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Tips and Tricks: How to Score 100/100 in Mathematics

by Jun 23, 2016Mathematics

Are you having nightmares over mathematics? I know what it feels like. I was never so fond about doing math after school too. It is possible that it has implanted such a fear in you that it starts haunting you. But being absent or running away from math classes and homework isn’t the solution. After all, math is one of the main subjects considered in any educational institution. But how will you find peace with this enemy in your life?
Don’t worry, as there are some tips and tricks to face mathematics with confidence and grab 100 marks in the exam. It isn’t a dream. You can get to that point if there is plan to follow. But only plans won’t work unless you work hard too. If you are a slow learner, then don’t hesitate to do math problems in between other homework breaks. This will actually revive the energy and keeps you awake if you are a night crawler!

  • Have you been to math classes lately?

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.” Don’t stop in the midway just because you are uncomfortable with something. It might be hard at first but if paid a little effort then even the fear will start to fade away from your life. Stop skipping the math classes. They are helpful. Pay attention to what your teacher is saying. There are some special tricks shown to deal with math problems easily. Take out your notebook and write them down. Trust me; they are going to help you a lot!

  • Stop hiding behind the crowd:

It is time that you leave your beloved seat in the back row. You will now sit in front rows to actually participate in the math classes. Learn from up close and ask your teacher if there is anything that is bothering you. Don’t forget to write the formulas and important tasks or examples shown by the teachers. These are treasures, I tell you. Keep them near for recommendation when starting your math practices.

  • What about homework?

Math homework should never be left to do later. This is something that must in the first row of a homework planning. There should be a time set for this specifically. Try doing it regularly to improve your skills and quick thinking on some formulas and applications. If you think you have extra time left after doing all homework then use this opportunity to redo what you just practiced from a math lesson and write them properly for future.

  • Do you have questions?

While doing math homework, it will definitely bring froth some situations when you are going to face a lot of questions. Don’t hesitate to ask them to your teachers. They will cooperate if they think you are being a consistent student. “Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.” How to be a consistent student? The answer is a simple. Do your homework. Wait; did I just say something in a roundabout way? Yes, it is a circle after all.

  • Do you still have questions?

Now this is a hectic situation you are facing. Probably, you are in an out of range place, away from teachers and your private guides also. Don’t panic! Take a deep breath and go online. There are lots of websites now-a-days to help students with homework, assignments and practices. Ask them what you want to know. They have expert teachers and professors in different subject including mathematics.

  • Write and review:

Is exam coming in and you are still feeling like unsorted in math papers? That is because you didn’t pay enough attention to write the important notes and keep them in place. It has another purpose and that is to practice while you write. After writing, maintain them so that you can review them when the exam is at the threshold.

  • A math friendly space:

Math is something that requires a lot of attention and concentration. Better not to grab it and start doing while your siblings are shouting in front of you. Try to find a quiet place and bring everything needed so that you face less distraction and complete homework and practice before time.

  • Do you have your math weapons?

Don’t get scared. I meant all necessary tools and equipments that will be needed while doing math practices. Make sure before sitting for it, you have sharpener, eraser, ruler, pencils, calculator, protractor, extra papers, compass and obviously math text books and class notes.

  • Don’t forget to relax:

How will you relax when exam is near? Don’t ignore this idea. It is always necessary to have enough sleep and relaxation before exam. After doing lot of works it might be the case that you feel so tired that the concentration will break during the exam just because you didn’t sleep properly. Do jogs and walk occasionally with some simple exercises to maintain the energy level.

  • Find the questions that are harder:

In the exam hall don’t go for the simple problems at first. Find the longer and tougher questions for first attempts. Remember that you will feel tired at the end to deal with toughest problems so keep the simpler ones for later.

  • Keep your answer sheet neat and clean:

This is important. This is how a student can either impress or irritate an examiner. Maintain a clean and neat answer sheet. The handwriting should also be very clear to understand and above all readable.

  • Do a final check of your answers:

Always keep some minutes left in the end so that you can check your answer sheet. Check the numbering and the formulas if necessary.
I used to do geometry at first as this took lot of times in the math exam. The concentration I could put in the beginning was important for me. I managed to solve questions in the same way with other subjects like Geography, Chemistry also. I followed 9 Strategies to grab cent percent marks in Chemistry. Every student should pay extra attention to these subjects as they are counted as main subjects. You can do great if there is a plan to follow for each and every subject.