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Apps to Do Homework Much Faster Than You

by Sep 17, 2016Homework Help

Modern education system is really tough and things like homework and assignments make it even tougher for students. Not to mention students also have many co-curricular activities as well. As such, students hardly get any time for themselves or to study for that matter. In such a situation, you would surely not mind getting any help you can just to stay ahead. Maybe, a bit of help can give you a bit more time for yourself.
Getting help from parents and online homework help
In the modern world, technology and internet dominates everything. It is even true if it comes to homework and assignment help. Any modern student would have heard of online professional homework help. Through these help, you can complete your homework much faster.
Of course, you can get homework help at your home as well. You can ask your parents and other family members to help you out as well. “How to seek help from your siblings for your Physics homework?” will give you an idea of how to get homework help from your family members. Of course, your parents won’t always be available to help you out and that is when online homework help comes in handy.
Applications for homework help
The extent of technology with homework help is not just limited to online homework help. Nowadays, there are even applications that are mainly designed to assist students with homework and assignments. These apps help students complete their homework in a proper manner and within time.
Some might even consider using such apps to be cheating, but who wouldn’t want to have some extra help? Using this app is one of the best ways to take complete advantage of the educational technology that is available nowadays.
Smartphone apps
Nowadays, every modern student owns a smartphone. With homework help apps not being just limited to PCs, every student can have access to such apps directly from their smartphone. The ease of access means that students have to spend much less time researching for their assignments and homework.
Smartphones are becoming more and more powerful with each passing and you can do almost everything with. You would be surprised to know how quickly and easily these smartphone apps can help you with your homework.
With more and more apps delivering on demand homework help, students can easily make use of these learning tools not just to get assistance, but also obtain proper answers. The variety of these applications can leave anyone amazed.
From apps that can solve problems with a simple snap of a camera to apps that provide real life solution of problems, all kinds of apps are available nowadays. Needless to say, students can get help with almost any homework, regardless of the subject or topic.
Benefits of using homework help Apps
Such innovative apps offer several advantages, including:

  • Saves a lot of time for the students. These apps can get your homework completed in no time. You can utilize this time for other things, such as studying for an upcoming test
  • By providing a step by step solution, these apps help you have a better understanding of the subject matter.
  • These apps serve as great learning tools. You can use these apps to solve different kinds of problems and learn from it.
  • Provides an interactive way of completing your homework.

Homework Help Apps
Here are names of few apps that can help you with your homework:

  • Photomath

Available for both iOS and Android, this magical app allows you to take a picture of a typed equation. After that, the app will provide you with a step by step solution for the equation. This app is particularly useful for those having trouble with Math. All you need to do is to write the equation, take a picture of it and you will have a proper solution soon! It is a great learning tool if you want to know about the different ways to solve an equation

  • iHomework

Whether you are a college student or a high school student, there is always a certainty: you will always have loads of assignments and homework to do. This useful app named iHomework can help you keep track of all your assignments. You can even sort your homework by due date or by subject. This app is extremely well organized.
You can even link your reading material to your homework, so that you don’t have to go through a mess of papers for finding the right information. It also has a scheduling feature to keep you updated all the time. Last but not the least, it supports iCloud syncing, so you can access the information from any Apple compatible device.

  • Google Apps for Education

When you are talking about educational apps, you can’t just miss out on Google Apps for Education. It serves as a great alternative to mainstream installable software. These app packages favorite apps like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Hangouts, etc. with a digital hub called Classroom. This hub can be used for organizing assignments. This collection is designed to make learning a collaborative process.
Although Google Apps for Education uses cloud sync, you can use the programs offline. So, it is an excellent app if you want to study distraction free and without internet. Since the app works on any device, students don’t have to buy expensive hardware.

  • HwPic

Another innovative app, HwPic is more of a tutoring service that allows you to take pictures of your homework and send it to tutors. After you have sent your question, the tutors will respond soon and provide you a step by step solution to the problem. If you’re in a hurry, you can even choose to expedite the solutions.

  • Wolfram Alpha

Although similar to Photomath, Wolfram Alpha is mainly designed for students studying higher level of Mathematics. While it does not support photos, it does output step by step answers. It covers topics that are as advanced as differential equations and vector calculus. This makes it a popular app among college students.