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11 Facts about Statistics Homework That Will Make You Want to Stay up to Date

by Aug 22, 2016Statistics

I am sure that the title of the article itself has piqued you interest. After all, it is the fantasy of every student to be able to confront one of the most dreaded subjects with ease. The reason for this fear can be attributed from the fact that it is for some students difficult to understand.
The main reason according to researchers is the fact that most students leave their homework until the very last minute. Unlike some subjects like Literature, statistics require time and focus. A last minute rush for homework means you have neither of the above. Other reasons could be the inability of the teacher who is unable to convey his/ her idea to his/her class, or the problem could lie with the student who may be suffering from some learning disabilities.
Statistics is an interesting subject to begin with. I know most of you would be rolling your eyes in disbelief. But it’s true. Not only that, it is also a great field to have a career in. Here are 11 facts that would want you to keep yourself up to date with the statistics homework.

  1. A great time to make mistakes and learn from it

Suppose you misunderstood a topic that was being covered in class. This means that your brain registered a wrong process. When you sit with your homework and do the wrong procedure now, you may either get a wrong answer or you may find yourself stuck. Then you seek out your textbooks or any external help and correct yourself.
Making mistakes and learning from them is a great way to remember a thing for a very long time. Since this is not your final exam, you have no worry of losing marks.

  1. Mastering your higher order thinking skills

Most of the problems covered in your homework comprises of a wide variety of statistical problems. All facts covered in class are still fresh in your mind. Because you took the most intelligent decision of beginning to do your homework – On the very day it was handed out. Or if you didn’t, you may have to refer your notes/ textbooks before you begin them.
Working out different problems actually is a great way of exercising you brain. The harder the problems are, the more you stretch your brain. However, be patient as this cannot be achieved in a single day. But you will notice a difference after regularly doing this for a week.

  1. Your notes are complete way before your final tests

When you are working out problems like mentioned above, make a list of procedures you took to solve each problem. You can consult your textbook or any supplementary material for information that may help you solve easily. Combining both your class and these notes from other sources, you have yourself the entire material you will be requiring just before your exams.

  1. Well Practiced

You are both practicing as well as doing your homework. We all know the famous saying that practice makes a man perfect. Practice also ensures.

  1. You find classes enjoyable

Once you begin to understand previously taught topics and stay up to date, you will find the classes more enjoyable.

  • No more will you feel lethargic or sleepy. In fact you will actually be looking forward to a class of statistics.
  • You may even be able to understand those topics that requires in depth knowledge of previous topics.
  • A highly alert and focused mind means that you will be able to take in new information more easily than others. You may be able to take better notes in class.


  1. Good grades

You notes are prepared in detail and you did your homework sincerely. This means during the big tests, you shall require just half the time to study the WHOLE syllabus.
Also, you will also be able to actively participate in class and do well in oral quizzes which also form a portion of your grades. Shortly speaking, no tension before exams and good grades guaranteed.

  1. Enhance your in-depth knowledge with teaching

A study was conducted between two groups of students. Both were given similar topics. However, one group was told to learn the topic for a test while the other group was instructed to teach the same topic to a class. At the end of the preparation time, both groups took a test. The results showed that the 2nd group fared better. This is because when we have to teach something, our brain breaks down complex information into something simpler so that the other person is able to understand.
So, help out your friends who find doing statistics homework difficult.  Verbally explaining the topic will enhance your understanding of the subject – statistics. In this case both the teacher and the student are benefitted.
Teaching will also bring out which areas of the topics you are having difficulty in.

  1. Positive development

As you help your friends out, you will get a sense of fulfillment of having helped out somebody. This makes you feel good.
Having tackled such a tough (for most people) subject will give you a confidence to tackle anything in life, no matter how tough it looks.

  1. Online Homework Forum

There are a number of online homework forums that requires tutors who can take online classes for students all across the country. This is a great way to earn and pay your way through you college. Also, this information can brighten up your resume.

  1. Employment prospects

If you feel like you can take up statistics as your career choice. As per the Occupational Outlook Handbook, issued by Bureau of Labor Statistics, lots of nonacademic jobs for statisticians are projected to rise through 2016. Also to meet the current demand, colleges and universities will be hiring more faculty members in statistics fields.

  1. Lucrative career choice

According to the Butch Works 2014 report the median salary for a statistician/ data scientists with less than three years of experience is $80,000 and those with more than 9 years of experience can earn up to $150,000. Quite hard to believe, isn’t it? The more experience you have, the more will you be in demand.