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A Closer Look at Statistical Analysis and Its Uses in Real Life

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Before we can get to the point that what are the uses of statistics in our lives first we need to understand what is statistics and what are its uses in our lives.

Statistics is basically defined as the study through which large amounts of data is quantified through the use of different tools such as the statistical graphs, bar charts etc and are definitely used in the process of solving problems that are not easy to solve.

Statistics deals in all kinds of data and the process includes the use of data their collection, organization, analysis and interpretation of it which clearly helps in the easy quantifiably of data through easy means.

For example when there is huge amount of data and your brain is all messed up about how to get your answers easily you can use statistics for this purpose and get rid of the time consuming methods that are capable of making anyone crazy.

What is the scope of statistics?

Statistics is used in almost all spheres of life for the processes of collection and quantifying of data easily and hence statistics does hold a great importance in our lives and we can use statistics for almost every problem that involves huge amount of data.

Statistics are used in almost every sphere of life which also includes the scientific investigations which makes use of data when there is uncertainty and indecivenes and it’s almost impossible to get the correct answers without the use of statistical tools. Statistics is hugely accepted in almost all the spheres which are why it is imperative to know that statistics has a very huge scope and is widely used.

Statistics is used heavily in fields such as all kinds of academic disciplines, social and natural sciences and also in government organizations to a great extent and are highly valued.

What to statisticians do?

The statisticians offer the guidance which is used in producing trustworthy analyses and predictions is used in producing results that are more conducive to the growth and productivity of the society or the organization that they are working for.Statisticans are hired to make sure that the aspects of any study are backed by the appropriate methods to produce most of the trustworthy results.

But achieving all the above is not a piece of cake which is why statisticians use the findings for a long process. The whole processes includes steps like designing the sudy, selecting the variables and measuring them and devising the sample technique and also the sample technique and the sample size and also determining what will be the methodology that will be used in the whole process which is a tedious task and needs to be dealt easily and with all the expertise and all the tools that can be used with full zeal.

For this the statisticians need to be trained and well versed with all the methods so that they can solve the problems with full dexterity.

They also know how to avoid any kind of dexterity with the great depth of knowledge that they consume through the years of practice and the great deal of experience that they gather through the processes of solving all kinds of statistical problems that are there in the universe and come under the purview of difficult problems.

Why is statistics important?

Firstly statistics  keep us informed about all the things that is happening around the world and all that is happening in the world is made available clearly mathematically by the use of statistics which is why it is important that we can have something that can help us get are answers easily which is why we need statistics.

Few reasons why we need statistics are:-

  1. Firstly we need statistics in the field of research and all the researchers hugely depend on the use of statistics in their own life when they are working on some kind of projects and have innate desire to make observations that are accurate and have huge impact on the lives of people themselves included.

They depend on the increase and decrease in patterns and the quantification of data which is only possible with the help of statistics. If they are not able to use statistics for their uses it can lead to the loss of data, time and money also which can have detrimental effects. 

  1. Secondly in the financial markets statistics is widely used as all the numbers are gravely quantified with the help of statistics and also statistics has great resource of information for the financial marketers as well as the traders who depend on the numbers for the purpose of making more and more money.

Statistics of past years also help the users to make use of past years trends and make sure that they are not investing in the wrong places and have their money in the right place.

  1. Statistics are also used in the field of medicine and are hugely used to know the relativeness and effectiveness of the prescribed medicine and how much have they been improved over the years of time and what are the deadly effects that stats have found over the years of time.
  1. Statistics is also used in the processes of weather forecasting as it has got all the turns of weather over the periods of time and how often has the weather deflected from the original and what are the patterns that they follow from day to day. Statistics help in comparing the prior weather with the current weather and making predictions according to that.
  1. Now here we will also know that statistics is also used in the process of quality testing, where the companies which make different kinds of product from time to time need to be tested also which is when statistics come in to the play and statistics help in the process of making the quality testing easy and more convenient.
  1. Most of the doctors these days are highly preferring the statistics in their use and are using it to make sure that they have perfect statistics of different diseases like cancer or any other deadly disease and have clear idea like how much percent of people are suffering from the deadly disease and how many have been cured.

The advancement in the medical field has made us all very healthy and happy and can make us live life with more comfort but this requires a lot of data to find out what has worked in the past and what has failed and for this statistics are playing great role in helping the doctors achieve great goals in the medical field. 

  1. Even in our day to day life we use statistics we use statistics with great importance like predicting things like when the match will be played and how people can win and what are the chances of a team winning and losing over the different periods of time.

There are many ways by which we can use statistics for the purpose of making our lives easier and helping ourselves in the predictions of things which otherwise could not be predicted… 

  1. Even the media houses use statistics for the purpose of making predictions that can otherwise not be made and hence we need certain tools like statistical tools to find out who has the highest chance of winning the elections this year or who has the chance of achieving a seat in the congress which is all based on the predictions which is based on statistics.

They also use it know the authenticity of any kind of news for which they asses all kinds of things that have happened in the past and they make use it with full clarity. 

  1. Even the day to day surfing that we do on the internet is also based on the data that is collected with the help of statisticians and have been collected completely based on the statistics of the users and people who have put up data for the purpose of using all day.
  1. Statistics are used in the marketing and development of products in the companies which want to develop a new or better product themselves and have the responsibility to understand the market in a better way. The past years information helps them do the trend analysis in the best possible and help them in the designing and development of product in the best possible way.
  1. Generally statistics is also used by students and researchers in the process of presenting the complex data in a good tabular manner with diagrammatic and graphic forms and have clear picture of what they are working on and how well they are performing their job in collection and analysis of data.
  1. In the general sense statistics help I the process of providing better understanding and the exact description the phenomenon of any nature that you want to describe in the best possible way.

Where is statistics applied?

Apart from the daily uses of statistics in the day to day affairs statistics is also used in different other purposes which is not very well known but holds great importance in our lives which is also to be noted.

  1. Biostatistics:-

It is a branch of study which basically covers biological phenomenon with the help of statistics and has made it possible to use statistics in the use of it which is important to be noted here. It also holds different kinds of medical statistics which is used by the people over time.

  1. Chemometrics:-

It is the branch of study which makes measurements on the chemical system with the application of statistics and mathematical methods which can be used with great dexterity. Chemometics has great use these days.

  1. Demography:-

The study of populations to know their nature and different kinds of behaviors is called as demography and it is widely used by researchers where statistics is used and applied with great deal and enthusiasm. Demography is also used widely and has been made quite popular these days with the help of using the correct statistical methods.

  1. Psychometrics:-

It is the theory which uses statistics to make assessment of knowledge he and different abilities with good credentials using the correct statistical tools. It is used with great depth and understanding.

  1. Reliability engineering:-

It is the field of study that required studying the ability of a system to perform well under certain conditions for a specified period of time with the correct use of statistical tools.

The above methods help us to recognize that statistics not only cover the basics of quantifying large amount of data but also covers other fields which are not well known by the common people but are in some way helping and contributing to the society in a very large way.

Statistics are not only certain tools which have helped us in some spheres of life but have helped us achieve certain goals that are not very easy to achieve and have made us more capable and willing to understand patterns and use the past information to make progress and help ourselves more wealthy.

Here we learnt the definitions of statistics, its scope, what do statisticians do and also why is statistics important and where are the places that they are applied. Statistics is highly useful and considered a base for researchers who essentially have to go through piles of data to make assumptions or to derive any kind of knowledge from it which is why statistics can be used heavily for the purpose.

There are still millions of things that have not been discovered and this is why we need statistics  to help us  when it happens and also when it happens we need something to quantify it clearly which is why statistics are very important. Statistics is the branch of study which will has been used by mankind for a long period of time and will be used by us for a very long period of time!

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