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Do You Forget Your Homework? Learn Top 5 Excuses!

by Jun 1, 2017Homework Solutions

Studying and learning is the most important as well as primary responsibility of a student’s life. Assignments and homework are an integral part of their study. Homework is first step towards learning and hence indispensable for all students to make their concepts of learning bolder and stronger and also for achieving a better academic career in their future.

But unfortunately, most of the students are not very serious about this responsibility of theirs. Since, they are still not much aware of the realities of life, its pros and cons, its harshness and its flaws, so they do not care much about their homework, assignments or poor academics.

So instead of doing homework they like playing games, watching movies and television, surfing the Net,  parties, hangouts, etc. In this way, they lose this fact that they were ever assigned any homework and finally forget to do it at all. Of course at end of the day they remember about it, but it is too late by then.

Consequences of not doing assignments

Forget fulness about homework can be really painful and troublesome. Whenever someone forgets their homework they are answerable to their subject teacher for it and so they have to come up with some excuse or the other. When this repeats again and again, the teacher too gets familiar and frustrated with these excuses.

As a result, they can see right through those students mind and punish them for being guilty of not doing homework. If you keep forgetting your homework but do not wish to enlist yourself amongst those students who get punished, then find new and innovative excuses each and every time you forget your homework and also make sure that they are trustworthy to the subject teacher.

Here are five easy tricks or excuses that can be used to get away from being punished for not doing homework.

  1. My assignment paper was ruined

One of the easiest excuses to put forward is to say that all of this homework was completed within time, but unfortunately it somehow got destroyed.

  • If there are any siblings of yours at home, who are quite young or kids in neighbourhood, then it will be an easy job to blame it on them. Tell the teacher that one of those kids has torn the assignment pages or used them to make paper ball, boat or plane. This resulted in failure of submission.
  • If there are no kids around, but there happen to be any pet like a dog or a cat, they can be equally well exploited. Just say that your pet spoiled the homework file or carried it away and lost it. If you are not so lucky to have any kids or any pet, fear not! There are other ways too.
  • If this assignment is to be done on computer, then it can also be said that your computer had crashed just before completing homework so you are unable to complete it.
  1. My homework questions were gone

Straightaway tell the class teacher with an innocent face that homework could not be attempted as you did not have the questions. When asked why, make up any of these excuses:

  • If you have missed the class when the assignment was given there is nothing like it. That is one of the biggest excuses for not doing homework.
  • Else, if you happen to have them, say that the homework question sheet had been misplaced from the class. It could not be found in your bag and that is why you were unable to do your homework.
  1. Someone had a health issue

Some time it can be said that due to some physical illness you were unable to do any homework. But remember teacher can ask for a medical report so be careful about that. Never tell about any serious disease, tell only about illness like headache, eye infection, flue etc. which do not usually require an official medical treatment.

Health issues of your family member also can be a good cause.  And due to that reason you were very busy and mentally so upset that failure to complete homework was inevitable. In such cases, one may even get some sympathy from their teachers. But, be careful about medical reports and all.

  1. Could not manage time 
  • Say that there was a lot of other critical homework and assignments from teachers of other classes for solving. So being terribly overloaded with all those assignments you were not able to manage time for completing that specific homework concerned.
  • You were too busy with some extracurricular activities or some constructive volunteering job hence, could not to do any homework. As involvement in extracurricular activities are encouraged all over this world, hence may be teacher will excuse you in this ground. But this excuse is not to be given repeatedly.
  • Tell the class teacher that there was a compulsion to do some really important job for your family where you had to spent almost the whole day and unable to manage time to do homework

It can be said that some guests came to visit your place when nobody of your family was there except you. So you had to attend them, spent lot of time for entertaining them so could not find enough time to do your homework.

  1. Unable to understand –
  • You can say you are unable to understand the topic of your homework and ask your teacher to explain the topic once again. As it is a teacher’s responsibility to help their students understand, so this excuse will not make them think twice before punishing.
  • You can say that you have understood teacher’s explanation but yet the topic was too critical for you to cope up with in absence of any help and you could not get any help from your home front. You would search for a proper support if teacher kindly extends the dead line of submission.

Though I have mentioned all these tricky ways to get away from punishment if you forget to do homework but try to avoid these way as home assignments are always good for your academic education no matter it is boring or troublesome. It will increase your learning ability, explore your knowledge, improve your writing skill, prepare you for your test so that better score can be achieved, and can build a good career in your future.

Hence, forgetting to do assignments must not be indulged. A student must never think that, he or she will not do any homework ever and will get away by making these excuses. Forgetting to do homework is one thing and purposely not doing it is another. These tricks are mentioned only to save a student from severe troubles and punishments in case he or she unfortunately forgets about their home assignment.

But, if these excuses are given again and again, each and every time a teacher assigns homework, then the student will be caught and will have to face severe consequences. The students who are taking it lightly, they should check out 8 worst situations about not completing homework on time before they carelessly avoid homework.