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Students would be searching for assignment provider expert help solutions team when they get home works. They should ensure that they get good grades for homework. This would ensure that there is a good career at stake.

What can be the possible reasons for a student to seek Assignment Expert help solutions team?

A student may not have understood the topic well or understood the subject well. There would be many formulas or equations involved in the subject. This would destroy confidence of student.

The other reason would be that every homework would have a deadline set and there would be many pressures on students. They would have to cover various other assignments also.

Students may get pressured and resort to copy and paste, and this would affect grades. Remember faculty and grading system always give importance to papers that are 100% plagiarism free.

Students may not know writing well, and this can affect grades. A paper that would look clumsy and that do not have any logical sense would not fetch good grades. The assignment provider, expert help solutions team, would be needed when subject become more complicated

Advantages of seeking Assignment provider expert help solutions team

Expert teams like have subject matter experts. We ensure that right qualified person is given the task of completing an assignment.

The assignment would be completed before deadline and document would be uploaded. Faculty can go through the document and can ask for revisions if any. We would do the revisions also quicker.

We ensure that proper researching is done on the subject so that student gets right quality articles.

Our team is committed to ensuring that student can chat with us 24 hours seven days a week and we have a payment system that is affordable. Our team has secured payment methods, and we ensure that student details are kept confidential.

We make sure that writing used for one student is not used for any other person. We also ensure that student details are not given to anyone.

We have subject matter experts spread across various domains, and we have capability of writing thesis/ dissertations, articles and essays.

Student can learn the subject in a better manner when Assignment provider expert help is sought. The subject matter experts would be writing subject in a better sense and students can understand the logical flow behind it. Moreover, subject matter expert would answer queries if any from the subject.

Assignment provider expert help solutions team for English literature assignments

English writing assignments would cover the topic of creativity and science fiction writing. Now, what is creative writing? Creative writing is something that is imaginative. It can mean telling a lie when getting caught up. Assume that a husband is asked by his wife why he was late and he can create a lie and state that there was a road accident and he had alighted to help them while reality nothing happened.

The road accident in the above thing is imaginative, and this can be attributed to creative writing. There are cases of novelist taking a cue from their autobiographical and adding creativity to it.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge had written the rime of the ancient mariner based on the dream that his friend had. His friend had dreamt of a ship overturning with few people overboard drowning and this was the premise on which the poem was all about. The poem was written in such a way that it raised too high creative standard.

Realistic is another term that goes with creativity. The reason is that in some cases there should be a realistic approach to creativity. For example, when a husband says that he was late when there was road accident can be inferred as true while when the same husband says that he was late when spacecraft by aliens blocked him can be good for science fiction and horror stories.

Creative writing can be novelty also. Many romance novels have stood against each other even though the basic premise was a boy or man loving a girl or a woman. This novelty is a part of creative writing.

The assignment provider, expert help solutions team, would ensure that they write homework for students in a realistic manner loaded with originality and novelty. Paper would be unique in research style and would contain details that are true.

Process of creative writing that Assignment provider covers

When a student is given homework on covering various aspects of creative writing in English literature, then the student should cover these points.


Every creative process should be inspired, and there would be a reaction to a stimulus. There was a belief among ancient Greek people that muses would inspire them, so there were more epic writings hailing gods during those times.

The source of inspiration is divided into two sections namely primary and secondary and primary means something that happened to a writer. Secondary means something that happened to someone else.

John Keats has written an Ode on a Grecian Urn when he saw urn with beautiful paintings on its circumference.


A person can get inspired, and that can go into production. Now, what does one mean by production? There has to be a thinking process, and then the writing should take place.

In the same manner Assignment provider expert help solutions team would think of subject topic that student has given for writing and then would start writing process. References by visiting libraries would be done beforehand, and there would be materials ready.


There would be rereading of a document that would be done after reading the writing. This would help for editing, and unnecessary things can be changed and rewritten.

In the same manner Assignment provider, expert help solutions team would reread the document and would ensure that there are no editing errors. There would be a team that would ensure that writing would not deviate from the main topic.

All the writings would be relevant and would cover all aspects. There would be an evaluation of what is being written, and this would help a student get high grades.

Types of creativity

Assignment provider, expert helps solutions team ensure that various aspects of creative writing are covered in detail. There is divergent creativity that comes out with different thinking. This would mean the ability to think differently from others.

We at ensure that our writing is unique and we have the capability of thinking differently from others.

James Watt saw steam throwing out a lid from the kettle, and this inspired him to find out a steam engine, and this is an example of divergent thinking.

There may be a set of ideas that would come, and one person has to choose from a set of an idea, and that would mean convergent thinking. The best approach has to be chosen, and the example can be said that of James Watt steam engine.

An world has progressed very much, and new styles of an engine are being found out. In the same manner, we at ensure that we are improving daily as an Assignment provider.

The covering of science fiction English writing

The Time machine is an apt novel that highlighted the real science fiction, and it pointed out the problems with capitalism if it turns out to exploit poor for the rich class. The working class in the novel has been pushed underground, and it had become nocturnal species.

In the same manner, upper class had remained above ground, and they enjoyed all the luxuries making then lazy. As time progresses, there was a need for the lazy people to be overthrown by the working class.

What is hard science fiction?

Hard science fiction would mean the covering of sciences like physics, engineering, cosmology, astronomy and cybernetics which is considered as hard. There are soft sciences like psychology and sociology that gets a mention in hard science fiction sometimes.

The hardware, computers are given importance in hard science fiction. There was a feeling towards virtual reality and information technology in science fiction in the 90s, and that led to the development of term cyberpunk.

The development of artificial intelligence and development multinational corporations led to the development of cyberpunk.

The famed star trek series is another part of scientific empire series that has won the minds of the readers.

The spaceships in star treks may be difficult to be followed in real life or the changes made to the DNA of the dinosaur in Jurassic Park. But the logical growth of science fiction helps in exploring these themes, and this would be articulated well by Assignment provider.

There would be a requirement of physical and material transformation when compared with fantasy writing. Fantasy writing can go through various schemes and can ensure that reader is enthralled.

The concept of robots

Karel Capek plays titled R.U.R in 1921 has termed the word robot. This was used to refer to the automatic labourers of organic origin which are known as androids in a modern era. There were many man-machine stories that have been published in the 1920s and 1930s, and the chief among them was the Frankenstein.

Issac Asimov has been credited as one of the best robotic writers, and he was the one who came out with three set of laws for robots.

Robots are not supposed to injure a human being, and they should not be inactive to cause human beings harm.

Robots are supposed to obey human orders except in cases if it violates the first law stated above.

Robots should protect themselves only if it is not in conflict with the first and second law given above.

Paul Verhoeven Violent Robocop that came in 1987 was a story of cyborg or a robotic policeman. A villain is a person from a multinational company, and he has taken the company president as the hostage. The Robocop cannot do anything, and the president fires the villain from the job, and this helps the robot to kill the villain.

People get attracted to science fiction reading when they have an interest in rational thinking. Speculative fiction is the base of science fiction and what if is the base premise from which science fiction works.

Science fiction writers would have to read what is being written latest along with reading old books. The reason is that then only writers would have a clear chance of avoiding clichés. Assignment provider expert help ensures that clichés are avoided, and paper would have a unique style. We as a team are committed to ensuring that student gets latest trends incorporated in writing.

The time traveller in the time machine is a person who is well versed in science subjects and is known to possess good outlook to worldly affairs. He is shown as a wealthy person but having the kindness to poor people.

The character analysation would be done by Assignment provider and would cover all aspects of the person. This sketching would help in ensuring that student gets a good knowledge of characters and would help them in scoring high marks.

The character in the time machine is shown as having a good observation even when he is advancing and he has his own hypothesis. There is a good positive outlook in the character to change his opinion when needed.

Sometimes a student may feel shy to speak openly with Assignment provider with their ideas, and we are not averse to take student opinions onboard. Students can freely discuss their ideas and opinions, and we would add them if it benefits students.

There is a concept of military science fiction in which warfare and other military activities are used. The uses of latest machines along with virus attacks are part of this science fiction.

Assignment provider would cover various aspects of creative writing in English literature. The team would cover various other subjects and would ensure that all steps are taken so that students score high grades in their assignment.

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