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How to Make Your Study of Chemistry Improved and Useful?

by Nov 3, 2015Chemistry

When we hear the subject ‘chemistry’ the first that that hits our mind that it is juggling with formulas, chemical symbols, chemical equations and more! So if you have been frowning or dilly-dallying with the idea of studying chemistry, no matter which chapter puts you off, we will help you to improve your grip on chemistry, so that ultimately soaking in the essence of this subject becomes useful for you! We can show you how not to lose sleep even over those tough chemistry assignments?

What makes you to avoid the subject? Let go the word ‘fear’ from your dictionary and ensure that you have a positive approach and a with a fresh mind you embark on the mission of taking things easy and learning chemistry in a more comprehensive way, zestfully!

Do you know of the flipped classroom trend?- Try it!

With the changing study patterns and methods of teaching too, it is not that you always first go to the class and then get to learn about a topic and its varied aspects. Follow the trend called ‘flipped classroom’ wherein you run through the study material before going for the class. This can be beneficial in 3 distinctive ways:

1. It ensures better grasping power of the subject as what the teacher tries to impart with not be Gaelic to you.

2. You can engage in an interaction with a teacher, ask questions, and clarify your queries, which altogether will ensure a better understanding of the topic being taught.

3. Thirdly, you become an advance learner and the registration process of a topic on your mind, becomes an easy and faster one!

Only mugging up- A strict No-No: Understand and then memorize

You might have heard or by influenced by fellow students that when it is chemistry, mugging-up is what you must swear by! However, that is not the case always especially when you do not understand what you are trying to memorize. Delve into the core concepts, put in your best to understand what you are trying to memorize, and when you do so you will find memorizing will also get a less time-consuming process. You do not have to really over-exert yourself to mug up anything; it will come naturally to you when you devote time and a fresh mind in understanding and learning a subject!

If you did not try before try ‘short bursts’

Even if you haven’t studied properly all through the year and have kept all the piles of chapters of chemistry to be paid heed to before the examination time, it is never a wise idea to make study plans of 8 to 10 hours a day. You should always study in short bursts and plan several sessions of learning spanning for a short period of time. When you do that then it becomes easy to take breaks, let the mind relax and tune into something that it enjoys in between be it getting engaged with your gaming console, watching TV, cooking a dish and the likes.

Heard of flashcards! Incorporate it now in your study routine!

If you are still unknown about the flashcards, then it is time that you brush up your memory and think of how during your childhood days, these flashcards were the source of offering you an impactful visual medium full of colors to instil in your mind the best knowledge. With symbols, formulas and equations creating too much chaos on your mind, you can streamline the whole process of learning by using flashcards. You can make it yourself too or get it along with your course book, at times!

Be active in taking notes

Even when you studied beforehand and are aware of what is going to be taught in a class, it is not enough to just understand. What you need to do is actively jot down when you are in the process of understanding things. When you take notes, this helps in connecting the dots as you go back home and study the same chapter. Then relating things becomes easy when you take a look at the notes.

When you read and write, it acts one of the primary things in helping you to make improve your memorizing skills and also aids in understanding.

Assess, practice and try practical classes too!

It is crucial to evaluate yourself so that you get to know where you stand in terms of gripping chemistry as a subject. Go for mock tests, time yourself, and be very true to what you could achieve and what you couldn’t so that you can mark yourself, too! There is an age old saying that is absolutely right that practice makes a man perfect so when you are trying to learn something, you read and write effectively and practice this session so that you become a pro in chemistry, very soon!

It is always recommended that in subjects like chemistry where there is continuous scope for experimenting, you must frequent the labs so that you a real-hand experience make you to be more zealous about the knowledge-gathering process.

Most importantly enjoy the subject  

Like you are always up to catch up the new movie or buy that trendy dress, always with a fresh mind and positive attitude, you must sit to study. You need to enjoy the subject, make small notes adding that ‘fun’ element to it! Engage in group studies and it can give you different perspectives about how to make chemistry more interesting.

1. You can play quizzes on formulas.

2. Try solving equations by making small groups like a duo or a trio.

3. Make groups to debate on topics, which help in reflecting on the topic under discussion with much more clarity and insight

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