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Can E-Learning and Traditional Mode of Education Work Together?

by Nov 6, 2016Assignments

As we all know that we are living in a competitive world, we have to deal with different factors to improve our performance. One of the important considerations is the use of technology. The advancement in technology has brought several changes in the development of students’ education system.
The human needs and wants have also been updated with different viewpoints. But the primary mode of education is still considered as physical presence of teachers in schools and colleges. With the evolution of distance learning programs, it is now one of the suggested methods to gain knowledge directly from home.
Directly from home mean?
After completing the school-life, students are looking for good colleges where they will go and gain higher knowledge to build their career. Considering the best college in your country, you might need to shift to another place. You have to stay there as per the duration of the course.
If someone prefers distance education system, then the technology plays the crucial part in building students’ future. In response to the students’ need, distance learning has also become cheaper than before. Whatever the scenario is, it is always preferable that both these methods (e-learning and traditional mode of education) should stay together to make students’ life brighter.
Traditional mode of learning:
The traditional mode of learning is considered as the physical presence of students, teachers with the proper involvement of parents in students’ education. Whether it is the US education system or Indian education system, the involvement of all these three personalities create the actual difference.
Within the traditional mode of learning, technology has taken a considerable part to deliver new methods of learning procedures. For example, projectors and whiteboards are used in different schools and colleges to teach students.
Some of the colleges accept printed assignments rather than hand-written. This improvement is helpful in the development of next generation students. Different organizations and businesses accept technological improvements to make adequate changes in their products and services.
Adjusting to e-learning mode of education nowadays becomes one of the challenges of different schools and colleges all over the world. According to the recent report, it has been found that an improvement of 10% has been seen all over the world to stay alive in the competition. Online classrooms and libraries are replacing the traditional mode.
It has been found that around 88% of schools and colleges now have the Internet connection. In this, around 90% of them are accessible to all the students and rest 10% are implementing advanced technology to improve students’ performance.
E-learning mode of education:
After the invention of e-study, the problems has been solved that most of the students as well as their parents faced earlier. There are people who are unable to afford to stay aboard and take an admission of their kids. The distance education plan has offered great help where one can stay in their particular country and educate in different courses using e-learning methods.
E-books, online tutorials and videos are available to learn and gain knowledge directly from home.Access to these courses now become easy and fast! One can take admission in Executive MBA programs and other professional programs as per the choice.
Considering both e-learning and traditional mode of education:
After several surveys and suggestions of educational experts, it has been found that both modes of education are necessary and should work together. It is not necessary that someone can be successful because of face-to-face studies. Actually, it is the firm determination of students that make the difference.
Students who are ultimate performer never worry how to deal with theeducation system. They always find different ways how to overcome different situations whenever they come in troublesome situations. One of the main problems that might arise is how to clear doubts. In this context, if students are watching online tutorials and education videos, then they should note down their problems.
Making notes will be helpful in asking queries whenever your teacher would come online. Eventually, this gives sufficient time to utilize your brain to understand the problem and make it simple for you. If you are unable to dig out the relevant information, then you should ask your teacher as soon as possible.
At present, both these education system is working together. If this process remains in continuation, then it will offer a great impact in building the future of students as well as for the particular country from where students’ actually belong.
Looking at different factors:

  1. E-learning mode of education:

It is considered as quality effectiveness with thegreater academic performance of students from all over the world. There is a factor of personality development that differs from thetraditionalmode of education because of lack of personal interaction.
Considering the evaluation of instructions and the attitude of acceptance will not hamper at any cost. This is also helpful in improving time management skills.

  1. Traditional mode of education:

Considering the objective and subjective factors, there will be thedifference in methods of education and academic performance matters in every field. In traditional mode of education, you get to learn how to interact with different people whether they are known or unknown. The personality development of an individual develops with great transformation.
Regarding the completion of assignments, students can either prefer online academic professionals or self-assessment whichever is suitable and convenient for them.
“Students should teach how to progress much greater than why to progress.”