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Things to Consider While Choosing Statistics as a Career Option

by Nov 6, 2016Statistics

So it’s that time of the year when students get confused about choosing the ideal career. Are you interested in a career as a statistician? Confused about the ways to make the right decision, right? Okay, Relax!
‘‘What if you find out something that you like to do the most and get in touch of someone who readily accepts to pay you for doing it?’’
Don’t you think it will be exciting to do something which you love to do and work for it? Remember that it is always better to choose a career you enjoy and you’ll never have to work a day in your life. It is this passion which differentiates between ‘‘having a job and having a career.’’
It is true that picking a career is very different from picking a job. A job is an essence or a way where you trade time and service for earning money while a career is a broader concept. It is this career which you do throughout your professional life.
According to a recent study, it has been revealed that there has been a rise in the number of students opting for statistics as their career option over the last 5 years. The number is said to have increased by 36%. It has been further revealed that students having good command in mathematics and computer science are the ones who pursue a bachelor’s and master’s degree in statistics.
So do you love mathematics? Do you enjoy doing analysis and calculations? Is computer science one of your most favorite subjects? If you just answered yes, then go for statistics. It’s the best career option you can ever have.
Well, being a student myself, I know that the next thing you will wonder is- ‘‘what are the things I need to consider if I wish to choose this career?’’Considering the turbulence you may have to go through while making the best possible decision, we have come up with the solution to your query. Stay tuned to know more!
Factors to consider while choosing statistics as a career option

  1. Does it fit your personality?

It may be quite natural that you are not interested in knowing how things work. In such a case, electronics may be the worst career. But what about doing calculations or conducting surveys, doing the analysis? If you think it is here that your interest lies, pursuing a major in statistics might be just perfect for you.
While choosing a career, it is very important that you think about your skills, what you love and hate to do. Thus, if you enjoy collecting samples, then being a statistician is your call!

  1. Know your passion

Now that you know your skills think about your passion. ‘‘Without your passion, you are like the flint which await the shock of an iron before giving forth its spark.’’ It is very important to discover and pursue your passion for achieving satisfaction and success in your career. Remember that once your passion matches with your work activities, you will be much more productive, happy and satisfied at the end of the day.
For example, if you are good in mathematics and enjoy doing economic measurements, then statistics is the career waiting for you.

  1. Get firsthand experience!

Students are always advised to collect information from people who are working on the same career path they are considering to opt. Talking to people who are already involved in the field of statistics will help you to know about the field better. You can inquire about the various job opportunities open in this field, about the termprojects that a student needs to do, etc.

  1. Satisfy your curiosity

Do you have the habit of being curious about every little thing? Well, choose statistics and get paid for your curiosity!
Being a subject which involves asking questions of the world, statisticians are supposed to find answers to each curiosity in a scientific way. With statistics as your career, you can be assured of having your curiosity piqued and your brain engaged throughout!

  1. Analyze the market

Other than getting knowledge from others, you can even consider to do some research on your own in the field of statistics. This research will help you to know about the degrees, qualifications and experience essential to enter this industry. You can even map the ideal career path as per your desired specialization in the field.
In case you are facing problems while understanding some concepts in your subjects, you can easily take assistance from reliable online professional websites whenever you want.

  1. Want to have diversification in your life and job?

By choosing statistics as your career, you have the option of having diversification in your professional life. Since the subject is related to a number of fields, students have numerous options to choose from.
You can be anything- data scientist, data analyst, biostatistician, epidemiologist, government statistician, sports statistician, market research statistician, environmental statistician, actuary, statistical consultant. You can even get into academic positions like- school teacher, university lecturer, etc.
Other than the various types of jobs open to you, another good thing is that you can work in any corner of the world. From working in a pharmaceutical company in Europe to working in a humanitarian organization in Africa, to working as an academic expert in India, you can work all over the world.
Are you facing problems while studying statistics? Quickly refer to- Tips and tricks to do your statistics homework easily.

  1. Want a luring pay package?

Well, whether you accept it or not but at the end of the day, it’s the satisfaction and money that counts. The best part about choosing a career in statistics is that you can expect the best salary. As prevalent in all other fields, more experience leads to higher pay scale. However, no matter what your experience is, the salary that you can expect as a statistician is higher than those involved in other fields.
For example, people with less than 5 years experience earn $64K on an average while people having 5-10 years of experience enjoy a larger salary of $81K on an average. Once your experience is more than 10 years, you can expect to draw $97K as your average salary.
With such an attractive salary, do you need more reasons to consider statistics as your career option? Note the above listed factors and make your final decision!