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Digital Homework Aid – Boon or a Bane!

by Sep 17, 2016Homework Help

Learning has to be interesting! This is a fact that we all will agree. I would support this statement with much greater enthusiasm as I have been a victim of uninteresting study methods during my school days. I belong to an era, when school books had fewer pictures and more texts, when education focussed more on dull lessons and examinations; rather than interesting projects and assignments.
So, I personally feel how difficult it becomes for the children to learn what is being taught in school, if there is nothing interesting happening.
But, things have changed, thanks to technology. Digital technology has turned the method of learning upside down. Now, more schools are using these digital aids to support their teaching methods.
Regardless to mention, it is only contributing in the benefits of children.
What are technological aids in education?
If you are still living in the gone by era, I will take the pain of informing you about what technology has introduced to the world – the world of education to be specific.

  • Whiteboard and smart board
  • Computer, preferable with an internet connection
  • iPads or ebooks or digital texts
  • Online educational support
  • Projectors and video players
  • Sound system.

How does it help in homework?
Homework is one of the most important aspects of education. Schools and colleges often burden the children with loads of assignments and projects. Technology and digital homework aid can be highly helpful for students in completing them. Check out how.

  1. Easy research:

Research is very crucial for every homework assignment. Without proper research, one would not be able to proceed in completing an assignment. There was a time, when a student had to consult reference book, visit libraries, lend books from friends or seniors. This would waste a lot of time in collecting those reference study and homework materials, as well in finding the relevant information from those books.
But, with digital homework aids such as internet, one can easily be able to find out the needed materials and information for those assignments and projects. It will also save a lot of time. That time can be invested in studying.

  1. Make learning more interesting:

One of the most important digital homework aids is online academic support. It is as useful as the internet. Whether you take help from the internet or from the online academic support, you will be able to make your learning process more interesting. How?
Your assignments and projects can be digital. Instead of making a pen and paper project, you can make an audio-visual one. This will not only look and sound interesting, but also make it more useful to remember. As the purpose behind any homework assignment is to learn, these digital homework assignments can be of great help in that respect.

  1. Remember what is taught in class:

Nowadays, many schools and colleges are using this technology, where students can record the video or audio of the lecture that is being taught in class. This way, the need to note down every single detail is reduced to a great extent.
On the other hand, the chance to forget a piece of information or missing it out while taking down the notes is also lessened to a great extent. You can play every single word of the teacher in the class; after you come back home and this will help you to solve your problems and homework assignments.

  1. Online academic service for one-on-one help:

This one is my favourite. Students can, whenever they are in need for help, can take help from the online tutors and academicians. There are teams of experts online at any given point of time. All that you have to do is mail them or chat with them or call them up to discuss your problem. They will be able to solve your query and help you almost at once.
In case you are rushing out of time or you have to prepare yourself for an examination, you can take professional help from these academicians. Through an online educational platform, they will help you to complete your homework on time. This is a great technological help that students can enjoy. Indeed it is a blessing of science and technology on the students that helps students to concentrate more on their lessons.
What is even more useful is that these professional helps can be useful for further studies as well. These are so well discussed that those students, who have doubts in the base level of a certain chapter, can be benefited with these projects or assignment helps.

  1. Learning becomes interactive:

I must talk about my daughter here. In my childhood, I only heard that learning should be done in solitude. Now things have changed. My daughter often studies, when all her friends are online. Where? Well, in their social media app. I wouldn’t disagree; this has indeed helped her in making progress in her studies.
She says, discussing her lessons and doubts with her friends, and also clarifying the doubts of her friends through this app help her in developing a keener insight of the chapter. This helps all of them solve their homework better and faster.
But of course, this can be really a waste of time, if the kids use this freedom as an opportunity to chat with friends while studying or doing homework. That is not the purpose behind technological advancement.
Whether technology is a blessing, a boon or if it is a curse, is entirely up to the people, who use it. Students can greatly be benefited with the technological aids and digital homework aids, if they make the right use of it. One has to make sure how this should be used.
But of course, as parents, it is our responsibility that we guide our children. The more interesting we can make their lessons, they greater insight they will be able to develop in studies. So, think all over again and make some adjustments with your child’s study techniques.