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8 Worst Situations about Not Completing Homework on Time

by Jun 1, 2017Homework Help

Students are quite familiar with the word homework and it has a great involvement in student’s educational and as well as in their academic life. The primary responsibility in a student’s life is studying and an integral part of it is their homework.

Homework is the first step and indispensable for all students for making their concept of learning bolder. That helps in getting a good grade in their assignment, and an easy success in their academic life. But still most of the students are not very serious about their homework. They are much more interested in enjoying their leisure and spent time for other non-significant job. As a result they are lagging behind and cannot complete their homework on time hence, face different troubles.

Situations that refrains you to complete your homework

Often you have to face such circumstances that resist you to do your homework on schedule. If you are bit careful then you may avoid such situation and can save yourself to be a defaulter. Though you can make several excuses for not doing your homework, you will get more options in the net to learn the excuses, like ‘Do you forget your homework? Learn top 5 excuses!’ But it will better for you to know the situations and do overcome them.

  1. Inefficient class teacher 

Homework is generally given by the class teacher on the subject topic that is discussed in the class. So students have to depend mostly on class material and teacher’s explanation.

  • But often teacher are not efficient enough about explaining the subject properly.
  • In most of the cases they are unwilling to give explanation twice even if it is required.
  • Sometimes students, you too feel shy to ask your subject teacher for an explanation once again.

As a result, you are unable to understand the subject matter for doing your further study for your homework and cannot complete your homework on time.

  1. For a late start 

For doing your homework on time a good class material is not sufficient, students have to do a lot of study in their home. But after a long stretch in the school they fell tired and exhausted.  So they cannot start their homework immediate after school.

  • Due to late starting often they cannot memories their subject teacher’s explanation on the study material properly so it will take more time
  • Moreover as they start late they cannot manage time to recheck the homework perfectly

So students, remind it that due to late starting you cannot find sufficient time to do your homework, check it perfectly and to rectify your error.

  1. Having Short time 

Often students are given different homework from different subject teachers moreover they have some other jobs too except studding, such as some family jobs, exercise and playing, extracurricular activities etc. They also need some leisure time, time for having food and to have sufficient sleep. It is really troublesome to do so many jobs in a short span of time, so –

  • They cannot find enough time to do all the job perfectly in time
  • They need to do a perfect time schedule, but most of the students never care about it.

So without learning time management and the proper utilization of time, you cannot able to overcome such situation

  1. Excessive pressure

Nowadays students have so many engagements! They have to involve themselves in different jobs. It puts a huge pressure on them in this young age.

  • Excessive work load of same kind of home assignment and homework makes them  monotonous  and less interested about doing their job
  • So they feel tired bored and lazy hence, desperately try to avoid their homework.

These are the most important reason for students about not completing their homework on time.

  1. Not having good environment in home

For doing a vigorous study in home students required a distraction free perfect home atmosphere. But often they could not find the perfect study environment in their home

  • Often parents of the students are not able to provide a distraction free cool, calm and comfortable study zone in the home to concentrate in their study.
  • Some time students are forced to engage themselves in different family service hence, cannot find time to complete their homework within deadline.
  1. Lack of motivation

Motivation is an important factor to make students serious to do their homework but always they do not get proper motivation from their teachers and parents.

  • Parents usually cannot find enough time to involve themselves in their kids study
  • It is not possible for a parent to know everything about their child’s studies. Moreover the parents, who are not attached with teaching profession, may not be able to provide proper guidance.
  • Teachers too do not treat impartially to all the students for a great motivation.


  1. Lack of good assistance

Often students required assistance for doing their homework but always they do not get an expert’s assistance, may be they are misguided and for that reason they cannot do their homework perfectly on time.

  1. Other distraction

There are many distractive things around you such as watching television, phoning and messaging, internet surfing social networking etc. Sometime siblings too create many disturbances.

So students, for your betterment and for making you aware here we are trying to draw your attention at few worst situations that make you unable to complete your homework on time. If you are bit careful about these from the beginning sure you will overcome these situations and the worst consequences. Hence, you do not need to give any excuse.