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9 Strategies to Grab Cent Percent Marks in Chemistry

by Jun 23, 2016Chemistry

School has been always a place to study different subjects and participate in other extracurricular activities with friends. The attention paid to the classes often feels like next to impossible as there can be so many things to share and listen. But as it might seem heartbreaking news but the truth is the school is for studying and get prepared for the upcoming examination.
Am I forgetting about homework? No, I know exactly what type of harassment a student faces with regular homework. The subject-wise homework makes a student losing their balance at a time. Think about the Chemistry for a while. That subject has been marked as an essential part of a student’s educational foundation. This is something that any student is aware of. What to do to avert this disaster?
Actually, you can easily grab cent percent marks in Chemistry. The secret is that you follow some rules and maintain a path to deal with regular routine. If you are a slow learner don’t panic! Always remember, “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

  1. Start with a positive mindset:

How does this going to help you? Trust me; it does affect your way of studying chemistry and other vital subjects. Having a motivation called “I can” is really a work of magic. If you start something thinking that it might be difficult and perhaps there might be chances to fail, you actually already failed. The mindset to do the homework and assignments with a positive attitude will open lots of opportunities to you.

  1. Have you maintained your attendance?

This is a necessary aspect when you are trying to do well and get great marks in Chemistry. The practical classes and theory classes are equally important to attend. Don’t miss a single chance to lose track of the ongoing topics that might also create some holes in your study notes and guidelines.

  1. Decide on a goal to achieve:

Never underestimate this matter of setting goals with your subjects. Thinking to do better and best in your class with subjects like Chemistry is only possible when you have plans and goals to reach to that destiny. It is according to that goal you will make plans to think positive and act. “In order to succeed you must first believe that you can.”

  1. Have you done your homework?

Have you completed your chemistry homework yet? No? I am sorry to say that is going to affect your plans to success in your track of getting the full marks in chemistry exams. I know it might seem like the most irritating thing to do in your life but hey, it is useful as long as you know from where to gain from. Homework is the great way to practice. Make sure you are ready to do each and every chemistry homework and assignment.

  1. Have you considered an online guidance?

If you still feel confused over this agenda then I have one thing to say. “Try it at least once.” I know it is great to do homework and assignments by oneself. This improves your skill to deal with challenges and makes you an individual thinker and researcher of new resources other than ‘just text books.’ But what about then when you are facing problems that you have absolutely no idea of? Or perhaps you are confused over probable answers?
Chemistry has lots of formulas inside but memorizing them isn’t always everything. Their applications are important. That’s why it’s never too late to get professional help from online experts. These websites have experienced professors and teachers to guide you thoroughly.

  1. Get a time manager for you:

No don’t misunderstand, I am not asking you to hire someone for this task. Actually, this means to do this task all by yourself! How will you do it? Simple, you are going to need a plan prepared with each hour to come in a day. Make sure every subject is having their respective time set for practicing and studying. Remember, “Don’t watch the clock, do what it does. Keep going!”

  1. Plan your own test:

Here you get to be your own teacher! Schedule some weekly or daily tests for checking your progress with chemistry. Make sure you are keeping notes taken from classes. That way, it is simple to understand which parts are filled with lots of questions to actually set small tests on regular basis. This is a great way to have sure success.

  1. Check your answer sheet:

For this make your text book to be your guide. Check each and every answer with full concentration. Don’t act confident on some answers that you think have no mistakes. Often, while getting easier or known questions excite the students so much that some simple yet devastating mistakes are done unconsciously.

  1. Review your answers randomly:

After checking the answer sheet don’t go and put them in the drawer to never find them again. “Learn from your mistakes.” Read and review them time to time to never forget the common mistakes. This way you can understand and also memorize the right choices of a question. Who knows, you might even face it in your exam. So, buckle up!
I used to have problems of memorizing answers of the chemistry homework. That is why my sister told me to always write things up what I learned or read. Writing once will not be as effective as to write on regular basis. I saw the difference after trying it a lot of times later. Getting a helping hand from your family members isn’t a bad idea either. But making that a habit will only harm your own confidence level.
Doing mathematics is another way to help improve memories. If you want you can always learn Tips and Tricks: How to score 100/100 in Mathematics. Usually, if you are astudent filled with too much excitement over science subjects then it will probe no extra challenges. But still thinking and acting on a planned way will ensure your success without fail.