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6 Easy Steps to Motivate Yourself to Complete Your Homework Regularly

by Sep 17, 2016Homework and Assignment Support

Homework is often tedious, time consuming and repetitive. Students today often crumble under the pressure of their assignments. Regular homework is allocated everyday and in multiple subjects as a result of which so many students suffer from burnouts. They leave their homework till the last minute and then stay up all night trying to complete it. Sometimes they tire themselves to such an extent that they don’t make it to school the next day or have time for any other recreation and activities during the weekend.
It all comes down to the students’ inability to motivate themselves to complete their homework regularly. They either avoid homework and get into trouble at school, or leave it till the last minute and get sick trying to complete it. The only way to keep up with the kind of homework pressure that students deal with nowadays is by doing their homework regularly.
Here are 6 easy steps to motivate yourself to complete your Homework Regularly:

  1. Work on a Schedule:
  • The easiest way to ensure that you sit down to do your homework is to make a Time Table and stick to it.
  • If you don’t design a schedule that specifically allocates time for homework, you will always be too busy or too tired to complete your homework.
  • It is easy to procrastinate if you don’t have a set timetable to stick to.
  • Factor in specific prep hours both at home and in school.
  • Not only should you schedule your homework hours, use the timetable to keep track of work that has been allotted so that you never miss a deadline.
  • Use the schedule to decide which homework assignment to tackle first depending on the due date and the complexity of the assignment.
  • Ideally, you should work on difficult assignments first as they take the longest and finish with the easier assignments. You can take help from several online professional websites to solve your assignments.
  • Allocate your time realistically. Understand what your assignment is about and use that knowledge to estimate how long it will take you to complete it. Don’t randomly assume that it will all take you the same time.
  1. Be organized:
  • Organizational is integral to your process if you intend to complete your homework regularly.
  • Draw out a neat and organized Time Table. Tape a copy of this is a clear and visible place near your workspace so that you never miss it.
  • Ensure that you have a neat and uncluttered workspace to sit and work in. A desk and a comfortably chair near a window would be ideal for this purpose.
  • Personalize your workspace so that it is both practical and inviting. It must serve your purpose but also make you want to spend time there. A boring desk and chair can be singularly uninviting; similarly sitting on the bed would make you feel too relaxed and sleepy to get any real work done.
  • Have a soft board near your desk so that you can pin up charts, timetables and other relevant material at eye level.
  • Neatly categorize and separate your material so that you don’t waste time looking for it. Keep all your study material, resources, stationery and refreshments close at hand so that you don’t have to keep getting up to fetch what you need.
  • Being organized helps you maintain your focus so that when you do sit down to do your homework, you don’t get distracted, lose interest and waste time.
  1. Space out your work:
  • Never procrastinate and let your work pile up but understand that you may not be able to complete all your work at one go. Neither extreme is healthy.
  • Break your homework into small manageable chunks. You can deal with each section separately, or divide it up according to the resources you need to consult. For instance you may allot yourself two days of library research, two days of internet research, one day to collect all your material and construct the outline and subtopics for your assignment and two days to type it out and print it.
  • A clearly divided approach like this ensures that you have an assignment ready at the end of the week without breaking into a sweat.
  • Most students find it difficult to motivate themselves to complete their homework regularly because they feel intimidated by the amount of work they have to tackle. With this staggered approach, you will never have to feel overwhelmed by homework pressure again.
  • Take enough breaks in between your homework sessions to optimize your productivity. Short breaks help boost your ability to refocus on the task at hand as it is difficult to focus on one thing for prolonged periods of time.
  1. Avoid distractions:
  • Ensure that your workspace is quiet, secluded and devoid of distractions.
  • Students today are plagued with a variety of distractions in the form of smart technology, none of which is conducive to focussing on homework.
  • If you want to motivate yourself to complete your homework regularly, you will have to cut off from all sources of entertainment and social media.
  • Stay away from the TV, the music system and your phone.
  • Don’t check your phone or respond to texts while you are studying.
  • If you’re working on your laptop, don’t browse the internet and ensure that you log out of all social media sites as it can distract you and slow you down.
  • Keep away from distractions even when you’re taking a break while completing your homework. Watching part of a TV episode, checking your phone or responding to texts during breaks can derail your focus and make it very difficult to drag yourself back to your desk.
  • Some students prefer to listen to music while completing their homework, while this is a personal preference, you would be well advised to stick to instrumental music. Any other kind of music with lyrics can slow you down considerably.
  1. Set up a system of goals and rewards:
  • Set small, achievable goals to help motivate yourself to keep doing your homework on a regular basis.
  • Set both long term and short term goals. While you can spoil yourself at the end of each term for completing all your homework assignments, it is more effective to reward yourself for daily assignments and in between them.
  • Reward yourself with an ice cream treat after school every week if you manage to complete your homework regularly for a week. When you have a whole lot of homework to do, break it up into subtopics and reward yourself with a snack or a short walk to help you refocus while doing your homework.
  • Smaller goals are easier to achieve and ensure that you never feel dejected just in case you slip up and don’t manage to achieve a small goal. Further, rewards like this go a long way to keep you focused and ensure that you keep up your efforts.
  1. Remember the benefits and consequences:
  • Understand the purpose of your homework assignment. This is the easiest way to tackle your workload. You can use different “Apps to do homework much faster than you”, so that you can complete more homework in less time.
  • Homework is unavoidable, but if you understand the objective of the assignment, you will feel better about doing it as you will understand how it benefits you.
  • If that is not reason enough, think about the consequences of not completing your homework.
  • While this is a last resort, fear is a great motivator for many students. If you feel too lazy to complete your homework tonight, think about how much work you will get stuck with tomorrow. That should be enough to spur you into action.
  • Every time you feel like skipping an assignment, think about the risk. You may get into a lot of trouble with your teacher at school.
  • If you have a good rapport with your teacher, she would be invested in your progress and not completing your homework would disappoint her.

So use these simple steps to motivate yourself to complete your homework regularly. Once you take all these points into consideration you will never want to skip your homework assignments again!