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Does Quality Education for Students Help in Sustainable Development?

by Sep 6, 2016Assignment Help

Education is said to be an important aspect that contributes in economic development. So, don’t you think that quality education helps in sustainable development? It is necessary for every citizen to be well educated that can make them capable of reading, calculating and critical thinking. Through proper learning it is possible to contribute in higher productivity. Newer opportunities and better health can be ensured to every person residing in country.

Main objective of education

Through fundamental educational skills there are many students who are contributing in development of world. The educational process can easily assist students in developing latent potential. In case any of the educational process fails to fulfill objective, then it turns to be useless. Once your mind gets developed, you gain ability to solve and identify problems that can further be compensated with reward.

Education can easily assist any graduate students to fulfill their dreams in life. The graduation degree is structured in a manner through which optimum development of mind takes place. In case any graduate fails to solve problems in society proves that he/she will not be able to manage wealth creation.

The main objective of education is empowerment. Now, you might know the important of getting quality education! If you find that educational system is further improvised in order to fulfill the academic purpose, then certainly graduate students will turn out to be assets for their country. This kind of educational process will definitely assist students to create their own identity in market through proper jobs.

Areas to focus on by QEDC

Hewlett Foundation’s Global Development and Population Program got associated in a unique proposition with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and have given rise to Quality Education in Developing Countries (QEDC). This program primarily focuses on education of children that would make them capable of reading, thinking and proper writing. It is a strategy that can surely create an immense impact on education system. In a relatively short period of time, a significant change is encountered.

This program supports global advocacy as well as other measures taken to improve learning process of children. There are three different areas on which the program should concentrate on:

  1. Measure learning:

Grantees will be able to improve awareness and accountability among students that can further enhance public knowledge about any outcomes.

  1. Track resources:

Grantees emphasis on promoting sufficient resources that can easily enhance educational quality and other effective resources that can further be used.

  1. Improve instruction:

Grantees further work to support any kind of development that directly contributes in students’ learning at lost cost.

Today, there are many children who enroll themselves in school with an idea to gain an achievement in life. But, remember that just enrolling in schools and attending classes would not guarantee you with basic skills!

Sustainability plans for education

Through proper education it is quite possible for graduates to adopt requisite skills which can help to sustain any economic battles and challenges of life. Education is known to be a process and like every process it is incomplete without any product. Education can seriously affect sustainability plans in three different areas. Such as:

  1. Implementation:

A literate population can surely help in sustainable development. A national sustainable plan can be improved through their level of education that is achieved by every human being of the state. If any country experiences a low literacy rate would definitely contribute in unskilled citizen that leave little option for development. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on educated workforce that can contribute in developing economy.

  1. Decision making:

A good community can only be developed through proper decision making process that would help to prosper socio-economic condition. It is vital for you to know few steps undertaken to reform Higher Education in UK which helps in better education process. In case of expanding ‘greener’ development option, there is a chance of enhancing education. Trained people can help in delivering better service in corporate through their knowledge. Therefore, it becomes vital to facilitate IT and software development for students.

  1. Quality of life:

Education is the basic needs that can certainly help to improve living condition of people. Through proper education, you will experience an improvement in economic status of families. Infant mortality is reduced and life conditions get improved which means the next generation can expect to enjoy a better economy and social condition.

Citizens get the liberty and confidence of protecting their own communities by analyzing data and resolve issues to shape up a better society. It is very sad that education has failed to give practical knowledge to people and focuses on learning techniques that later turns out to be useless! Therefore, it is an essential need of present time to reconstruct the educational system and make sure that students achieve training that can empower them to handle life challenges in better way.

What educators do in sustainable development?

If you are seeking for sustainable development, then as educators you need to:

  • Encourage disciplines and create a link of knowledge that can develop understandings which is highly integrated.
  • Encourage students to commit to values that can enforce peace and help in adopting new living patterns.
  • Encourage proper learning process that is based on passion for radical transformation
  • Important to develop realistic hope that can emphasis on real change which is adopted through active participation to create a favorable future.
  • Encourage new policies among States and society that can promote liberation and help in practicing democratic laws in society.

An important part of education is to make society highly mobilize in nature that can help to avoid poverty and all kind of violence act occurring within the country. Once the educators adopt these responsibilities, there is no option for any laid back of society.

A study says that nearly 60 million teachers all around the world, if plans to be become a part of development of education then surely there will be a huge revolution in the world. Remember, education is not limited to classrooms; rather social learning is a best part of educating yourself. Technical, formal and informal learning is necessary for adults as well as young people to create a better world.