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Steps to Choose the Right College for the Subject of Your Choice!

by Sep 27, 2016Homework Help

I will never forget that day when my high school results were out, and I stood second. Though for others, final results implied either standing first or absolutely no position, a second position was a matter of great joy on my part. Never being a part of the rank race, I was quite confident of my position, but this was truly an exciting moment.
However, as they say, with every piece of good news comes associated news that to a certain extent does mar your joy. Well, searching out colleges for continuing with my graduation program was one such important and tasking affair that to a great extent did mar my rejoicing process.
Well, here is a tale of my path towards choosing that ideal college for my chosen graduation subject.
Route to choosing the ideal college:
I had decided on pursuing sociology as my graduation course, and hence had a list of the top colleges in the country at my hand. However, I had seen many of my friends, that they were unsure of their steps while choosing a college that could suffice their needs.
What is important to note in this context is that, apart from merely applying for the chosen college and checking out its merit list is not enough. There are other aspects that need to be taken into consideration as well.
I too would not have perhaps dealt with such important points had it not been a matter of my sister’s future, who wanted to have a detailed knowledge of all the aspects that I had taken into consideration while choosing my college.
Here are some of the important points that I had dealt with prior to applying for the college that now I am studying in. These tips have been of great help to my sister, and I am sure you too can get some help from it!
Points that are to be noted while choosing out the ideal college:
While I was choosing out my preference, I had made a checklist and included some important points in it. You too can make such a list and ease this process of searching for the ideal college.

  • Getting knowledge of the branch of that subject

Though, as you will find, most of the colleges in present times have faculty that teach all the subjects, however, quaint it might be. Hence, chances are very less that you may not find your chosen subject at your chosen college. However, there are few other factors that I made sure were checkedprior to giving a green signal.

  • Since every subject has a number of papers and a huge syllabus to be taught, I checked out what papers were taught and whether my knowledge was adequate to continue with that subject for graduation.
  • Also, I had checked whether there were specialised people and proper examination format on that specific paper. It is also important to note whether that paper has any relevance with present requirements of that subject.

Only after checking these two factors, I was sure of the college that I am currently studying in.

  • Knowing what are their specialisation and matching your demands

Since, every subject has its special papers, and as graduate students we would like to major in that specific paper, hence, I made it a point to check whether my choice of special paper matched their availability.
At times, most of the colleges offer only selected papers and one has to specialise in either of the available papers, even if they are not of one’s choice. I made it a point to check out whether special paper that was available matched that which I wanted to specialise in.
You too should make it a point to check this fact out, since, your final major subject and career is dependent on this. In case you wish to know more on choosing that subject which would provide you with a great career option, you can check out Steps to ensure that the subject that you are studying has relevance in real world.

  • Noting the given faculty

It is important that such graduation students should be taught by qualified professionals who can match up to the intellect level that is put forth and required by graduate students.
Since, it is a teacher who to a great extent moulds the minds of young people, academic qualification and achievements of that particular teacher are important to note. Also, it is important to check whether that teacher is givenresponsibilityfor any special paper, and what his reputation has been in regards to that.

  • Checking out professional placements post college

So, if you are thinking that choosing the subject and correct college teaching that subject is enough, then it is important for you to note what are the chances of placements post your course.
It is the aim of every graduate student to make a career in the professional corporate sector by making use of the knowledge that he or she has garnered. However, not all colleges offer that facility of placement post the completion of graduation. I made sure that while checking this detail, I had some of the important questions answered.

  • I checked out the list of the MNC’s that generally recruit from the campus every year.
  • I kept a note of the profiles that these corporate sectors specifically looked for and what were their packages in regards to that.
  • I also kept a detail of the success rate of these placements of the last two years.

As a new student, it is advisable that you too keep a check on all these aspects before actually setting out for searching your ideal college.

  • Checking out fee structure and available scholarships

In case you have a bare idea of the charges of college education, then it is best to be cautious and economical like me!

  • I made it a point to check out what was the fee structure of the course that I was planning for the entire period.
  • I also checked out what were the scholarships that were offered against various merits, and check out my eligibility against it.

Since most of the colleges make a declaration of this, hence getting information regarding this course structure is no big deal.

  • Knowing the ranking of the college on that subject

Finally, when you are done with all of this, make it a point to check out what is the rank of the particular college that matches your criteria. Here, make it a point to note that a balance should be drawn.
That college which has no facility as such but is very highly ranked should be avoided. Quite similarly, that college which fulfils most of the criteria but ranked low should also be avoided. Rather, a midpoint should be taken into account, as I had done.
With these points in mind, I assure you that you too like my sister would be able to find that college that matches up to your expectations and prepare yourself for a great future ahead! Do you have some more points to share? Why don’t you mail back? We are sincerely waiting for your additional tips!