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Check out the Facts as to Why Students Should Have Less Homework

by Apr 17, 2016Homework Help

With students, if there is common query and matter of concern, then it is the homework that has been given to them, and how important it is to complete them. There is a common dissension regarding homework in general and its importance in academic life. In normal scenario, it is believed that by completing homework, a person would be getting the required recapitulation that is required on a daily basis. However, to a certain extent, this is acceptable, since, more homework does not necessarily imply greater knowledge. It is here that the question arises, why students should have less homework?
It is very important that students be given an amount of work that is possible to be completed within a given domain. Rather than becoming a mode of recapitulation, it should not become a mode of torture for students. They should be given a proper mode to complete their work, which makes one sure that homework should be an informative one, and not a mode to torture students.
How can homework cause disruption?
It is quite natural for students to allay against any type of homework. This is the primary reason, why such a question likes why students should have less homework? Arises. At times, teachers lose count of the problems that can arise, in case students are given a whole lot of work back home.
The primary concern of education is to not burden students with daily work. Rather, it is to help students recapitulate concepts that they have learnt, help them become more inquisitive and informative in all respects so that they do not lose out on knowing important aspects associated with a subject. In this regard, it is very important that students should be made to understand concepts associated with this subject, and not merely be given a whole lot of homework to complete on a daily basis categorically. It is here that one can reason regarding why students should have less homework?
Reasons as to why students should have less homework:
If one has to sit down and search for various means in which one can prove the lack of necessity in case of giving a homework, then there are a number of reasons to prove it. It is important that one finds certain proper reasons to give complete aspect for rejecting the traditional mode of homework. Once that is proved in a correct manner, it becomes easier to make sure that work that is given to students should be informative and less burdensome.

  • Homework in most cases are more of a burden, less of informative:

In most cases, for students, homework becomes a means of keeping students busy, rather than actually making them learn something. This is not at all helpful and gives rise to this primary question, why students should have less homework. It is important that students should get to learn something, rather than merely filling up pages. In case one wishes to know how to get students to do homework, they can search out the internet for details.

  • Giving more homework does not imply that students will learn more:

It is a general belief that more work would help in more learning for students. But this is not correct. Students do not necessarily; get to learn more in case they are given more work. Rather, at times, they can get fed up with such a huge amount of work, and lose interest in that subject permanently. So homework should be such that, it should help out students in understanding of concepts, and gain interest in that subject, not lose it completely. This to a great extent answers the query as to why students should have less homework.

  • Quality is more important:

Given that primary function of a homework is to help students recapitulate work that has been done all throughout the day, chapters that have been explained, so homework should be quality based. Once the amount increases, it is natural that students would get more interested in completing the work on time, rather than pondering on its qualitative aspect. So students can get more information, rather than merely completing the work that has been assigned to him or her.

  • Time for other activities:

With the given competitive world making sure that students are well prepared in every respect to handle all responsibilities, it is important that students themselves should also be prepared to face this world. In case they are constantly stuck between academic learning, completing of assignments and homework, then it is natural that their personal life would be harmed. They definitely would lose out on the time to concentrate on their extra-curricular activities. Though academically they would be on the top at times, yet in overall development they would miserably lag behind.  Thus, this answers to a certain extent one’s query, as to why students should have less homework.

  • Inviting stress and anxiety:

This is another very important health issue that is getting high priority in present times. For students to complete and submit this work on time, it is a hectic job. Not simply because of the pressure that is on them regarding the submission time period, but also the amount of work that is given to them. At certain points, they are extremely pressurized to submit their work on time, make sure that their work is done in perfect manner with not even a glitch. To keep up to such expectations, it takes a huge toll on one’s health. At times, it can even lead to depression or other psychological disorders.

  • Spending quality family time:

In most cases, today’s children given the academic pressure are becoming distant from families. Since they get less time to spend with their families, they are becoming lonely as individuals that could lead to bipolar diseases in future.
Keeping all this in mind, one needs to check out certain measures that needs to be accommodated while giving homework to students. When questions such as why students should have less homework comes to forefront, it is time that problems associated with homework be checked out, and suitable solutions be given. In this way, students can be helped in giving the correct mode of education rather than simply bookish knowledge that have no value in human development. So work should be such that it helps in complete development of an individual.