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Lewis Acids and Bases Is an Integral Part of Chemistry- Understand It Easily!

by Mar 30, 2018Chemistry

Chemistry has possibly existed since the time people must have understood the meaning of the science. This is one of the most necessary subjects that people can come across with. And if you too are studying this subject, then by no means can you be not aware of the Lewis acids and bases.
This is sincerely one of the most complex of all the chapters in chemistry. This is absolutely one reason why a range of different problems may emerge with this chapter. The Lewis acids and bases, though not completely easy, yet can be understood with a little patience and understanding.
The Lewis acids and bases:
If you already understand about electrons then it will be further easier for you to understand this in an easier way. The electrons play and important part in making up an atom.
According to the Lewis theory, the Lewis acids are any of the substances that can accept a pair of free roaming electrons.  In short the substance that is an acceptor of non-bonding pair of electrons is most definitely a Lewis acid.
If you have understood what the Lewis acid is, then the Lewis base will become much easier for you to understand. In order to have non-bonding electrons roaming freely, something has to donate it in the first place.
The Lewis base is tis just the substance. This is the only substance that will is a donator of a pair of free electrons. Understanding this, in itself will help you solve the problem that states, “classify each of the following as a lewis acid or a lewis base”.
What is the problem with this chapter?
Following are few problems that one may face when they start with the Lewis acids and bases:

  • One may be absolutely disappointed because, of the complexity with which this chapter is dealt with in the first place. This is certainly something that cannot be good for them. They easily get scared enough to think straight.
  • Also, this chapter is quite vast. Remembering the smallest of things is difficult and yet important. It is really something that the people must be aware of.
  • Solving the assignments of the chapter is another thing that people often fall back on. As already mentioned, understanding this chapter becomes difficult for them in itself and moreover the assignments become much more harrowing for them.

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