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Career Options You Can Choose With a Statistics Majors Degree

by Apr 21, 2019Statistics0 comments

Mathematics is one subject that divides students into two groups since childhood. One must understand that it is a subject that can help you with the best and the worst results. Considering how well, you can understand the same. It is only why many students do not pursue it after a certain period.

Though there are many students who pursue mathematics and finally goes into a concentrated area of the same in their later lives. One of the areas that they choose is statistics. It is an important and interesting subject.

Students have an enormous career opportunity with the subject. There is no doubt in the fact that with proper knowledge and the equivalent degree making a career that will last them will be no difficult.

Though the career options with statistics majors are so many, the students are still confused about what to choose amongst them. It is because they do not have an idea about these options on a whole.

One must understand that no matter what they choose amongst the career, it should interest their passion. Only then the success and the promotion will come. It will be rewarding for them in the future as well as during the first few years.

The various career options:

Following are certain career options that students can choose from if they decide to earn a living out of the statistics major’s degree:

  • Research Assistant:

Research assistant is an important career option. It is a career option that allows you the luxury of learning more. It helps you discover things and learn deeper into what is already in front of you.

You can make great money out of this career ensuring the best results for yourself. Understand that when you want to make a career as a research assistant, finding a topic that will bring a difference is what you must look for.

  • Teaching Assistant:

It is a career that needs no introduction or explanation. Let us be real! Many of you have an aspiration to let the coming generations know about what you already know. You want to make a difference in their lives. Believe us when we say that not many individuals prosper well in statistics.

And it is only why this career seems promising for the people no matter what. It will help you attain a position like nothing else. So, when you have an opportunity then go for it as soon as you can.

  • Statistician:

A plain and simple career in the course of field you are pursuing higher studies in. The statistician is all about measuring the statistics. It is an important way of ensuring that the studies have been done correctly in order to pursue a career that is not an indirect one.

Being a statistician is a promising career in today’s world. The world is all about the statistics and measurement of the same in this era. And it is only why the future is bright if you want to get through with a career in this.

  • Data Analyst:

A data analyst is someone who calculate the data in front of them. They use statistics and the real values for the same. Understand that any major company nowadays need the help of the data analyst.

You can choose to be a freelancer or have an enterprise of data analysing services. You can also work for the biggest corporates for the same. With a career in data analysing, you will get through with the best results of course.

  • Statistical Consultant:

There is no doubt in the fact that the statistics will help you attain all the idea of calculating and analysing data. All you need is a statistics degree for the same. It will also give you an idea about major things with statistics. Many small and big companies need ideas related to the statistics.

You can try your luck as a consultant. You can give them sound and real advice. And if things go well, soon there will be a demand for your services and people cannot deny the same.

  • Volunteer:

A statistical volunteer is a career that people are not aware of. It is a promising career and a rewarding too. It is where you do not need to work for any organization, but you are your own boss. And it is only why you must make sure that you know all about it.

A proper research into the career and how you will proceed with the same is important. With the help of the little knowledge of the things the career will help you.

  • Statistical Analyst:

A statistical analyst is also a rewarding career. Understand the relevance of a good statistical analyst. These people are important because they can read through the statistics of the past and make proper analysis in accordance to the same.

They also make future decisions in accordance with your statistics data of the past. It is one important reason why the same is so important for the people. Make sure that you have gained an experience as an intern before you proceed to make a career in the same. Only then you will get through with the best results.

  • SAS Programmer:

It is an era of technology and computers. There is no doubt in the fact that programming is an important career and not many people can crack the job. If you excel in statistics, then this is a profession available for you. You can not only show of mathematical skills but also your computer skills.

A course on the same is necessary for you. Understand, that SAS programmer will open a million of organization doors for you. In the future there are less chances of you running out of job options.

  • Math Tutor:

Being a specialized tutor in the mathematics is something that is important. If you have an opportunity of teaching maths, then a degree in statistics will help you in the same. You must understand the relevance of the math tutors.

Of course, one must understand that the area helps you teach small children as well as big ones. You will be deemed perfect, if you know how to deal with them and if you love explaining things to the others.

  • Analyst:

It is a different career opportunity to the data and the statistical analyst. It is a general analyst on the total. One must understand that the career opportunity will allow you to get through with the best results no matter what.

There are many places that need the help of analysts. And almost all the industries are open to the option without a doubt. It is only why the people must make sure that they have an idea of the analyst and their hierarchy as it will help them progress in the future.

  • Consultant:

Being a consultant will help you with a prosperous career. One must make sure that the consultancy will offer them with a career like none else. One must get through with the idea of how to deal with the consultancy. It is a great option if you want to be an entrepreneur. There is no doubt in the fact that the consultant business is something that can benefit you like nothing else.

  • Analyst Internship:

Internships is always a steeping stone towards the best career opportunities. There can be no doubt in the same. Of course, you must understand that the analyst internship will be a way for the people. It will give them an idea of how to be an analyst. It will teach them all about the job and the tips and tricks of the same.

Without a major degree you will not get through with the internship and there can be no arguments on the same. It is a crucial reason why you must choose the best degree for yourself that will allow you the best results.

  • Research Analyst:

A research analyst is a position that will come to you easily. All you must know is the fact that the position will offer you with a career that will be blessing as well as rewarding. Understand that the research analyst is responsible for the research as well as analysing the same no matter what. It will also help you get through with various industries. Every industry needs a research analyst and you can fulfil every criteria of the same.

  • Business Analyst:

Being a business analyst is an important position. It doesn’t refer to any other analysis than the financial ones. And it is an important reason why you must complete your finance course along with statistics. It will help you get through with the best results of course. One must understand that the position will help you with the best career growths as well.

  • Instructor:

Being a statistical instructor or trainer is also a lucrative job. It is an opportunity that you can get for yourself. One must understand that being an instructor will open a lot of opportunities for you. There is no reason why you must not take up the position. Completing your statistics major’s degree and a few years of experience is all you need for yourself when it comes to the training.

  • Research Associate:

A research associate is a beginning career that one can choose. It is a career opportunity that will open an N number of other opportunities as well. There is no doubt in the fact that the position will help the people get through with the best results no matter what. You will get an experience to never forget. You will also get a great income possibility. Apart from that, you will also get to have your own ideas and research materials. It will only help you with the benefits and nothing less.

  • Graduate Assistant:

Being a graduate assistant is also a great job that people can take after. There is no doubt in the fact that the position will help you learn more about a job that you are taking after, it will give you an immediate exposure in an industry without any trouble. You can also make sure that with the position of a graduate assistant, you will not have to worry about things anymore. You will gain an experience and enough knowledge.

  • Research Internship:

As already mentioned, research is an important opportunity in the field of the statistics. But then again, the internship is equally important for the people. There is no doubt in the fact that the research internship will help the people learn about their future in research. They will know how to deal with the research and how to keep up with the same throughout. One must also understand that the research internship will help them get through with the best results.

  • Software Engineer:

Being an engineer is a dream for many. Software is a technical field. But it is also a field that requires knowledge in statistics and calculated decisions that help with the codes. And it is one important reason why the people must make sure that they gain a degree in the field of engineering. It will help them with the best career possibilities. Promotion will come easy and people can get through with any industry they choose.

  • University professor:

And there is a difference between the mathematics teacher and the one who will teach the university statistics to the students. There is no doubt in the fact that the university professors will get more benefits considering the money and the career perspectives. Of course, one can also teach the students privately for better knowledge and education. It will help them and you both with better future.

These are some of the best career options that people can choose from when they are planning to move ahead with a statistics majors degree. It will help them get through with the best future and a great earning capability. No matter what, make sure that you have a knowledge about the courses you should pursue additionally. It will only help you with the best results.

Author’s Bio:

Michelle Johnson is a teacher in a reputed institute for 6 years now. She had completed her MBA in Finance from the Yales University. Her repute as a teacher is great considering she is always keen on learning and reading. She helps students by sharing her thoughts on subjects with blogs. She also helps students with their assignments.