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Chemical Kinetics- How the Factors Play an Important Part in the Same!

by Mar 30, 2018Chemical Engineering

If you are into general chemistry, chances are difficulties are already what you live with. There is no doubt in the fact that there are an N number of students all around the world studying the subject of chemistry.
Though it is an interesting subject, yet it is absolutely not free of problems. The people must understand that one of the worst subjects that they can come across with, without a doubt is the chemical kinetics.
This is one of the most important chapters of course. But then again, one must completely understand that the despite being important, it leaves no stones unturned to create confusion for the students.
It is only one reason why opting for help is one of the most necessary things that they can do.
Chemical kinetics:
Every substance can be a part of a chemical experiment. One can absolutely make sure that each of these substances has their own individual results for the same. Of course it is quite necessary to know that why there are variations in the first place.
The chemical kinetics do this for the people. This is a study that helps understand that why there are variations in the results of experiments and what are the factors that play an important role in the same.
There can be various examples of this. A student can easily face questions like- products, time and concentration data were collected and plotted as shown here:

[A] (M) [t] (s)
0.700 0.0
0.520 30
0.482 60
0.360 90

All you have to find is the reaction rate, the reaction constant and not to forget the units of the rates of constant as well.
Getting a correct answer to it must be difficult if one fail to understand the chapter in itself. To understand the chapter, people must first know that what are the various factors that they must be aware of.
The various factors that affects the same:
Following is a list of factors that affect the reaction rate of a substance:

  • Concentration:

The concentration of the substance is pretty much important when it is about determining the reaction rate of a particular substance. This is really important in more than one ways. The more concentrated a substance is the better packed molecules it has. These will easily collide and therefore end up reacting more.

  • The state:

More likely the physical state of the substance matters. The reaction here depends on the area of the contact. In gaseous state vigorous shaking can make a reaction take place as it is the only way for the molecules to collide. Whereas in cases of solid, the reaction is faster as well as much more, the reason being the area it can reach.

  • The catalysts:

These play an important role for determination. Catalysts are always known as substances that contribute to the changing of the speed of a reaction. Either in a faster or a slower way. It is absolutely why this factor matters.

  • The temperature and the pressure:

These two essentially contributes to the reaction rate. Of course, one must be completely aware of the fact that these affect the molecules directly triggering the changes in the reaction speed.
If you ever come across questions that start with รขโ‚ฌล“products, time and concentration data were collected and plotted as shown hereรขโ‚ฌย, you must immediately know the solving the equation can be easy with proper understanding.