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A Few Words on Lucas Business Cycle and its Various Techniques

by May 21, 2018Homework Answers

Lucas Business Cycle Homework Answers

In today’s world of economy, amongst all sorts of professions and occupations to earn money business is the most effective and lucrative. Why? Because, if this business runs well, then profit can be made very quickly and you get value for your labor and money.
However, there is also a negative side to it which repels most people. That is, if your business does not run successfully, then all your labor and money will be wasted completely. One may even reach a state of bankruptcy as a result of this. In short, investing in a business is always too much risky.
Wherever there is risk, we feel that something bad will happen. And, especially when there are examples of unsuccessful business and bankrupted companies, none of us really pack up the courage to go in business. But, business is no rocket science. Finance, students will definitely agree that business is all about, timing, economy, calculation and only a bit of luck.
There are rigorous techniques of running business and Lucas Business Cycle homework answers, which once mastered will help you to become a successful businessman.
Mathematics, statistics, and finance subjects have a well-known habit of predicting and forecasting future situations from information and data available in present state. These rough forecastings are often done with help of graphs and diagrams, where they are termed as normal trends or rational expectations.
This helps companies a lot to fix their future plans, wages, salaries, profit margins, policies, etc. Hence, no doubt, these graphical and statistical calculations are quite crucial for running a firm.
Trend itself is a vast chapter in finance, which is not directly our concern here. It is expected that those who are looking for Lucas Business Cycle homework answers knows well and good about trend graphs. So, here only the necessary parts of it are mentioned.
What are cycles in businesses?
Cycles here does not really refer to any repetition of situation again and again. In fact, so called “cycles” do not really occur in economics. Economy of any country, i.e. macro economy keeps on changing indefinitely. They hardly repeat themselves. It is well-explained as:
If one takes two snapshots of varying economy at two different times, then there will be a lot of differences between those two frozen scenarios.
Hence, it is clear that there is no room for traditional cycles here. So, what is actually meant by this topic and why is the word ‘cycles’ used? These Lucas Business Cycle homework answers lie in a trend graph.
Trend, as you know is a rough, probabilistic prediction. So, reality always shows deviations from it. It is usually seen that fluctuations of real graph from ideal ones follows an alternate increase and decrease pattern in a cyclical manner. This cyclic deviational pattern is usually seen because of equilibrium conditions. If a known fluctuation occurs in the graph, then often an inverse fluctuation is deliberately triggered manually by the administration to make sure that in average the predicted trend is maintained.
These cyclical deviations are the Lucas Business Cycle homework answers that you get when you ask what it is all about.
Lucas’s theory
This topic is about macroeconomics. It is a direct result of ‘Rational Expectation theory’ or more commonly known as ‘New classical theory’. This theory was proposed by Nobel prize winner Robert E. Lucas from University of Chicago and hence has been named after him. It had an extremely prosperous contribution in the last two decades of twentieth century and is still in wide use nowadays.
The work of Lucas is a revolution in the field of economics and businesses. He had been perfectly successful in explaining cycles with the help of this theory of his. He also helped financers and businessmen to understand and control these fluctuations logically and economically.
Rational expectation is a major factor in determining trends. It includes all possibly accessible information, like exchange prices of raw materials, market rates, competitions, government policies and above all economic trends in the concerned country or region. These data are all plugged in together to determine company policies, demands, liabilities, etc.
It predicts that company wages are functions of expectations of price levels, both in present and future.  Also, unanticipated fluctuation in demand from expected values causes cyclical economic variations and large recessions.
How it works
While studying this subject, it is absolutely necessary that one understands its basic ideas and mechanisms. Amongst these insights, one important part is, understanding how to explain cyclical variations in a company’s business and how it affects the output.
According to Lucas’s theory, if fluctuations total demand is anticipated, then wages, salaries and sale prices would adjust automatically such that equilibrium in the company finance is not disturbed on an average. In brief, it says that financers estimate future demands, supply, etc. based on all available market and economic data and thus form an expectation. If wages and prices in that company are flexible, then they are set according to these rational expectations.
But not all changes can be predetermined. Often due to certain economic calamity or phenomenon, there are several huge variations in the company’s working graph which was never accounted for or could have been predicted before. These unanticipated deviations give rise to breaks in equilibrium and several socio-economic scenarios when macroeconomics is taken into account.
For example, if there is a sudden unexpected rise in a company’s demand or supply, then their employment rate and as well as output will take a huge hike. Even profits margins too can rise. However, if there is an unanticipated decrease in demands, then both outputs and employment rate will go down with it. On a larger scale, this causes a recession.
Such, unexpected change can be caused in a lot of ways like, sudden changes in tax rates, international exchange rates, stock exchange, etc. For more information, please get in touch with any Lucas Business Cycle homework answers
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