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Are You Clear on your Concepts on Acids and Bases?

by Nov 3, 2015Assignment Help

When trying to understand Chemistry topics and subjects, regardless of confusing or vast it might appear, it’s essential to start with the basic. Do not be bogged down by how to make your study of chemistry improved and useful?-as you can always avail guidance. However, above all it’s crucial to approach the topic from a place of poise and complete relaxation. Know that tension will:

1. Not help you score great marks.
2. Not make you go ahead of your competitors.
3. Not connect you with the best sources, both offline, online or in-person (such as your teachers) to get an expert insight on your subject.
4. Not allow to think creatively or in a smart manner.
5. Not reduce your anxieties or worries about performing well.
6. Not get in the desired mental frame that you need to be in to study on Acids and Bases.

On the other hand if you slow down a bit, cease all your worries and tension and function from a place of relaxation, then you can:

1. Concentrate on studying better and creating an effective study plan.
2. Know which areas need special attention and work accordingly.
3. Memorize your basic know-how on Acids and Bases better and even remember it.
4. Maintain better health condition which is needed if you want to study well.
5. Get of the peer pressure and study with single minded focus.

What are Acids and Bases?

Now that you are relaxed know that there’s nothing complicated in understanding the basics about this subject. Simply put, look around and you will find that acids and bases are present in our everyday life, for instance the water we drink, our own blood, the cleaning materials and many more. Going by the Chemical theories, an Acid is something that donates an H+ which is a Hydrogen ion in water. Similarly, a Base donates OH- which is a Hydroxide ion in water. It in this regards that students need to know that there is an exception with Ammonia. To know greater details about the same and have a clearer and in-depth understanding of it a professional Chemistry Assignment Help service is extremely helpful. Using this service you can have access to relevant inputs on the subject that otherwise you had to clue about. These services are authentic, accurate and also come in a standard price.

Master the Acid/Base Equation Problems

When you are studying it is important to know and master the Acid/Base equation problems. These are nothing by grouping of molecules and protons, much like the Chemistry Hydrocarbon bonds in order arrive, learn and stay updated about the most acidic group or the less acidic group. For instance, with a visual representation of this Acid/Base equation you will come to know which proton group has the maximum acidic concentration in methyl acetate and the like. That is not all. The same equations can be used in order to find out which proton group of any combination has the strongest base.

Drawing up these representations can be tough. The only way to master is through regular practice. In order to ensure that you are going in the right direction always seek external guidance. It could be your Chemistry professor or your batch mate with whom you share a good bond. Taking an extra perspective always helps in approaching the topic on Acids and Bases in a better way. You batch mate can help you with a study perspective that will assist you to make your study seamless and hassle free.

Wisely Plan Your Group Studies

One of the most common things amongst Chemistry students is group studies. When done correctly it works wonders.  However, it is important to identify a group that has a similar subject interest, else it can digress your focus, thereby making you loosing valuable time. So once you have identified a set of students like yourself for group study, ensure that:

1. There is a fixed time kept for group study that does not interfere with your individual study time.

2. Keep the timings flexible as sometimes other assignments can crop up that needs prior attention.

3. Stick to the objective of group study i.e. understanding the basics of Acids and Bases. Here you need to put in extra effort to ensure that the discussion doesn’t linger too much on other subject areas or on other issues like last minute exam preparation and the like.

4. Divide chunks within the subject amongst yourself and stick to the agenda of taking complete onus of learning that part up by heart and sharing the same with the group.

5. Keep the attitude of study friendly. Even if you disagree somewhere have a healthy argument and don’t get into pointless analysis0

Get Focused in a Holistic Manner

You must make the arrangement to have access to the advanced study material to brush up your fundamental know-how. Other than that, it is beneficial you keep focus and do so by following a healthy and holistic life. No you don’t need to turn devoutly spiritual. But, following healthy practices like eating on time, sleeping regularly for 7 to 8 hours, staying hydrated, consuming a healthy diet, exercising and writing a journal is helpful. It allows you to channelize your energy well and not succumb to any peer pressure or expectations. You will see the results not only in your confidence as you study but also on the mark sheet.

The tricky part of Chemistry is that you need know your concepts well. Else your entire approach of studying becomes a faulty one. Often Chemistry students under the pressure of completing papers, assignments and homework in time and to score well, overlooks this vital aspect. They rush in by-heating definitions without understanding them or checking if the sources from which they are studying are authentic or not. This happens to students even when they are attempting basic chemistry topics like Acids and Bases. Are you in the same boat? If yes, then you can always take a better approach to prepare with a Chemistry Assignment Help service at hand, we are here to help you out, just get in touch with us and hire our affordable and professional services. Whether it is updating you with top Interesting facts revealed about oxygen or anything related to chemistry, we are here!