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Know the Reasons Why Homework Is Bad for Students Mentally and Physically

by Apr 17, 2016Homework Help

As soon as the school year begins, the students start complaining about a bulk amount of homework. Maybe they have a right to complain as homework indeed has a bad effect on the physical as well as mental health of the child. Studies say that more than 2 hours of homework at a time can be counterproductive and so the reasons why homework is bad for students.
In order to learn the most and get good marks, one need not assign most of the work for home rather it can be of great help if they are done on a daily basis. Spending a lot of time doing a bunch of homework does not really help you achieve good marks or better grades. Moreover,homeworkis just assigned to students rather being integrated what was done in the class.
Homework as a bad effect
Many people think that homework is doing more harm than good by creating extra and unnecessary stress to the students. Though doing more homework can engage you more with the school but at the same time, it leads to more academic stress and loss of a balanced life. I still remember the stress and depression that homework gave me and also completing it on time was always had been a burden. The reasons why homework is bad for students are:

  • Causes physical harm

Getting a bulk amount of homework and completing it every night not only stresses the student but can lead to depression problems. Every student needs time to relax and take their minds off the work and study in order to work progressively. Apart from the depression, homework can cause serious deterioration in the physical health as it can be daunting for most of the students.

  • Causes mental pressure

The burden of homework can lead to sleep deprivation, exhaustion, headaches etc. which can create pressure mentally and a serious reasons why homework is bad for students. Every student needs time which they can spend on their own relaxing and refresh their mind and body. As said, one needs to participate in other activities rather than spending time on homework.

  • Detaching from families

Involving yourself doing homework for an enormous amount of time can leave you with no time to spend with your families. As the amount of homework is increasing, the students are less aware or interested in spending quality time with their family, siblings or friends. This according to me is a good reasons why homework is bad for students as being united with the family and spending time together is crucial for a growing child.

  • Conflict between parents and children

Students, most of the times are so pressurized with their academic work that they misuse the time on other leisure activities rather than doing homework and thus end up in a conflict with their parents. As the parents try to pressurize them more, it often leads them to depression which is a cruel disease.
Other reasons why homework is bad for students
Students ending up with homework after spending agenerous amount of time in the school lack balance in their lives. They cannot cope up with their time spent at home and balancing it on family time, doing other activities along with the homework is a big NO. Moreover, it is unfair to expect them to come home after 7-8 hours of schooling and spend a good amount of time again doing homework.
Finally, the most important reasons why homework is bad for students is that it can encourage students on cheating. This is because, after spending a lot of time doing homework leaves them exhausted and thus no energy or will to prepare for their assignments. And in order to complete the assignments for good grades they end up copying off one another.
Homework should be reduced
Staying caught up with homework and not able to do anything for it can be critical for most of the students. Teachers take things for granted and give a good amount of homework thinking that the parents could help the students with it. But in most of the cases, this is not true as most of them are unable to help their child with the homework due to many reasons. This leads the students under pressurized conditions with behavioral changes including rudeness. One can also search out the details of negative effects of homework, to know more on this topic.
According to studies spending more time in academic work by sacrificing sleep can reduce the capability of a student to actually understand the lesson and thus have to struggle for the assignments the following day. This is the reasons why homework is bad for students and should be reduced so that they can get agood amount of sleep and also spend time with their families.
Ways to reduce homework stress
Homework will always be a stress for the students and it is not ideal to burden them with ahuge amount of homework.But to manage the given homework along with other activities you can follow the steps:

  • Writing it down:

Having unnecessary stress whether having homework and about the amount, you can simply write it down in small phases so that it seems to be a decent amount of work at home.

  • Understand it:

Apart from copying, understanding the lesson or the context of the homework can help you complete it in no time.

  • Taking examples:

Copying down few examples to refer while doing the work at home can be of good help and you can easily finish the work.

  • Be rationale:

Do not pressurize yourself just after entering your house with homework. Take your time and try to finish it early enough for a peaceful sleep. And always remember the lesson taught while doing the homework.

  • Think for benefits:

Think of the time when the teacher will praise you for your completed homework. Do not just think it as a homework rather encourage yourself in doing it and gaining knowledge.
Spending most of the time on academic work and homework deprive the students of acquiring and developing other critical life skills. They often stop meeting friends and also forget to cultivate their hobbies and thus the reasons why homework is bad for students.