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“Help Me with My English Homework” – Is This Your Query? A Must Read on for You

by Mar 13, 2017English

Although English is the first language of over eighty countries in the world, writing assignments and homework in English definitely bothers students a lot.

Why students ask for “help me with my English homework”?

Despite English being their mother tongue, why do many students face problems with English assignments? Reason is pretty obvious. There is a lot of difference between speaking and writing. While speaking you can use informal, colloquial words. But in writing, one has to adhere to the rules of grammar and construction.

Do we need ‘homework’ for English?

This is an oft repeated question which I keep hearing from many parents I meet.

  • According to many experts, language is as important as other subjects. It is not sufficient to merely know things. To be able to express properly is important as well.
  • Grammar rules matter a lot. Only way to learn them is through practice and home assignments.
  • Just because English is your native language, you can’t become an expert in the language. Language acquires beauty and perfection only through practice.
  • If English is a second language for you, definitely you need lots of practice to perfect yourself.

Problem-areas of students for asking “help me with my English homework”

  • Not having a good vocabulary is a big problem faced by children. They have ideas, but not enough vocabulary to express them.
  • Grammar and punctuation also torture students. Wrongly placed commas and semi colons can change the whole meaning.
  • Essay writing is an area where students long to get some outside help. Modern technology and homework help websites can help them in this, to a great extent.

Essentials of good writing

Regular practice and proper guidance can help you to improve your writing.

  • A good writing should convey message with clarity.
  • Language should be simple and devoid of ambiguity.
  • Sentences should be well structured and grammatically correct.

Can parents help you “help me with my English homework”?

Parents can provide immense help to children in learning the basics of language irrespective of whether they are experts or not.

  • Sit with kids and understand their homework.
  • Give them the feeling that you care. Make them realise the importance of regular practice.
  • Don’t shy away from learning if you find yourself incompetent to help your child. Nowadays there are numerous educational websites that help you master English.
  • Encourage kids and reward them for every piece of their work that matches the requirement.

Role of an educator

‘Catch them young’ this is very true for language skills. If you master English early in your childhood, you carry it to your grave.

  • Set standards for students, right from smaller classes. Explain clearly what is expected of them.
  • Give assignments which are meaningful and help in learning language through small tasks.
  • Make sure that students understand the assignment properly.
  • In higher classes, homework can be given in a challenging manner. Motivate students to use their imagination and creativity.

Technology comes to play

Despite sincere efforts, sometimes children find it difficult to cope with the pressure of homework. Here modern technology comes to their aid.

  • Some assignments are so tough that it requires external help. Take the help of websites which offer homework help.
  • These websites also help in getting good practice apart from those done at school.
  • Grammar lessons are especially useful as it helps in checking your answers on the spot.
  • Good scores are assured with professional help.

Relying too much can be harmful

Though modern aids can go a great length in helping students perfect the art of writing assignments, some caution is advisable. Overdependence on them can kill the spark of creativity in the students. They tend to become lethargic by depending too much on external aids. The way to go is to put in best efforts and resort to professional help sites to improve upon.

Creativity at its best

  • Imagination is what will help students while working on English assignments.
  • Some have the creativity inborn in them. Others need professional help.
  • Even those who feel they are not creative enough can improve their language skills through regular practice and professional help.
  • Contrary to popular belief, imagination and creativity can definitely be cultivated through practice. Not everyone in born with the spark.

Posts like “8 necessary steps when helping with homework and score higher as its result” can be of great help for the students facing problem in doing assignments.

Role of English language in shaping kids’ future

  • Language helps to express and impress. Express your ideas with clarity and impress your peers.
  • Landing a good job becomes easier with proper language skills. Having a good grasp over English always creates a favourable impression about you.
  • English is the language which is widely used in most parts of the world. Master it and your future is secure.
  • It is the most widely used business language.
  • There is no end to the number of books and other knowledge sources available in English. Almost all the classics in other languages have been translated into English.

Gone are the days when you could take the study of English less seriously. Today’s world demands serious study of language to excel in any field. Unlike the past, kids of today have innumerable educational help websites available to guide them through the path.