo class, you can even prepare and ask questions (pretty much like an interview). By doing this, you might be able to understand the tutor’s capability of tackling with different situations.

Settle for one

Things are going to be way more complicated for you academically if you keep on changing tutors frantically. Take your time in choosing a good tutor and hold on to it. Familiarizing yourself with just one tutor will create an inexplicable telepathy which is going to benefit you in ways you would have never thought of.


Apart from having a fancy degree, the tutor that you are ought to choose must have training certification.Having a training certification makes sure that the tutor is well prepared with instructional strategies, remedial approach and most importantly educational theory.


There’s no point in hiring an experienced private tutor if he/she has a brooding personality. Learning should always be fun and you will never be able to grasp out anything from a tutor that you don’t feel comfortable with.

If a tutor is friendly and outgoing then you are only going to learn so much from them. So you must always consider hiring a private tutor who’s patient and not going to bore you. Wrapping things up, you will learn a lot from a tutor who’s encouraging and enthusiastic.