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An Interesting Approach to Deal with Biology

by Aug 28, 2016Biology

Biology is the study of living organisms and everything related to life sciences. It is a much wider field of study which consists of many subparts such as physiology, microbiology, biotechnology, zoology, botany and ecology. This is not it; it contains many other subfields which are endless. From the working of our brains to reflex action of our muscles, from respiratory tracts of birds to thereproductive cycle of reptiles; all is covered under biology.
Biology and its framework
Biological concepts can be divided into five parts i.e. cell, equilibrium, heredity, evolution and energy. Cell is the most basic element of everything having alife. Everything on earth is made up of cells. By equilibrium, we mean that all organisms will have to create a balance in nature’s cycle. Heredity is the study of certain characteristics and traits which are passed on from generation to generation. Evolution, on the other hand, involves the stages in the development of human cycle. Last but not least is energy which is the constituent of matter and forms a driving force for all of the above.
Problems associated with studying biology
Biology may seem a boring subject for some and may be liked by many others. People who dislike the subject are mainly because they are not much in love with nature: its components and functions. Such people usually find difficulties in understanding the concepts and terminologies associated with the subject.
For example, ornithology is a peculiar biology term and an area of study known by almost all biologists. However, when people hear the word, it brings them fear of being an alien word beyond their imagination. But it is not so, in real life. This is because if the same person breaks the word into smaller and simpler sub-parts it may appear to be interesting to them. Breaking ornithology would give orni meaning birds and logy meaning the study of. Hence, any word having logy at its end means that it is a study of something.
So basically people fear the subject because of the scientific terminologies which they do not have an understanding of.
Few simple ways to overcome difficulties with biology

  • Understand the terminology

Terminologies are nothing but some specific words which are allotted to various biology related terms. It is observed that students face troubles while learning terminologies. This is because big words seem to be scary in the first instance. So best method is to break these words to the smallest possible ways and then try to frame the answer. For example, if the word is “glucose”. Then simply break it into gluc and ose. Gluc is sweet while ose is sugar. So all words ending in ose means sugar like fructose, lactose and galactose.

  • Make flashcards for reference

Flashcards are a very interesting way to study any subject specially biology. Make small cards about the size of playing cards. Write each terminology which you seem to forget or any theory of importance. Make it look attractive by adding colors and pictures. This way one would enjoy studying these flash cards and learning becomes a playful and entertaining activity for them.

  • Avoid using big fat books

Biology books of higher classes are always difficult to concentrate on because of its huge size. Use simple thin books or guidebooks available in stores. Make a target of studying each book in a designated time. This way interest develops and you would find yourself accustomed to learning and finding it to be easy. This allows you to initially study small portions, get accustomed to it and then gradually increase the study load.

  • Make PowerPoint presentations

A PowerPoint presentation is a new mode of study of the current generation. Choose any biology topic you fear about. Then make a presentation on it by use of images, graphs, highlights, videos, etc. This way one would learn not only the topic but also develop a creative edge over others.

  • Use laboratories more often

Biology involves a lot of practical training and experiments. Try to demonstrate the experiments on photosynthesis and respiration in you school laboratory. This way one would be able to adopt a practical approach which is a must for understanding biology. Theories learned in textbooks can be best explained if practiced in a science lab. You perform the experiment with the materials available in laboratories and this mode of learning brings lifelong retention of whatever is learned.

  • Study questions of previous examinations

This helps in almost all subjects. By studying questions of previous tests, one would be able to get an outline of what is required to study and which are the areas of utmost importance. Once you go through all the questions, you will be able to get a gist of the entire syllabus at one go.

  • Review notes each day

Study materials handed over by teachers or notes of class lectures and make a point to review them religiously each day. Since biology requires dedication and time, so by reviewing each day would help you to be in a flow with the subject. It would seem to run smoothly which otherwise would have burdened you and make you lose interest.

  • Make diagrams for better understanding

Biology includes many cycles, food chains, and the study of reproduction system and so on. Once you make a diagrammatic representation thing seems to clear up and make you more interested. Some concepts are difficult to remember in words but if given a diagrammatic approach would hit the right areas of your brain and would allow you to grasp faster. Like the blood flow in the heart through veins and arteries. This would sound very confusing. However, if you draw it with the help of arrows in the direction of blood flow you would rather find that this flow is very much scientific in nature and there would be no scope of forgetting.
Application of Biology in other fields
Biology can be applied to various fields and is a promising subject for a bright future. Some of its applications are described below:

  • Health care experts/doctors:

With a bachelor’s degree in biology and then a master’s degree in MBBS, one can easily opt for a doctor’s profession. It is a very noble profession which gives respect and dignity to the person.

  • Teachers/professors in schools and colleges:

One can opt for a teaching profession which is also a respectable one. This way they would be able to impart knowledge which they have gathered over the years.

  • Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals:

Study of biology with a combination of physics and chemistry would enable you to join a chemicals company. One can also be a druggist and make new medicines and drugs.

  • Research and science:

Scientific researches in the field of biodiversity, biotechnology, nanotechnology or improvements in health and social care can be implemented with its study.

  • Agriculture and food departments:

Biology can also be used in making genetically modified crops or organic foods. These are the most thriving topics of the day and would lead to a bright career option with a lucrative pay.
Hence, with the above suggestions you would never go wrong with Biology!!