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Accounting Decoded: How to Simplify Basic Accounting for Students

by Jun 23, 2016Accounting

Basic accounting is very important as on the basis of its concepts you will understand the fundamental part of accounting which has a great significant. All factors relates to accounting needs some terms of basic accounting. Now, this is very important for you to know that how to simplify basic accounting.
What are the elements on which the basic accounting depends?
Basic accounting depends on different factors and key ingredients are as follows –

  • Asset –

Possession of a business that is completely beneficial or better to say add value to the business.  The business future will be beneficial. In business, when you have assets like land, computer, different furniture and other peripherals. All these are assets which means they are here to add value to the business.

  • Liability –

This is basically debts. It also indicates that worth of assets are allocated to some one else. This can be any amount and many companies are there who have a large amount of debt, and on that basis that company runs. So, your vision about Liabilities must be clear.

  • Owner’s Equity –

This is also known as Equity and this is the value that owner of a business owns. Or, what is the share of an owner can be determined as this is an owner’s equity.
Along with that you should also take care about some essential factors as –

  • Credit – Owned by someone or some business in his account.
  • Debit – Going out of bucks from the account.

In accounting or for financial balance the complete credit part is equal to its debit part. If the whole credit is not equal to its debit, then you have made some mistakes. However, there are some conditions where you provide something to others but it does not come under debit part. Charity is an excellent example of that.
If you have any hesitation in basic accounting you just need to clear that. So, first of all know these elements. You must know the definitions also to understand the matter that it explains.
What is the basic accounting Equation?
Do you know about the equation of Basic accounting? This equation is very important for you. Accounting entries are done by this. You just need to take care of its elements to understand its equation. The basic accounting equation is –
Asset = Equity + Liability
What is its importance?
The most important thing is to clarify about what amount of the assets are possessed by an owner and how much are allocated to others. Thus, an equation clears everything and you must have to remind its elements while you solve that equation. You must have to take care about its provided value. It can easily explain everything about a business as what is its perfect situation right now. Moreover, it also explains that what would be its future.
What are the different ways to simplify the basic accounts?
When you will get some problems related to basic accounting you will get that each question will look simple and answerable only if you have the knowledge of its fundamentals in a proper way. You just need go through some steps to solve these problems related to basic concepts as follows–

  • Understand your question first –

As accounting related questions always indicates the business need, so you have to understand it. Basic concepts are important here and you should apply them as per the requirement of the users.

  • Be sure about its application –

You must know about its perfect way of determination. So, as a student you have to keep the actual meaning in mind. Now, on the following basis you can easily solve the problems of financial condition of a company.
Only the perfect equation can easily explain about the financial condition of a company. If you have different values related to it, then you can easily identify that which one is better to invest.
What you should know here? You must think that asset is equal to the liability and equity. So, if a company has more debts than its equity, then it will be risky to invest in this. Thus, if the liability is lower than its equity value, then you must go with this. So, take care about its solution.

  • Calculation part –

Asset and liabilities as well as equity needs to clear in a proper way. So, while finding out credit part or debit part, then the addition or the subtraction as well as the proper entry of each time must be perfect. It also helps in formation of report. So, be careful while you do its calculation in a proper way.

  • Explain each term clearly –

Many small concepts and different conditions can be created to clear you views. So, a problem that you need to explain as theory part as well as calculation part, then you must clear them by indicating its exact reason.

  • Don’t create any confusion –

While solving different problems, you can see that there are some critical problems will be provided, but these are on the basis of the fundamental concept. So, without creating confusion write all the values provided and also clear that what you need to find out.
Now, you can easily understand that what the different concepts that need to be clear at the initial stage are. Always be conscious while solving the problems. Moreover, if you keep remembering the things, you will not face any difficulty in the bear future related to this subject.