Do My Operations Strategy Homework

Do My Operations Strategy Homework

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Operations strategy is an advanced topic taught in management courses. Its theories revolve around factors and techniques which help experts and managers to perform their duties efficiently. This includes their functions during the production of a service or products and also during taking major financial decisions.

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Operations strategy covers techniques that will ultimately lead to achieving the goals of an organization. Its concepts provide the operation strategists to look at a company as a network of interconnected divisions working in unison to fulfil the immediate and future objectives. By incorporating the theories of operations strategy, productive changes can be brought about in the hierarchy of a corporate house. This includes efficient usage of resources, work process and so on.

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Further analysis of Operations strategy

Operations strategy has huge significance in service companies. They use the concepts of operations strategy to connect the short-term and long-term investment decisions. This, in turn, helps to organize an operative management force. The core strategies implemented by companies are entitled to back the corporate strategies. They mostly make use of cross-functional interactions.

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Customer-driven approaches are given due importance when it comes to devising operation strategies. This further helps to meet the requirements and expectations of the target customers. Companies have to be updated and ready for accepting changes at all times. They regularly plan ways to cope with the evolving market conditions and act as the changes demand.

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Another reason why companies must keep themselves informed about the new implementations in the marketplace is so that they miss out on any new opportunities that have the potential to benefit the company. Regular monitoring of the market trends is sure to assist in a detailed analysis of the upcoming ventures.

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Factors influenced by operations strategy management

Every business has a similar goal of reaching out to the target market with desired products and services and ultimately improves their customer-base. Operations strategy is recruited since it helps to achieve exactly that with the application of effective tools. Areas covered by operational strategy management are-

  1. Reduction in costs

There are several ways of reducing costs than what meets the eye. Some of the wise techniques that can be adopted are first to relocate production to an international location, transferring low-skill job to lower wage demanding countries. Operational strategies like these have proven to be advantageous time and again. These savings can be further used as funds for capital investment and hence adds to productivity.

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  1. Improvement in the Supply Chain

The supply chain regulation plays a vital role in achieving a company’s objectives. Strategists must watch out for the benefits of introducing better facilities to areas that are exposed to distinctive resources. This includes raw materials, workforce, or worker skills.

  1. Achieving world-class status

An operation strengthens a company’s overall strategy. Implementation of operation strategies ultimately aims towards attaining world-class status regarding business expansion as well as the net returns. These strategies integrated with other tools at the corporate level can help achieve the desired.

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