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Explore Some Homework Stress Facts and Reduce the Burden of the Students

by Apr 19, 2016Homework Help

“There are two educations. One should teach us how to make a living and the other how to live.” So, it is very important to learn your subject properly. Because it will help you learn the way of living. Here, teachers should teach their students in awaythat cannot create pressure for them. Teachers should know homework stress facts that can harm students in several ways.
Being a teacher, I feel that this is my responsibility to teach students in a proper way. I do not want to create any mental pressure for the students because I know it can decrease the performance of the pupils. I have noticed that my students always try to avoid their homeworkand they were gradually getting lower scores in their exam. So, I have found out the homework stress facts. It helps me to teach them in a better way.
Homework stress facts:
Homework can create academic stress, health problems and destroys the balance in students’ life.  This blog will help the teachers to understand how they are creating stress and anxiety for the students by giving them lots of assignments.

  • Depression:

Pupils get home from their teacher. They are instructed to submit their tasks by a fixed date or time. They have several tasks that they have to complete, but they do not have enough time to do that. It creates tension and they try to do all their tasks very fast. In this way, they always stay under tension and pressure. Gradually, this tension leads them to depression. Students lose their interest and confidence in the studies. If they consistently live in the tension of homework, they cannot learn any topic properly.
A balanced life is very essential. Students follow a process that is eight hours work, eight hours sleep and eight hours play. After coming from the school, they have to do their tasks; it means are working more than eight hours. Excessive mental pressure is not good for the students.You must know these homework stress facts, if you want to help your students.

  • Getting lower scores:

Homework burden reduces the possibility of getting agood score. Task is good for the students because it helps to improve their skill. But ateacherhas to remember that they should not give excessive tasks. Australian researchers have found that the burden of the homework reduces the score of the students.

  • Unnecessary homework:

Teachers sometimes give some unnecessary tasks to the students because they want to keep the students busy. But, this is not a good idea because students have to take theunnecessary burden. So, teachers have to understand that all these types of their activities can harm them can create depression and anxiety for them.

  • Students need proper sleep:

Adequate sleep is necessary for all especially for the students. Sleep helps to reduce the tension and refreshes the minds. It helps to understand any subject. But, students cannot sleep properly because they have the tension and burden of their assignments. So, if you are a teacher, you have to think about this problem of the students.  After knowing homework stress facts, you will definitely reduce their pressure.

  • Physical problem:

Tension can decrease thephysical health of pupils. They also cannot get the time to sleep properly. If they fall ill, they cannot concentrate on their studies. As a result, their performance in the exam gradually decreases. They cannot get agood score. So, you should not give lots of tasks to them and should give the chance to get proper rest.
How teacher will reduce the burden of the homework:
After knowing the negative effects of the homework burden, you should try to change the process of giving homework and you should reduce their burden. You can follow the below-mentioned tips to change the technique of teaching:

  • Do not give many tasks:

After knowing homework stress facts, you should not give too much homework to the students. You can give them limited tasks so that they can easily complete their tasks.

  • Give them enough time:

You should remember that if you do not give them enough time to finish their tasks, they will take it as a burden. So, if you have to assign lots of tasks, you should fix the deadline very carefully.

  • Create interest in the topic:

Creating interest in any subject is a very effective way that can reduce the tension of the students and they can do several tasks without feeling any burden. So, try to teach them in a different way so that they can find interest in it.

  • Maintain a friendly relationship with the students:

If you can make a friendly relationship with your students, they can tell you their problems comfortably. They will not take tension if they cannot complete their homework. Sometimes, students fail to do their tasks because their idea related to the topic is not clear. If they are not comfortable, they will not inform you about their doubts. So, you should these homework stress facts.
Help them to understand the matter:
You should support them to clear their doubts and to understand the topic properly.
How students will handle the homework burden:
Sometimes, teachers have to give students many assignments and they have to do it. In this situation, they should not take tension and burden. So, here are some tips for them.

  • Make a plan:

They have to make a perfect plan to fix the when they will do which tasks. It helps to complete everything in an organized way.

  • Clear your doubts:

They have to clear their confusion before starting to do the tasks.

  • Share your problem with the teachers:

If you have some problems and for that you could not do your homework, you should share it with your teachers. They will definitely understand your problem.

  • Do it fast:

Pupils should do their homework fast. So, they get time to do other things.
Teachers should know homework stress facts and should try to help the students. After all “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” So, for doing this, teacher have to reduce students’ homework burden. If you have another suggestion, you can share with us.