Eight Effective Ways to Become Favorite of Your Teachers

Do you remember the first day of your school life? Your parents brought you with so many dreams in eyes. Yes, school! It covers a huge part of our life. We start learning from there. No one fails to recall the first day of the school. It is a journey that decides life, the kind of person who you are (in most cases). At least we all consider so, right?
Now is your upcoming aim is to impress your teacher? Well, if this is your aim then it’s pretty good. I mean being the best in class is not that easy but neither impossible. It would rather be simple if you follow certain rules like getting the best grades, completing homework and assignments on time, attending regular classes, taking the teachers suggestion seriously, etc. these are the basics, to begin with. Later you can improve yourself as much as possible!
Here are some basic tips that I am demonstrating you where I have tried to count all the ways on how to become favourite to your teacher. Hard work will be then really an important and crucial part of a student’s life in that case. It is the best way to impress anyone.
Here I present a few tips on how a student can become teachers favourite in the easily. Keep reading, here we go:

  1. Pay attention in class:

Begin with it if you are interested in becoming teachers favourite in class pay attention in the classes. It does not mean not making any friends or not speaking to any friends. Just be normal and be attentive when the teacher is speaking. If you do so, then the teacher will notice you and will find good points in you. If required prefer first two benches as concentering on the studies, become easier there. Thus, your one aim is thus fulfilled.

  1. Attend regular classes:

Teachers dislike students with irregular attendance. Attendance is the next important thing that might in most cases impress the teacher. Side by the side of being attentive in class the main thing is it requires attending them regularly without missing them. But will that mean that you are sick and still ready to come to school? No never!

  1. Ask if you have doubts:

Don’t feel shy to ask your teacher about regular classes. The more you ask questions to the teacher the more the teacher will feel interested in studying the lesson. Because it makes them realise that you are listening to it. But do not ask unnecessary questions and distract the whole class. But if you are a shy one then the best you and do is mark all your doubts on a paper and then go to the teacher after the class for clearing all the doubts. If they require help, they must have to interact more and more.

  1. Do your homework on time:

Submitting regular homework on time is the other big thing that impresses the teachers, and you can become famous. Many students go for shortcuts and try solving things at school and then submit homework with lots of errors. But if you have already done it from home then it’s expected to have no or fewer mistakes. Hence you will be marked by the teacher. The teachers must be concerned about plagiarised homework copies.

  1. Submit the assignment in proper deadlines:

To remain in the teacher’s favouritelist, you must not miss the deadlines of your assignment. Prove your responsibility and sincerity toward your studies and assignments. Surely the teachers will notice you. Take their help if you have a problem to deal with it.

  1. Be a good person and respect people:

Apart from submitting homework assignments on time, attending regular classes is a good sign. Behave well with everyone even who is not behaving properly with you. It is your behaviours that define you. Respect all of your teachers and elders. Talk politely with everyone. All these things will create a good impression on the teacher about you.

  1. Do not cheat during the exams:

Know whatever you know but never cheat during the exams. It creates a bad impression on the student. Moreover when a student cheats, whom are they cheating? Have you ever thought like this? You are cheating yourself. So it’s preferable never to cheat. Cheating never impresses any teacher.

  1. Try to score the highest in the exam:

Getting the best grades in the class is not that easy but neither impossible. If a student works hard the whole year, then he or she can score the highest marks in the class. Doing so, will automatically make you popular, and your teacher will love you.
Getting best marks requires a lot of practice and being consistent in class. Other than all the above points, it is the duty of the parents and teachers as well to motivate and encourage the students in all ways possible. As both parents and teachers play a real vital role in motivating students.
Never discourage or demotivate them or make them feel nervous. If you are an accounts student, then six excellent steps for understanding the aspects of Debits and Credits will surely catalyse the effect!
So what now? Try these tips and become a favourite of your teacher easily. Just do not over strain yourself with the matter. Take it easy, and you will find thousands of ways to motivate yourself. But once you are nervous, then you are already ineligible. Keep all the criteria in mind and just move ahead!

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