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Tips to Sort Your Physics Questions like How Much Charge Is on Each Plate in a Simple Way

by Mar 30, 2018Homework and Assignment Support

So here we are, on how much charge is on each plate of a 4.00-µF capacitor when it is connected to a 16.0-V battery?
These are specific questions that make every student go nuts about. Capacitors, charge and battery are some of the standard terms used variably in Physics subject.
When a student sits to study on this topic of magnitude of charge, there are innumerable things that bother him-

  • Timely submission of the assignment
  • Preparing for an upcoming test
  • Presentations to be made on the topic
  • Working model to be displayed
  • Participation in the group discussion and more.

The timetable for you, from an angle that I see, is packed. Quite was my schedule, till I concluded-
Combating Dreadful Questions
I call ‘how much charge is on each plate?‘ a hideous question because, we both know, you and I fear from the calculations, equations, assumptions etc.
For instance let’s look at the following example,
A parallel-plate capacitor has a plate area of 0.4 m20.4 m2 and a plate separation of 0.2 mm0. 2mm. Get an electric field of 4.0 106 V/m2.0 106 V/m between the plates, where each plate magnitude of the charge would be as follows-
C=ϵ0A/d=q/VC=ϵ0A/d=q/V, and V=EdV=Ed
A complicated question, isn’t it?

  • Understand the critical differences between parallel-plate and series-plate capacitor

It is essential as once you get the hang of knowing the main points of distinction, to analyze the same while conduction of experiment or drawing a diagram will be smooth.
Understand series circuit has no branching paths but one loop unlike parallel circuits and that is where the capacitors are arranged.

  • Be Humble Enough To Haul In For Help

Should you wish to spend time in surfing the net, go ahead! However, let me tell you there are equal chances of you getting frustrated. The best way is to ask for help. Ask a senior (if you don’t want to be a laughing gag for them) or your professor (who has other several lectures to deliver) Instead of taking help from an online portal, is pretty beneficial. You have the option to get online tutoring lessons, help in assignment completion, and 24 X 7 round the clock; life cannot get merrier than this!

  • Get Into Group Trance

When you work in groups, many brains are working towards it. You will find a variation of answer each justifying themselves. It gives you immense scope to learn.
Like the above example, while Maria may rearrange the equation as q=ϵ0AV/d=ϵ0AEq=ϵ0AV/d=ϵ0AE while Samantha uses Q=CVQ=CV to get the answer. You see, the scope of understanding is vast.
Last Thoughts
Undoubtedly, the more you practice, the better you are. As a final piece of advice would ask you to join online tutoring sessions to get practice on mock tests and assignments. Get smart, get trendy.
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