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10 Stress-Less Ways to Study and Start Preparing a Fortnight Before English Exam

by Nov 6, 2016English

Exams generally give sleepless nights to many students. They normally fear exams and feel uncomfortable when they get to know that their exams are approaching near. They normally have a high exam anxiety because of lack of preparation in advance. Talking about English, it is a very interesting subject. There is no need of cramming in this subject.
You just need to pay attention to the lessons which are taught in class. You need to work on your grammar and vocabulary skills to get good marks in English. You may have to write many essays in this subject, which uses the power of your creativity, general knowledge and imaginative thinking.
There is no need to fear about your English examination if you have prepared well in advance. You have to practice from time to time to polish your skills in this language.
One of the key factors which can contribute towards good marks in English is spending time to read and write whenever you get time. It will brush up your skills and enhance your knowledge about the subject.
Some special steps where you can prepare well before English exam

  1. Make a time table

Always make a time table and allocate time for the areas according to your needs. First of all, dedicate time for the topics that you have not touched even once before and are very important also from the exam point of view. Then, allocate time for the topics that are less important and where you need less practice.

  1. Read the literature portion thoroughly

Go through your chapters thoroughly. Give a reading to all the chapters and underline important information. You can also prepare notes for revising before the exam. Go through question answers and exercises at the end of each chapter. Remember the authors. Solve practice questions.

  1. Practice grammar

To improve your grammar skills, the only key is to practice a lot. First of clear your basics and read about the areas where you generally make a lot of mistakes. Then you will understand the correct way of doing it.
Take some sample papers or online tests to improve your grammar skills. Also keep a look at your previous work which will help you realize the mistakes done before in the class and avoid repeating them.

  1. Improve your reading ability

It will help you a lot when you are giving answers to the questions related to unseen passages. Develop a habit of concentrated and daily reading. It will enhance your reading ability. You will gradually take less time to read a passage and will be able to understand it quickly.

  1. Improve your writing ability

Try to write few essays when you are practicing for exam. Jot down the important points in rough and then include them in the main answer.
Don’t exceed the word limit too much. It will waste your time. Try to incorporate all the necessary details in your essay and calculate how much time you have taken to it. Also keep a check on your handwriting, as it can provide you with a good advantage.

  1. Study previous year’s question papers and test samples

Keep a check on previous year’s question papers if you can get access to it. It will help you to understand the level of examination. You will get to know the type of questions asked a long with the level of difficulty, the distribution of marks for various topics. Practice test samples in your workbooks and reference books which will boost your confidence.

  1. Form a study group

You can form a study group with your friends, where you can decide a particular time in the day when you all can meet and discuss each other’s problems and doubts. It will help you and your friends to solve queries, and also refresh yourselves.

  1. Find a tutor for short duration

There are many tutors who provide with a crash course for especially exam purpose. If you lack concept clarity, you can always look for help and clear your doubts. You can take the help in the form of online tuitions as well.
Students can also take the help from online experts who will help them to learn the main concepts of English literature and grammar where they can easily score good grades in the entire subject.
These experts will help you to guide some special tricks where the concepts can be easily followed by the students, and they can easily crack the exam without any problem.

  1. Take out time for some recreational activities

Sitting and studying for long hours will make you feel exhausted. Take time for other things as well like listening to music, watching your favorite program, talking to friends, going outside and any other activity that refreshes you. It will help you to get your energy back and concentrate in an effective manner.

  1. Eat healthy, exercise and get good sleep.

Proper rest, exercise and diet are very necessary for the body. If the body will be fit, then the mind also acts accordingly. Eat nutritious food, exercise whenever you get time and take proper rest. It will make your mind fresh.
These are the basic steps which need to be followed by students in the proper way where they can also use 10 efficacious ways to avoid stress while writing your homework. These steps will work in the better way when they will adopt them for doing their homework without any stress and tension.
Thus, it would be a better for students that they can follow the above steps along with taking the help from experts who will conduct the main role in designing the concepts along with doing their assignment in the better way so that they can submit the work by time.
It will also help them to concentrate on other subjects in which they are lacking. All the above steps will prove fruitful for them. It is the sole responsibility of students how they do response for exam preparations.