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A Must-Read Guide for Every Young Teacher

By Sarah J Mitchell
6 Nov, 2016
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Teaching is a field that needs the utmost number of individuals. Teachers make individuals who belong to all sorts of profession. Be it doctors or engineers, everyone needs a teacher. Without teachers, there will be no future for the students, in short, there isn’t going to be a future.
However, in comparison to how important teachers are in this society, the wages they receive is trivial, to say the least. In a handful of countries, the importance of teachers in the society has been realized, and in turn, their wages have been raised as well.
There are various problems that a teacher in his or her early days of teaching comes across. Well, this article will be predominantly revolving around such problems. So, if you are new to teaching and are coming across any sort of problems, then this information ought to solve all your problems.
Few tips to consider for young teachers
As already mentioned above, this article will be predominantly focusing on the various problems that a teacher may come across in his or her early days and how he or she can deal with these problems efficiently.
Listed below are some of the most common tips that you definitely ought to take into account:

  • Approach

One of the most common mistakes that teachers make when they start off their teaching career is the approach they take towards the classes. Teachers often tend to be extremely nervous as far as their initial classes are concerned. This nervousness comes out in the form of anextra bit of strictness as far as their approach towards the class is concerned.
Such an approach will without a doubt put forth a negative impression of the teacher in front of the students. This ought to make things a lot more difficult for the teachers as the students (especially students of higher grades) tend to be all the more disobedient in the event that the teacher isn’t friendly enough. Moreover, being too strict is definitely not the right approach as far as the teaching career of an individual goes.

  • Setting the tone of the class:

Yes, you must not try and be too strict with the class as this can very well make things go out of hand. At the same time, you must ensure that the decorum of the class is maintained, i.e. an environment that is suitable for a comfortable teaching and learning experience is maintained.
Hence, it is extremely important for teachers to set the tone of the class at the beginning of the session as it ought to have a prominent effect of the session.

  • Being a Mentor:

Teachers must try and be a mentor to their students. This is something that is an absolute must in the teacher-student relationship. If a student can’t look up to his or her teacher’ as a mentor, then the relationship between the student and the teacher certainly won’t be a fruitful one.
There are numerous problems apart from the enormous syllabus that a handful of less fortunate students have to face on a daily basis.
Hence, it is extremely important for the teachers to show a bit of extra patience towards these less fortunate ones. All students need their teacher to act as a mentor, but for this handful of students, it is perhaps a necessity. So, it is strongly recommended for teachers to be a mentor for their students.

  • Be ready to take anything and everything:

One thing about kids is that they are extremely unpredictable. Hence, teachers must expect the unexpected. Each student has a personality of his or her own. Each student comes from a different culture and environment of his or her own.
So, the manner in which a teacher has to deal with every student is different. However, that’s certainly not possible at least as far as a classroom of 50 students is concerned. Hence, it is important for teachers to observe each student and find out whether any of them need any sort of special care and attention.

  • Making Connections:

Teachers must try to make a connection with each student. This is extremely important in the event that you want the students to share their problems openly with you.
Yes, you definitely need to be strict at atime if the students misbehave, but you must avoid giving punishments as it hurts the self-respect of student, and in turn, he or she will have the urge to repeat his or her mistake again. Hence, it is recommended to make the students understand where he or she has gone wrong instead of punishing him or her.

  • Adding a dose of fun:

You must try and make your classes as interesting as possible. This will ensure that the students in your class actually pay attention to what is being taught rather than pretending to pay attention.
If you can make the lectures interesting, then your students will definitely understand the lessons a lot better. In addition to this, if the class is an interactive one, then the teacher will also get a firm idea regarding the status of each student.
There are numerous individuals who face a lot of problems as far as learning and remembering their biology lessons is concerned. If you fall into this category of individuals, then all you need to do is go through the top 5 tips to learn and remember Biology. This will certainly help in your complete understanding of the subject.

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