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Help My Homework: Do’s and Don’ts of a Parent Helping

By Phillip L'Hoette
9 Apr, 2017
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There might have been countless times when you have seen your kid stay up the night and thought how you could possibly ease their pain. What could you possibly do to restrain them from staying up the entire night? Well, for starters you should stop worrying. Homework is a rigorous process no doubt, but it helps in the learning process of the child. It allows them to pick up essential life skills form it which helps them to further their career. So, the next time your child asks you for help my homework, don’t just run for the educational websites out there. Try and help them through the process instead.

Homework do’s

There are certain homework do’s and don’ts that you should follow if you intend to help your child learn while they do their homework. Simply because your child asked you for help doesn’t mean that you will let go of all boundaries and simply delve into it. Your child will learn nothing from such an experience.  It will prove to be rather counterproductive. You have to help them in such a way that it solves their problem, while at the same time guiding them through the rough or troubled area.

So, the next time your parental instinct takes over, read the points below to learn about what you should do in order to help your child out with their homework problems.

Do stick to the schedule

As a parent, it is your duty to ensure that your child doesn’t deviate from the schedule that you have created for them. Ensure that they keep working at their homework, at the same time every day. Also, divide the work throughout the week so that they don’t feel overburdened with the amount of work assigned. Ensure that they invest the same amount of hours to each assignment every day, before they are done for the day.

Do develop a good working environment

If you want to help your child out with their homework, you need to make sure that the atmosphere at home is conducive for their studies. If your child continuously asks for help my homework, then investigate the matter. Ascertain why despite sticking to the schedule, they are being unable to work on it. Create a separate workspace for your kid that is free from all kinds of disturbances to help your child work on their homework peacefully.

‘Teamwork makes the dream work.’

Adapt to the changing times

Remember that you want to help your child and that many a things has changed since you were last in school. So, don’t forcefully stick to one method and claim that to be right. If your child thinks that she is suing the correct method, then investigate and find out more about it. It is essential that you adapt to the current trends and you will be surprised as to how much it has changed since you were last in school.

Check their assignments

Before you go ahead and search for help my homework for your kids, check their assignments. Try to assess where they are going wrong and what mistakes they are making. This will allow you to resolve the matter to a certain extent. Always check their assignments to see whether they have completed their work or not and how well they are progressing.

Encourage them always

For kids, encouragement is always needed. They are on their path to learn new thing and will encounter hurdles along the way. As a parent it is your duty to encourage and motivate them constantly. Be their personal cheerleader and keep supporting them at all cost. If they fail to score the adequate marks, then cheer them up and make them work harder for the next.

Work with the teachers

It is essential that you work along with their teachers at school and constantly communicate with them. This allows you to look for possible solutions when they ask for help my homework. Talk with them to assess what they are expecting from your child and relay any problems that you think your kid might have. Seek extra help if you think you cannot provide them with the possible guidance.

Do keep the big picture in mind

Do not forget to check with your kid as to what they like and don’t. Remember the whole purpose of homework is make your kids learn along the way. Find out what subjects your kids like and make them work on it on their own. For other subjects, try to help them out with those. Also, ensure that they are not overburdened with work as that will defeat the whole purpose of homework.

Homework don’ts

There are certain rules that you should follow when your kid asks you for help my homework. Don’t just let your parental instinct take over and barge in with all the help that you can provide with. Listed below are some such things that you should not do when your kid asks you for help in order to complete their homework.

Don’t be overtly critical

One of the things that most parents do is become really critical of their child’s work. Don’t just concentrate on things they haven’t done or the mistakes they have committed. It lowers the confidence of your child. Instead appreciate all the work they have done and the things that need changing.

Do not get frustrated

Patience is the key to resolving any problem that your kid might have with their homework. Simply becoming frustrated and projecting the anger associated with it on them, will do more harm than good. It will help you to blow off some steam but it will hamper your child’s confidence in you and make them all closed up.

Do not belittle

Just because you do not like the subject or the teacher associated with it doesn’t mean that you will belittle it in front of your child when they ask for help my homework. This will give them an opportunity to be careless about that subject. So reserve your opinion when in front of your child. Let them explore to their hearts content.

Do not give in to tantrums

Your children will often enough through a tantrum and fuss over homework. They will give you thousands excuses why they are reluctant to work upon it. Some might include ‘I am too tired.’, ‘I don’t like the subject.’, ‘The teacher doesn’t like me, so what’s the point?’ and so on. Do not give in to their demands and stand your ground at all costs.

Do not work for them

Your child would often create such a situation that you would be compelled to solve their assignments entirely on your own. They might say things like ‘I can’t understand’, or ‘Will you show me again?’ It’s all a ruse to make you work on their behalf while they come up with such similar excuses. So, be very alert when you are working with them.

Don’t micromanage everything

Do not micromanage everything. You can check the assignment but checking each and every aspect of it is not needed. Also, don’t allow them to procrastinate but do not pressurize them to much as well.

So support your children throughout and provide the requisite amount of help that they require resolving their issues. Remember at the end of the day it is their work and their responsibility, you are just a guest looking over them, providing guidance. You may also read “how to ensure that you do homework for school successfully” to understand your child’s psychology and help them better.

‘Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.’

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