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This Is My Homework – a Few Pros and Cons

by Apr 9, 2017Homework Help

Homework is a word that terrifies every single student around the globe, and no student is happy enough and will say this is my homework and I just love it! Everyone speaks about the usefulness of homework, and its adverse effects too, so this debate is not going to end.

Is homework really helpful?

However, as far I have perceived most of the people agree that homework is essential for the growing kids even though they do not accept and say this is my homework. However just like every coin has its opposite side, homework also has its deleterious effect too on the students, and here I will talk over all of it.

It has sometimes beenI have heard a lot about some parents bursting like homework is not for good. It creates mental pressure on their kid’s.

Really? Do teachers give homework to their students to increase mental pressure?Students must learn how to manage studies and another halfof life simultaneously. It is for their good. Help them learn the right entity.

Researches, studies, statistics all in an unending debate trying to prove the curses and boons of homework.It is hard to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of homework just like it is hard to find a student happily saying this is my homework. However, still, some explanations are always required on the most debated topic.

Pros of doing homework regularly:

  1. Ensures the students’ growth:

Homework benefits the teachers to keep a record of the student’s performance by homework finished up. Working on homework at the right time will impress teachers and will also give time for making the best preparation for the upcoming exam. This will brings in the seriousness of the student as a whole.

  1. The best way to develop time management skill:

Time management is one of the most important parts of life, and it would be best to start actually this soon.

  1. Teacher and student interaction:

It develops the teacher-student relation by increasing communication. If a student faces trouble in a particular part of the concerning subject while completing the homework. They can later ask their regarding teacher about it and pass away their faults. Hence it is the best part about doing homework at home.

  1. Teaches the meaning of responsibility:

The whole process of assigning homework to a kid and the kid considering it as a necessary action. Then the next day it brings back to the teacher. It shows some responsibility.

  1. Prevents the distraction of the students:

You all will agree with me that only the studies done at school are not enough for a student to complete syllabus and gain good marks out of it. So it is this homework that helps the kids to revise lessons even after the scheduled school.

Cons of homework regularly:

  1. Cuts off the student’s free time:

To give a student a healthy life, the fresh young mind requires rest after a tiring day. Maybe some entertainment is really necessary. No one will willingly do homework after a long day at school.

  1. Makes the child unsocial:

The parents must know the limit to everything. It is the duty of the parents to set time for their doing homework and to go to play out with other friends. Because doing homework will not always help. Being a real person is also imperative.

  1. The purpose of homework not being served:

Being in practice will inevitably ensure good grades. However, thatdoes not mean someone else does your homework. However, that is what happens now. So definitely this will not help in getting good grades. Parents are advised to help their kids with their homework but not doing them personally.

  1. Creates an excess pressure on the student:

After completing an entire day at school, returning home and again sitting with homework creates an absurd pressure on them. In such situation they all need is a break from the monotonous routine. Like a short trip or a little hang out with friends. If such are not donethen, it will cause depression.

  1. Increase clashes between parent and kid:

Parents who literally force their children to study all day long actually catalyze a gap between you and your child. You just can’t force your child to study always. Sometimes what you need to do is just be your child’s best friend and try to understand them to their perspective. If you cannot be their friend, then don’t force them and ruin the relation.

Thought of any conclusion?

Well, all these contradictions that we came across are minorissues, and it will go on. But students must find and say yes this is my homework and I love it. Doing homework is just a way to develop skills by their own. It gives rise to a delusion about students and teachers can guess their performance in class. People need to understand this is my homework must be the real motive for homeworkand find out the purpose behind it.

Whatever it is important to keep all contradictions aside and focus on what must be done. I must not forget to mention those parents and teachers to keep encouraging their kids. My motivation in all the above paragraphs was to hand out a small idea about the advantages and disadvantages of giving homework to students.

Obtaining skill is more important:

Acquiring skill is not really difficult,one can achieve it with consistency. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up! Insist your kids to do their homework, let them love it and say this is my homework and I will not miss it! Let’s create this awareness and make a better future for students!