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Know Homework Stress Statistics and Improve Your Teaching Techniques

by Apr 19, 2016Homework Help

According to John Dewer, “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” So, teachers have to be very concern while they are teaching their students. Sometimes, students feel the pressure of their studies and homework. It reduces their interest in subject. So, teachers have to teach their students in an attractive way. Homework stress statistics show that there are a large number of students who are living their life under the pressure of homework. In this situation, this is very important to know how homework affects the life of pupils and how teachers can reduce this problem.
Homework stress statistics:
Homework stress statistics shows Causes of stress in teen-
School- 23%
Parents- 23%
Relationship- 18%
Problem with friends- 18%
It shows that education plays a huge role in creating stress in the mind of the students. Students also get tension berceuse of their parents who create pressure for the improvement of their studies. If you are a teacher and you want to offer a healthy life to your students, you have to be very concern at the time of giving homework to them. Homework plays a vital role in creating pressure and stress for the educatees.
From the Homework stress statistics, we can come to know that students of all classes experience such stress.
Middle level (girls) – 20%-25%
Middle level (boys) – 10%-15%
Upper level (girls) – 50%-55%
Upper level (boys) – 30%-35%
Upper secondary school (girls) – 60%-65%
Upper secondary school (boys) – 35%–40%
So, students cannot avoid the tension of theirhomeworkand they have to face it. If students always have this burden, they cannot focus on their studies and they cannot perform well in their tests.
We can get information from Homework stress statistics that 62.9% people have agreed homework enhances learning and 83.35 people have not agreed on this matter.
70.6% people have agreed that homework teaches good habit and 89.1% people have not accepted this idea.
So, after getting the statistics, it is clear that maximum students and people do take their homework positively and they think that it hasspoiled their happiness. They live under the pressure of homework. Here, teachers should know the negative effects of homework.
The negative result of homework burden:
There are several negative effects that students face. These are:

  • Create depression:

Students have the burden of their homework and they always have the tension how to complete the tasks. It creates tension and anxiety for them. Because of this burden, they cannot spend with the friends and they cannot do other things to spend their time. The continuous tension creates adepression for them. They lose their all interest in their studies.

  • Physical problem:

This burden also creates several physical problems. Because of the homework tension, students do not take their food properly, they do not enjoy their life and they cannot take proper sleep. They lead an unhealthy life and all these things create several health problems.

  • Need proper rest:

Eight hours sleep is necessary for everyone. This is very essential for the students. But if they have lots of tasks to do, they cannot take proper rest. Proper sleep and rest play a very important role for learning any topic. Fresh mind helps to understand any difficult topic. But when students cannot take proper rest, they cannot understand any complicated subject.
Decrease the marks:
Some Australian researchers have found out that homework burden reduces the percentage of the scores. Students have to focus on their homework. They cannot concentrate on theirstudies so this is quite natural they cannot improve their percentage in the exam. Another important point is that they lose their interest in their subject due to their tension and burden.

  • Remove pointless homework:

Teachers give several pointless tasks to their students. They want to engage the students with the homework. But, they have to understand this is not always perfect. It reduces their interest and attraction in the subject. This is very important to understand that students also need some free time so that they can enjoy their life in their way.
Process to reduce the burden of the pupils:
After knowing the Homework stress statistics and the negative effects of the homework, teachers should know the process of reducing this homework burden.

  • Limited homework:

Homework is important and helpful. But, excessive homework is the reason of tension. So, teachers have to understand the problem of the students and they have to assign limited homework so that they can get more time to do other things. Otherwise, they will experience the burden of their homework. After getting the idea of Homework stress statistics, teachers should understand they must reduce the homework burden.

  • Make a friendly relation:

A friendly relationshipbetween the teacher and students is very important. If students do not feel comfortable with the teachers, they cannot express the reason for not doing homework. It creates stress for them.

  • Fix a proper deadline:

If you are a teacher and you want to give homework to the students, you have to give them enough time so that they can do their tasks without any tension. They need time to complete the task. Otherwise, they cannot do their tasks without tension.

  • Discuss the topic:

You should discuss the topic before giving homework to them. You can teach the matter in an interesting way so they can find interest to do their homework.

  • Help students to solve their doubts:

You should solve the doubts of your students before assigning the tasks. If they have a clear picture about the subject, they can do lots of task within a short period. Homework stress statistics helps us to change the technique of teaching and giving homework.
So, you should know Homework stress statistics and should try to reduce the stress of your students. If you have more information that you can share with us, you can comment here. We are ready to accept your idea. You can also share this information with others.