A Professional Guide How to Compete with Chemical Engineering Homework

By Michelle Johnson
22 Aug, 2016

Engineering is another sought out profession today. After all, it’s mostly the engineers who bring out new advancements in technology each day. There are different areas of specializations available within engineering namely electrical, mechanical and civil, computer science, chemical etc.
Talking of chemical engineering, it is a blend of physical and life sciences – physics, chemistry and biology with applied mathematics and economics that engages in proper use of chemicals, materials and energy.
Chemical Engineers work with companies involved with manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, paints, petrochemicals, constructions, biotechnology, pulp and paper etc. Judging by the application you can see how diverse this field is.
Just like every other engineering fields, students of this stream are evaluated on basis of test, assignments, homework. The chief problem face by students here is lack of time. While most assignments are numerical based questions, they require great understanding of the topic first before venturing into the numerical.
So what are the ways to help you compete with your Chemical Engineering Homework?

  • Getting to understand the objective of the assignment

Effective writing skills and proper presentation of calculations and problems is what a developing engineer must muster. Each assignment is handed out with an objective to develop a certain skill in each student. Hence, in case of any confusion it is better to contact your lecturer as soon as possible. So you do not waste your time analyzing it.

  • Start Early

It is always better to begin with your assignment as soon as possible. You must do it even though the topic may seem easy to you. The trick is that you will have sufficient time to study the topic before you begin to attempt the assignment. The topic stays fresh in your mind since recently covered in class. Also, in case of any problem, you will have more than sufficient time to solve it.

  • Make a Plan

It is better to take some time out to chalk out a list of assignments and their deadlines. Depending on that, break each assignment into segments deciding how much progress you will make each day.
Don’t waste too much time in making the chart. When completed, make sure to stick to it.

  • Stick to required formats

Different universities have a set of predefined formats in which the homework/ slash assignment is to be presented. Understand the format in advance so that you do not have to waste precious time in editing. Adhering to the format is essential is some universities and not sticking to it may lead to deduction of marks.

  • Collect all essential study materials

Not all the topics will be explained in detail in your textbook. This means you would be requiring extra reading materials to help you in completing the homework.

  • So why don’t you go to your university library and begin to do your homework there. You will have hundreds of books, references, journals to consult.
  • You can either make notes simultaneously or make use of the photocopying facility present in most libraries.
  • Who knows, you may come across your friend and both of you can search for materials together.
  • Make a Study group

Two heads are better than one. So studying in groups of twos and threes will be greatly beneficial.

  • Discussing topics verbally is a better way to understand and retain information than reading it.
  • Doing homework in groups will keep you motivated and focused.
  • You can divide the whole work amongst each one in the group. Then help out the others in your assigned area of homework. Similarly, you will be able to take help from your friends.
  • Online tutorials

The internet has made doing homework easier. There are a number of websites that offer simplified explanation of tricky topics that helps in easy understanding. You can also take help from videos available on YouTube that also provides some videos of teachers/ students explaining a specific topic.
There are also websites that offer free to paid (affordable) Q & A sessions with experts so that you can clear your doubts without leaving your room.

  • Take breaks

This is a subject that requires a focused mind and undivided attention. Sitting continuously will only bring your efficiency down making you lethargic and distracted. Taking breaks is a great way to refresh your mind. This means you get your homework done faster.

  • Online Help

If you run short of time and still have lots of assignments left, you can get your assignments done from online homework forums that provide plagiarism free, original researched content on payment of a certain amount fee.
It is always better to contact them as early as possible along with your requirements since these assignments has to be outsourced, then written and this takes some time.

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