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Top 8 Tips to Enhance Your IQ Level

by Sep 17, 2016Assignment Help

IQ which is known as Intelligence Quotient which is a measure created through series of standardized test and enables to measure as well as compare intelligence among humans. But, if you have a high IQ does not signify that you would be a successful person in life, but surely it can make your life easier. It was a myth that IQ turns out to be static in a person during adulthood, but it is proved that intelligence quotient can easily be improved at any stage.
Test your Intelligence Quotient
It is said, “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest” and so to improve IQ you can surely make maximum use of resources. Intelligence is actually made of different skills and ability that includes logical reasoning, critical thinking, problem solving ability and adaptation. While conducting IQ test of human you will come across with two different sections:

  1. Verbal:

When it comes to verbal, there are different subsets which are divided into vocabulary, expressive language, verbal fluency, memory skills etc.

  1. Performance:

In this section visual spatial abilities, inductive reasoning, perceptual skills, numerical abilities, speed are recorded and helps in scoring process.
Intelligence tests are further accompanied by series of other test which are classified as:

  • Psychological test:

In this case it helps to focus on the intellectual capacity, values, role behaviors, perception of environment, motive, patterns, and level of anxiety and general personality integration of individual.

  • Sociological test:

This is completely related to the current life situation of individual.
Tips to enhance IQ level
You should know that the score of IQ test can surely change based on state of mind, financial situation as well as personal situations. So, if you are eager to enhance the test of IQ, then stay calm and keep your brain relaxed as having a stressful mind can definitely affect your intelligence.
There are different ways through which you can improve the IQ level:

  1. Exploring new and latest things

A smart person is considered to be someone who can interconnect neural pathways and once you get involved into learning new things, there is a possibility of developing new neural pathways. So, you have flexibility to enroll into online course and opt for some interesting lectures that are available in local paper and choose up book on new subject.

  1. Take short breaks frequently

With the help of professional websites, you can easily develop your IQ level. You can think of stretching a particular subject for twenty minutes long and finally take a short break. This is truly an effective solution as once you start studying and take a short break it helps to memorize thing and you will never forget what you have learned. You can set up a timer and as soon as the bell rings, take a break!

  1. Move your body to learn

Movement is regarded as the key to process of learning and development. You can enroll into a program that involves simple exercises and act as a remedy to brain development. Through proper brain exercise, there is a possibility to improve concentration, abstract thinking, and comprehension ability and remove mental fatigue. Once you follow brain exercise regularly, there is a possibility to improve IQ level.

  1. Eat healthy food and maintain balanced diet

It is important that you provide the brain with essential nutrients which can help brain to perform at optimum level. Once you adopt healthy and balanced diet there is a high possibility of having a sharper mind. Your diet would primarily consist of vitamins, fruits, vegetables, amino acids and carbohydrates. This can finally help to maintain a healthy brain and there is no need to look for expensive dietary supplements.

  1. Join a quiz team

“Learn as much as you can while you are young, since life becomes too busy later.”
You can give a thought of joining a quiz team that will help to enhance brain’s ability and you can analyze your knowledge at this platform. You can recall the unconnected and obscure piece of information. This is considered to be a sociable pastime.

  1. Try something new and adopt learning challenges

No matter in which age group you fall into, you can certainly think of trying something new in life and adopt different learning challenges. Either you can learn new language or polish your skills in mathematics every aspect of it will promote mental elasticity and proves your versatility. Developing an interest in area of mathematics will certainly boost up IQ level and have abstract reasoning ability.

  1. Be surrounded with intelligent people

Make it a point to develop friendship with people who are intellectual and always get engaged into meaningful discussion. Meet up with such people on regular basis to stimulate conversation on different topics and subjects. Through challenging in discussion you will be able to adopt novel ideas and have a different perspective.

  1. Watch educational TV program

Have you ever thought of getting into the depth of how to deal with your management based assignments when you have no time left? You need to adopt few tricks to easily handle it and this is possible when you have sufficient IQ level. You can get involved into different TV programs which is highly educational such as factual films, documentaries etc. This is a way through which general knowledge can be improvised and also have chance to expand conversational repertoire.
Read and play with words!
If you are really concerned about improving IQ, then you have to emphasize on different activities.
“Make the work interesting and the discipline with take care of itself.”
It is really very essential that you find time for reading and challenge your mind. This will finally help to keep your brain active and young. Though reading book with little substance can be relaxing, but never improve your IQ. Once you are done with reading, look for the words in dictionary that appears to be difficult while reading.
Now, you can start playing with words. One of the important parts of improving IQ is to look at vocabulary. IQ test actually does not emphasize on learned knowledge, but it looks into your level of understanding.