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Good Compare and Contrast Topics for the Students to Score Well

by Aug 30, 2018Writing

We all admit that essay writing is lengthy and boring but these have to be completed for the project submission. Good compare and contrast topics are easy to find and writing these essays are generally fun. Sometimes the universities provide the students with huge essay submissions which have to be submitted before the given deadline. And this is the major cause why students tend to miss out on the better topics for submission.
Essay writing is called the easiest and the most practical way of scoring good grades. When it comes to essay writing, filler contents should be avoided since they can really seem repetitive for the teachers. Marks are also based on the actual information collected by the students and the amount of effort really invested into writing.
One of the best ways to settle down for good compare and contrast topics is to actually research from the internet and make sure that content is specific. Essay writing needs an actual form of art and sometimes students tend to miss out on the important points.
Compare and contrast essays make the student learn both the aspects of the two different points given and share their views. If good compare and contrast topics are not chosen by the students then the teachers can score them poorly according to the low quality of the presentation.
What is Compare and Contrast Essay Writing?
When it comes to essay writing about various topics, students are always asked to compare and contract on each point given in the essay. These are an essay or multi-paragraph writing which explains the differentiation and the similarities between the two topics or points. Basically, the students have to focus on the comparison more for creating the essay.
When a writer contrasts two topics then he/she has to explain both the topics in his/her own words. Compare and contrast essays can cover any topics and appear in various areas of writing. The students have to be relevant while writing. Absurd contents and unnecessary contents can really demean the quality of the essay.
Few ideas should be gathered together and based on the topics. Student should make sure that the essay is on point and does not differ from so.
How to create a compare and contrast essay?
Compare and contrast essays are tricky and sometimes the students can lose the idea of the actual topic. Here are some of the points to keep in mind while preparing for the essays plus getting good compare and contrast topics.

  • Consider what you are about to write

You can’t write about a good compare and contrast essay without reading it. To write a good essay, it is important to read what the topics are all about. Prepare mental notes which can help you write them. This kind of pre-planned preparation can give you a head start in the essay writing assignments.

  • Make a list

Making a list will save you a lot of time in the future. Don’t worry and make a list of all the points of differences and similarities between the two topics. Once you have completed your reading, make sure your list is ready too. Depending on the organization of your work, you might just take a blank sheet and put out the points.

  • Research properly

Research about the key information is the vital aspect of essay writing. Don’t rush while making points. Research about your topic and keep the key points at the centre so that you can use them later.

  • Write and edit your work

Editing is the second-most important thing when it comes to essay writing.Good compare and contrast topics are easy to find on the Internet but these topics should be edited according to what is actually needed. Try to find out the latest good compare and contrast topics regarding these assignments and make sure to double-check before submission.
Good compare and contrast topics for the student’s to write on
These essay topics are given in several categories which are divided into various parts.

  • The aspects of living as a single mother in the society
  • Religious marriage vs. Civil marriage
  • Traditional forms of cigarettes vs. E-Cigarettes
  • When should a minor be allowed to drink?
  • Marrying at a young age vs. marrying at an old age?
  • Church marriages vs. Ritual ceremonies at homes?
  • Wife vs. Husbands. Who plays an important role in the society?


  • Smart Class vs. Traditional form of teaching
  • A career in teaching vs. a career in medicine. Which impacts better?
  • University assignments vs. High School assignments
  • Similarities and differences between the behaviour of girls and boys
  • Differences and similarities between college degree vs. high school degree
  • The importance and disadvantages of part-time internships for students
  • The emergence of homework resulting in academic excellence or degradation


  • Digital cameras vs. traditional cameras
  • The satisfaction and disadvantages of watching 3D movies
  • The advantages and disadvantages of email vs. old-fashioned letter
  • Voice operated machines vs. manually operated machines
  • The advantages and disadvantages of having e-driven tests and automated car systems
  • Online dating vs. traditional form of dating
  • Online chat rooms vs. traditional forms of meets and greet among friends
  • Online grocery shopping vs. traditional form of shopping
  • Amazon vs. Alibaba


  • The use of e-carts vs. traditional forms of cart shopping
  • The use and disadvantages of pesticides on farming
  • The difference and similarities between traditional vs. modern methods of farming
  • The pros and cons of renewable energy
  • What resources can the forest offer to the people?
  • Environmental consequences and disadvantages of deforestation
  • How can food security be tightened?

Good compare and contrast topics are important to find and write on. Make sure your points are relatable to the viewers and make them understand the complicacy of the whole scenario.
Don’t beat around the bush and come to the point straight. Always keep in mind that a repetitive essay can result in negative marking. There are loads of latest compare and contrast topics on the Internet so make sure to choose the right one for writing.