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Ethane- It’s Uses and The Process of Steam Cracking

by Mar 30, 2018Homework and Assignment Support

When it comes to chemistry, often students find the subject really confusing and interesting. It is one subject that can create an interest as well as fear in students in many ways.
And why not, it is one area where the definitions and meanings of things keep changing but with logic to it every time. If you have studied something when you were much younger then a vast description of it may leave of dazzled.
And this is only why Ethane is also a chapter that many a number of students fear. One must have been familiar to ethane possibly always since they started with chemistry. This is one of the most necessary reasons why people expect it to be easy. But at times, it absolutely disappoints you.
Ethane is practically nothing but an organic chemical compound of course. It has a chemical formula of C2H6. The physical properties of this gas at normal temperature and pressure is really interesting.
It is odourless as well as colourless. When people refines the petroleum that is a natural product, then they get through with ethane. There are of course various essential uses of this gas.
Of course, one must understand that the students may have various problems of understanding the chapter as it is a vast one. Also, it needs good amount of basic conceptions to get through with the chapter without any problem at all.
The uses of ethane:
Following are the various uses of ethane that people must be aware of:

  • Cryogenic refrigeration:

Ethane is one of the most necessary elements that help in the cryogenic refrigeration. This is a particular system that absolutely ensures that the people will surely have an opportunity to get through with the best results. It helps freeze the water as immediately as it is immersed in it. This is one of the most necessary things that help in avoiding the formation of the crystals. Ice crystals can destroy few necessary things that in fact can be stored with the help of cryogenic refrigeration.

  • The ripening of fruits:

Commercially ethane is also used to ripen the fruits and vegetable, earlier than they can ripen. This is one of the mist necessary things of course. It is one of the essential importance’s of the ethane gas. Nowadays, more and more widespread of this use if being made. There is completely no doubt in the fact that it does a lot of profit for the farming industry.

  • Production of ethene:

One of the most necessary uses of ethane is to make ethene. This is one of the processes that need the combustion of the ethane gas. Well, the combustion of ethane (c2h6) produces carbon dioxide and steam.
The process of steam cracking:
The steam cracking is the only process that ethane goes through when it comes to production of the ethene. This process is used to break down the hydrocarbons in a simpler version of them. Of course, the combustion of ethane (c2h6) produces carbon dioxide and steam.
There are many other things to understand about ethane. With proper help and online sites this is one of the major things that students will get through with.