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Do You Simply Hate Doing Those Lengthy Assignments? Why Not Make It a Learning Process?

by Sep 27, 2016Assignment Help

Are you one of those innumerable mothers, who are currently having a sleepless night thanks to your child’s assignment? Welcome to my world! I too have not been able to properly coordinate my work for the last three days, as my teenage daughter has a project to submit in a matter of seven days and we both are quite bored of the topic.
‘’Dear assignment, I hate being with you but I have to see your face!’’ was the reply that my daughter gave to me when I asked her as to what plans she had for starting off this topic. However, it was this negation that made me search out options that would be feasible to make this process of making assignments more learning process worthy than mere submission of work within a stipulated time period.
What is the major issue that is being faced by most of the students?
On a personal note, there was an annual report that I had read in regards to this, that close to 37.2% students worldwide, annually suffer from the same problem when it comes to studies or making certain assignments. In such a scenario, it is quite shocking that such problem of such huge dimension does not have any formal solution as such.
The major problem is that most of the students, quite like my daughter simply wants to get rid of the whole assignment and get to other activities. It was based on this personal note that I decided to check out certain other options that might be chosen in regards to getting a solution to this major issue.
Finding a noted solution:
As a mother, after having a chat with one of my old friends who happens to be a counselor I found a unique way to solve this problem, making something not worth interesting a bit spicier. It is courtesy to this, that I decided to make this mundane assignment process, a means of learning something new at every step!
This process on a personal front has helped me immensely in bringing back my child’s concentration towards his assignment, and I can surely vouch for the fact that it can be tried by other mother’s as well, since, this process calls for sure-shot success.
Trying out the technique:
Even you wish to know how to ensure that your child gets the best knowledge and that too in an entertaining manner? Here are some steps that call for giving a new framework to the already existing process. Why don’t you check them out for your child as well?
Step 1:
Finding out what the assignment is about:
This is the most important thing that would take you towards your success. As I have seen with my daughter, most of the students are not interested in knowing what the topic of project that is givenis actually based on and how to frame those concepts in a correct manner.

  • This time, I decided to take my daughter in tow and understand what the actual demands of the assignment were and then proceed based on that. This understanding at a deeper level has multiple plus points as it helps concentrate on a specific topic, reduces excess research, and helps in clarification of singular topics in a deeper manner and many other aspects.
  • No excess research was needed once the actual topic and the demands were understood.

Step 2:
Consult the correct resources
This is another important point that makes assignments lengthy. When a basic understanding of facts is donethe next step that is to be followed is taking help from correct resources.

  • Sincecategorisation has been done; it has to be kept in mind that only those resources that have anactual connection with that topic specifically should be kept, while other resources are to be discarded.
  • There are a number of professional websites that are there for helping students with correct resources which is specifically required, and only those online forms are to be checked.
  • I along with my daughter flipped through those resources, and then made a detailed study of the topic and finally put them in chronological order to correctly frame the assignment. What was interesting in this process was,my daughter actually learned certain new aspects regarding this process of searching out resources, rather than merely completing the assignments on time.
  • Thus, courtesy to the correct finding of resources, this assignment became a learning process that it initially was. I saw a sudden change in terms ofherbehavior where even a lengthy assignment was not able to drown her spirit as basic and important concepts associated with that specific topic became clearer to her! Hence, as a suggestion, you too can try out these similar ways to ensure that your child learns about that topic rather than the usual process of completion of work.

Also, being a student, you should be careful of the relevance of any mode of study in the professional world as well. To know more on that topic, you can surely check out Steps to ensure that the subject that you are studying has relevance in real world to know your position.
Step 3:
Noting each and every aspect in a chronological manner
This is another way to make sure that while your child completes his or her project, they shouldlearn about that topic and not merely know what the basic details are.

  • As I was helping my daughter complete her assignment, I made sure that all the details that had to be includedwere placed in a chronological manner. In this manner, she could automatically relate to the topic that is being discussed and learn out the facts while project completion kept moving at its pace.
  • Setting out facts that require special importance was one aspect that I made sure that my daughter does. This would not only help in highlighting the important points of the project, but also helps in ensuring that the important points are understood by her and can be used as reference in other cases as well.

Thus, on the whole, this way of completing assignments helped my daughter learn the given topics, apart from simply completing them.
Love the topic, don’t coax it:
This is a very important point that I noted while helping out my daughter and would surely like to share it. It is very important that while completing these assignments, there should be a sense of self-willingness within the child to complete his or her work. As a guardian, this process can be eased but never completely done by guardians.
Hence, it is imperative that guardians search out ideas that ensure that this process is tended towards learning of the topics apart from simply meeting deadline. Students should be made to generate likability towards this topic, not forced into it.
Do you have some unique ideas to make such assignments into an intriguing and learning process? Do share your story! Eagerly waiting!