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Advertising and Brand Management: Study These Management Topics Identifying the Inter-Relation

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By Michelle Johnson
5 Sep, 2016

Being a management student, you should be well-informed regarding both advertising and brand management. Both of themare important factors of media world and they both are related to the genre of management studies. Naturally, they both are interconnected with each other in various occasions. Actually, more clearly, it can be said that they both are dependent on each other. A proper brand management will push the sales of the brand through advertising.
Definition of advertising:
Advertising is a mean of communication with the users of a product or service. These are some custom generated message by those who sends them and intended to inform or making people aware of the presence of the product or service. In today’s world advertisers uses all kinds of norm bending rules for advertising so that it can deliver the message to the public. It would easy for the reader if he or she can go through the rest of this post which contains the detailed knowledge about brand management and its relation with advertising.
Facts regarding brand management:
All we know brand management that includes the motive of developing a promise, making that promise and maintaining it. Basically it means defining the brand, positioning the brand and delivering the brand.For more information about advertising and brand management that will help in solving college assignment, you can go through some assignment help companies like us.
Strong brands reduce customer’s perceived monetary, social and safety risk in buying products. Customers are the ultimate judge to define whether it is good or bad. Strong brand organization has a high market share. The brands are always associated with huge support so that it can sustain itself in long run. It is important to maintain the structure of all brands and build brand equity over a period of time which in turn gives it a base for building a reputed corporate image. Brand manager are responsible for every actions that are related to brand management and a successful brand can only be achieved if the brand management system is competent.
5 norm-bending rules of advertising
Sometimes it becomes necessary to break the rules of advertising, so that it achieves success. It becomes a necessity evil for brand managers to break the rules of advertising. Digital technologies have empowered advertising in unique ways and provided a wide range of new possibilities for communication. But time occurs where the advertiser has to follow some norm-bending rules to gain better communication. Those rules are:

  1. Extending engagement –

Engagement is an important factor which signifies that time spent in gaining attention is a valuable indication of whether the advertising communication has gained success or not. Sometimes it is important to go beyond the rule of engagement contract to push a brand to reach a level. Sometime repetitive showcase of the message through an online medium can help in delivering the message.

  1. Choosing particular audience-

Sometimes it becomes necessary to target some specific group of audience though it is norm bending process but it helps in distribution of the message. Often an ad acts a meeting factor for two parties looking for each other. So ads are stuffed with information which enables the reader to identify it as a source of information.

  1. Promising a reward for promotion-

Sometime brand managers lure viewers by showing lucrative rewards which can be only be obtained by sharing the advertisement in mass level. The reward can be explicit or implicit and can even be stated negatively in the form of a warning of a possible loss. Sometimes smart advertisement with catchy line attracts the mind of the reader and provokes them in following the ad.

  1. Building an opt-in viral database-

To achieve certain goals in advertising it becomes necessary in building a customer database without customer’s knowledge and gaining the privilege in making them aware about various products that might be useful for them. Incentivizing people to become evangelist for the product, service or offers can be achieved by extending the incentives to those friends and reward for original customer.

  1. Promoting intention to purchase

The marketing chain for most product and services today is complex. So providing discounts, coupons, low cost financing helps in escalating brand promotion. Sometimes customers are hammered constantly with lucrative offers that push them in promoting the ad.
5 essential and unique rules of brand management

Although it is necessary for brand managers to follow all the rules of brand management but certain time occurs where they have to follow some norm-bending rules for brand management. Marketing managers had the so called rules driller into their heads through academic study but rogue marketers bend those rules to gain their profits. There are various social rules that brand manager needs to bend so that they can achieve their goal and they are:

  1. 80/20 rule

This means quarter percent of the content should be promoted but the brand managers need to break this monotony in order to increase the popularity of their brand. People should be aware of the total description of content rather than keeping the viewers in dilemma.

  1. Social media–

Social media acts a medium for brand managers to showcase the brand but it also comes with various kinds of constraints. But there times where brand manager go beyond those rules to promote the brand. Sometime it becomes necessary to bend some social rules which will in-turn help in spreading the message.

  1. Content timing

Content timing is an important factor of media world. Timing is a winning factor but sometimes it becomes tricky. But bending some common rules of timing can helping in solving this trick.

  1. Image boost engagement

A strong visual strategy is the most integral factor of social media success. Although it comes with some constraints butbrand managers break these rules so that they uplift their brand.

  1. Branding through channels

Branding can be done through various medium and social media in an important channel among them. But every channel posses some constraints that prohibit brand managers to fully utilize the channel but in desperate times they break those rules so that their brands get proper reorganization through that channel.
Try to remember these issues while dealing with these two quintessential management topics. They would help you a lot from each and every aspect.

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