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Ways to Make Mathematics Your Friendliest Subject

By Michelle Johnson
28 Aug, 2016
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Can Mathematics be a friendly subject to learn?

Yes. It can definitely be your friendliest subject of all. Mathematics can be as interesting as Science or Geography. The only difference would be that Math requires consistency in practice and aninsightto learn. On the other hand, Science and Geography are more theoretical subjects which are much faster to learn and cope up with.
Students fear mathematics a lot. It is because math as a subject requires time and patience to understand. Figures and graphs are not easy to remember but if it enters yourmind it can surely stay there for long.
How to make math your best friend for life?
Concentration is a must for mathematics. Even if your tutor explains you thousand times the same topic, it won’t enter your mind until and unless you concentrate. Try to shut down all negativities for the subject and tell yourself that you could do it. The more concentration you add with a positive mind, the clearer concepts would become. Concentration does not only mean with textbooks. You could concentrate on its concepts later on as well.
This is probably the only word which you will constantly hear from your teachers and parents. However, they are right. Practice is thekey word for math. Both practice and Mathematics go hand in hand. Keep solving math sums and problems even if you find it to be difficult. Approach your teachers for help. Find solutions and then do it on your own. With more practice, math monster can be changed into an angel.
Consistency means the frequency of practicing. If you practice religiously for a week and then falter the next week, then this would not at all help. You need to be consistent in your practice schedule which means todedicate few hours for math practice daily. Then each day when your math clock strikes, make sure you run with it, otherwise you would be left far behind. Consistency in solving math will also help in increasing the attention level while doing calculations.
It is also important that the problems you solve are accurate. Without accuracy, one would not be able to reserve a place in the mathematics field. When you go to a chemist shop and ask for a specific number of medicines. The shopkeeper makes a total of your list and then you pay and case closed. But no, it is still open. This is because what if the shopkeeper made the wrong calculations and handed you an inaccurate bill. You end up paying either more or less. This is not at all desirable. You have to pay exact of the products you availed thus accuracy in mathematics is like pen to paper. In your exams you solve a math problem, take a whole sheet for doing calculations and final answer derived is wrong by a single digit. Your efforts go in vain. So always try to solve math problems with accuracy.
No human is perfect. Everybody has some flaws so in order to minimize our flaws we rectify our mistakes and promise not to repeat in the future.  This is also true with math. You would make errors in calculations and make silly mistakes, but all these mistakes need to be rectified with proper corrections. You solve a math problem and it goes wrong. So you need to rectify your error and make sure you don’t repeat it. This way correction will help you identify and rectify your mistakes.
A friendly teacher can make mathematics friendlier
Teachers should be demonstrators:
Role of a teacher or tutor is very critical in all fields of study and most importantly mathematics. Teachers should act as demonstrators and guide a child towards an area of interest and liking. Teachers should demonstrate them easy approaches to deal with difficult problems. They should set examples for students to follow. The manner in which a teacher influences a child’s area of interest is commendable.
Teachers should be motivators:
Motivation is the driving force needed in doing math problems. A simple mathematics problem can seem to be difficult in the first instance. Therefore, teachers should come to the rescue of their students and motivate them to do better. They should tell them their childhood stories. For example, when they were kids they found math interesting and entertaining rather than telling them that they disliked math. This way a positive image of math develops in the students mind.
Teachers should be creativity builders:
By studying math students can enhance their creative edge. Teachers should allow students to solve problems in whichever way students find easy. These way students would be able to explore their innovative nature in front of others. This brings them self-confidence too.
Teachers should be accountable:
Teachers should take responsibility of their students. It is the role of the teacher to show correct path to students. In thesame way if a child is running away from mathematics then the teacher should take responsibility and bring them to a state where they would love studying math. Thus being accountable for what they are meant to do –guiding, teaching and encouraging.
Teachers should be problem solvers:
Once problems start becoming difficult for students then they are surely going to give up on math. So teachers should portray themselves as problem solvers. They should be able to showcase math in such a way that everyone around them seems to love the subject and develop aninterest in it. Different methods and theories are there which allows one to solve problems. But teachers should understand a child’s mental capacity and choose only that method or theory in which he understands most effectively.
Tips for students

  • Practice effectively and religiously

Practice math sums regularly. Don’t just sit with a math problem and think that it is beyond your capability. Rather approach your teachers and guardians and tell them about your problems. Learn methods from them. By practicing math effectively and religiously will surely help you in liking mathematics and making it your friendliest subject.

  • Use simple approach

Most university and schools burden students with big heavy calculations. Though easy methods are available but difficult ones are adopted. So instead of wasting time on difficult methods try to adopt thesimple approach. This way interest will not only be developed but also retained.

  • Pay attention in class with a positive mind

If you pay attention in class, then half of your battle is won. Many students who dislike math are because of the phobia of attending math class. But just once with a positive mind try to listen to class lectures by your professor. In the beginning, it would be difficult, but eventually interest will develop and math will become your best friend for life.

  • Change perception from “cannot” to “yes I ”

Perceptions also affect a child’s relation towards math problems. They need to be said over and over again “to take it easy” and/or “it is an easy subject “. This reminder helps students to think with a positive mind and change their perceptions of math from “cannot” to “yes I can”.

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