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Argumentative Essay Topics for High School Should Always Persuade the Readers

by Aug 30, 2018Essay

If you are really eager about knowing the argumentative essay topics on various platforms, then it is necessary to understand about argumentative essay. So, what you exactly mean by argumentative essay? While dealing with the argumentative essay topics for high school, you need to be really good in debating. A debatable topic handled by students should always aim at convincing the reader and it is necessary that the readers start believing on the point of view.
Topics require thorough analysis, processing, reporting and extracting a valid conclusion. As a high school student it is vital for you to learn the ways to argue on specific topic and do not emphasize on fluffy content.
Few things to consider while writing argumentative essay
There are many teachers or professors who do not assign topic by themselves and this is when you have to look for online topics and start creating an argumentative essay. Therefore, it is vital in the initial stage to choose a topic that is really worthy. There are various options available which you can select from such as politics, policies, education, moral, society, environmental conditions etc.
The argumentative essay topics for high school will also demand proper skills and write down good essay. While talking about the skills we mainly emphasize on:

  • Writing skills
  • Framing topics
  • Persuasion skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Research skills

Outlining the argumentative essay
Having the skills will certainly allow in captivating the reader’s mind. Argumentative essay comes up with various outline and you need to follow the writing formats. Main objective of any topic is to offer with proper arguments and facts.
The argumentative essay topics for high school demands four different parts:

  1. Require proper background and introduction related to topic which would also have debatable points.
  2. Concentrate on the argument presented by the opponent and understand their explanation as well to encounter efficiently.
  3. Include the debating of the points and then countering the points one by one. This is really a very critical step as you need to have relevant information to counter.
  4. Conclusion is the only way through which you can convey the exact point to readers. It is important to nail in the coffin.

In case you fail to portray your idea and main objective, then definitely you will not be able to persuade readers. So, the main objective to deal with any argumentative topic is to make believe in your arguments.
Few examples of argumentative essay topics
While being in the high school, it is important to emphasize on the argumentative essay which speaks about different issues that requires attention. So, while getting involved into any argumentative topics it is important to consider the risk factors that can even lead to any bad decisions as well as creating an impact on the society in a broader sense.
Here are some of the argumentative essay topics for high school which you can prepare so that it becomes convenient for you to deal with:

  • Is social media good or its bad for teenager?

Though social media has given the opportunity to build up a virtual communication, but also has raised the risk of falling addicted to it.

  • Does pop culture have anything positive to offer for the growth of young generation?

Pop culture can be considered as insubstantial, but in many ways it can help the modern people to get entertained and also helps to get educated.

  • Does TV and films ­adore violence?

Violence is actually the part of society but the main problem lies when media sensationalize the issue and glorifies it.

  • Should school take initiative to teach religion?

If we consider religion to be an important part of our society, but school should also get involved in religions teaching.
Focusing on argumentative essay topics for high school
When you are in high school, it is essential that you choose an argumentative topic that contains weightage and can make real difference in your academic life. The topic helps the reader understand your study level. So, always avoid choosing school level argumentative topics. With high intensity start the debates that show your logical thinking and analysing ability.
The argumentative essay topics for high school would include proper references, quantitative as well as qualitative analysis, proper reasoning and comparison. The topic would demand thorough research and reasoning. While being in the middle school, the argumentative essay would also involve moderate topics. Main objective of any argumentative topic is to develop awareness and would help in building up the writing skills. So, once you are ready to handle such topic it is vital that you dig deep and come up with best essay.
Focus on both sides of the argument
Always state the position in the accurate and sensible way in the conclusion. This will validate your point.
Here are few guidelines that you should follow while dealing with argumentative essay topics for high school:

  • Do not get emotional while discussing the topic as emotional arguments will always turn out to be irrational.
  • Make up an outline of the essay and get the idea on the subject matter to come up with valid points.
  • Don’t try to make up any evidence and make use of trustworthy sources to validate your point.

A solid foundation is always necessary to craft a beautiful essay. Your argumentative essay primarily should consist of: introduction, body and conclusion.
It is the body of the essay which actually should contain the strong viewpoint of the argument. So, it’s advised to get into the depth of the topic and try to point out the positivity of both the sides of topic. Stating so, now emphasize on the strongest point and start countering the issue.
Once you describe the “other side” of the essay, it’s time for you to present the viewpoint and come up with valid evidence that would show the readers your accurateness on the saying.
While dealing with the argumentative essay topics for high school, it is critical to come up with strongest evidence that can actually prove the logic behind your points. Try to mix up the evidence with statistics and other anecdotal stories. This can help you to make the paper really worthy of reading.